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Offworld by the-least Offworld by the-least
Well, I guess it was inevitable that I would eventually take a shot at the whole 'terraspace' genre. I have already been doing space scenes and 3D modelling, plus I have recently been playing around in Teragen, so I just had to take a shot at combining these elements together. I'm fairly happy with the way this turned out, though I like to think of it as simply the first step in a very exciting journey.

As usual, any advice/tips/suggestions from veterans in any of these fields would be greatly appreciated, as I know I still have much to learn!

Landscape: Terragen. The same terrain as Drowned Kingdom [link] , but with very different surface mapping/lighting. Star/nebula reflections in the lake were added in Photoshop.

Nebulae/Planets: Photoshop, with a few Apophysis flames to enhance the nebulae. My first attempt at rendering anything with Apophysis, it can have some very pretty results.

Spaceships/station: Modelled and rendered in Cinema 4D. They're fairly low on detail compared to my Wanderer [link] - but at this scale that shouldn't make much of a difference.
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graphicsmuse Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2005
Of the thumbs in your gallery, this one caught my eye. I'm partial to the color blue and this is stunning and grandiose! Beautifully put together, me thinks...
SalviaDivinorum Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2005
*slow clap*
kesti Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2005
I love the kind of swirly nebulae in the sky, it's really beautiful, they almost look like those ancient star-charts with the circles on them and stuff...The planet is cool and looks like it was done by an advanced user (neat!) but a bit too big imo, unless the ships weren't there. The ships sorta detract from the nature-type beauty of the scene as well...
SpudZ-- Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2005
nice work not bad..
but it's a bit too chaotic.. it's a bit too much..
the terrain looks good but the texture is rather booring .. could use some more colour..
The planet is nice but the texture looks a bit dull try adding some more details..

the starfield/nebulas are a bit overdone.. I don't hink it's a good idea to use fractals for spacescenes..
they look very weird and unrealistic.. try to brush your nebulas.. they will look much better..

the spaceship are nice .. a bit dark tho..

still nice work , keep it up :)
Dmcdivet Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2005
That did turn out well.
nost Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2005   Photographer
That is awesome.
closer-to-heaven Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2005   Photographer
I really like this one.. it has something magical in it!
Spanishbomb0-Stock Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2005
wow.. thats crazy i love the details on everything u did there. the planet looks gr8
DarkAerith Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2005
Wow. Just... Wow.
dadrian Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
dude, this is awesome. keep it up, I wanna see more like that! :+fav:
reminitype Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2005
great with the terra thing just good
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February 3, 2005
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