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~ My Halloween Pony ~ Sour Snake



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Whoo I did it! I wanted to do something for Halloween, and although I had other pictures in mind, I'm glad I was able to squeeze this one out :) This is an adopt I got from one of my friends, and I looooove her! Her design is unique in that she's pretty much made entirely of candy, but has that creepy vibe that makes you wanna second-guess getting a closer look for a taste.

She's entirely edible - like a big gummy - and her mane is made up of live sugary-sour "snakes". As such, she has the ability to regenerate any part of her body. The eyes in her sweet mane are actually just like gushers, and her eyebrows are sour gummy worms (that was something I added myself) ♥ She may look tempting. But once you get a taste of her, you're not going to want to stop and will most likely eat to death.

But at least with her body regeneration abilities, you're helping her shed old skin and renew her body :devilish::evillaugh:

Her original name is Sour Snake but that's going to change after I've had more time to think about it. I do plan on making cool portraits of all of my adopts over the course of time though, too ♥

Also, it's not perfectly colored, but I'll go back and touch it up ^^;

Hope you like it!


Sour Snake Design © :iconsyriskater:
Sour Snake character © me
Art © me
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