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Human Error

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Update 2: Chosen for a DD, I'm stunned! Thankyou everyone, this means a lot to me. All of a sudden I have a lot of comments to read, and I can't guarantee an answer for everyone, but I promise to do my best.

Update: If you are interested, you can see the original pencil sketch in my scraps, here: [link]

I actually started this as a simple study, it was meant to be a human figure - but I made a stupid mistake about 30 seconds into it and decided that it would look more interesting as a robot-thingy. Thank God for human error. Sketched with pencil, then scanned and coloured with PS7. It's a little different to how I originally imagined it, but I'm quite pleased with it nonetheless.

Thanks to ~brenbren for the stock photos I used for the background: [link] [link]

and ~laxative for his wonderful rust textures: [link] [link]
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Really beautiful ... well done!  

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i like the texture you used on the robot and how the spine and cord connect the upper and lower half.
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It's obvious you get this ALOT, but that is really cool =D It's kind of ironic- he's a robot, but he's showing one of the most human traits of lonliness- at least that's my trying-to-be-deep interpretation lol. Awesome!
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Very dynamic design. Interesting how it started out and then your creativity took off from a "mistake". The subdued colors and wonderful texture make this a very unique piece of art.:thumbsup:
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This would make an excellent cover to a SF book. I just watch I Robot on DVD, it would be perfect for a book like that. I like your picture better then the picture they used for my paperback copy.

If you have time, check out some of my poetry. Most of them are a study of Islam or are on religious themes. Might do some other types soon.
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so mysterious i love it i'm gonna fav
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Very Nice! Well done! :clap:
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I love it! I think I will definately be watching! :+devwatch: :+fav:
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Awesome work! I love all of the detail especially in the rust color like metal and also the title! Congrats and awesome work again!

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its a piccaso robot :)
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I agree with ya.
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But I agree that it has a sad feeling to it. Nto just the "robot-thingy" but also the colors.
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Well done, man!
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Aw, congrats on the DD!
This pictures make me so sad though. Its so different and has such an oddly beautiful appearance to it.

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I made someone sad? Success! At last, I cna sleep soundly ;)

Thanks for the fave and the comment, much appreciated :D
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lol. Very welcome! :hug:
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wow, this is a great concept! i love it! :+fav:
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This amzing. I heart it all the way. <333:heart: :heart: :heart:
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Flippin' Sweet, Flippin' Faved! ;)
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Flippin' thanks ;)
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