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Nathan Prescott as a Bird (Life Is Strange)

A small owl, easily identified by its reddish wings and back and piercing blue eyes, the Scarlet-Winged Barking Owl is both easily startled and extremely aggressive. When alarmed by even the most harmless of birds, its first response is to attack violently, sometimes leading to serious injury or death. It has been theorized that this behavior is learned as a result of the birds' parents forcing it to fight its other siblings for food while still in the nest.

This is part of a series where I am drawing all major characters from Life Is Strange as birds.

I'm very fond of owls, so I thought long and hard about whether I would cast one of my most disliked LiS characters as an owl, but I just couldn't go past the expression of constant alarm that many small owls seem to have. It seemed fitting for someone who seems to exist in a permanent state of near-panic. I've modeled Nathan's owl largely on the Southern Boobook, which is a gorgeous little owl that I often hear at night here in the Blue Mountains. I considered making its eyes more owl-like (ie: yellow), but decided that the blueness of Nathan's eyes is one of his key physical features.

There really are a lot of blue-eyed characters in Life Is Strange.

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I love owls too !
Too brag a little they are an Owls nest near my house, they go hunting at the dusk, and they quite loud when they have their youngs :)
For a lot a person with blue eye, the life is strange use the color wheel to represent his character, so maybe it's a real point you got!