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David Madsen as a Bird (Life Is Strange)

The Flat-Headed Stork is a large, powerful stork related to the African Shoebill. It is highly aggressive and often seen harassing other birds, even harmless fledglings and sparrows, for coming within a hundred feet of its young. Paradoxically, it tends to show the same aggression towards its own young, to the point of inflicting physical injury. Predatory, feeding on fish, lizards and small birds.

This is part of a series where I am drawing all major characters from Life Is Strange as birds.

I love birds (this should come as no surprise to anyone), but I confess that the Shoebill has always freaked me out a little. Something about it just screams "bully" to me, especially when you see it feeding on poor little ducklings. For this bird, I modified the head shape to reflect David's haircut, while using colours to invoke his security guard uniform.

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La-Hyene-Deglinguee's avatar
Yeah, that looks like him ;)
I think you had a good idea about representing character from Life is strange with bird ^^
I hope there is more in the future ?
It would be nice !
the-least's avatar
I'm glad you're enjoying the series :)

Yes, there will be more, though I'm not sure when. I have other projects that I'm working on.
La-Hyene-Deglinguee's avatar
Of course, I don't want to be a pain in the ass by forcing your timing, believe me ;)
I am just happy that they will be more!
I don't know that much about birds, well, I know a lot, but certainly less than you )
But is a vulture  a good choice to represent Frank? (the dealer)

And sorry if I made mistakes, my English is not perfect ;) (I'am french so... yeah)