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HP...and the Peculiar Patronus



Afton and I's entry for July 2008's Monthly Gargoyle Contest!

As the demonic Dementor approached Harry, the young wizard reached into his pocket and whipped out his wand. Before the cloaked monstrosity could lay its scabbed and bony fingers on the boy's face, Harry brandished his wand high towards the night sky and envoked the only spell he knew that could intimidate a Dementor. Harry filled himself up with the joy and warmth of his parents' love and shouted,

"Expecto Patronum!"

The tip of his wand glowed brightly and soon, a stag made up of pure white light would come charging in at full speed to lift the Dementor into its antlers and tossing it into the air to rescue Harry once again. But instead, Harry and his tormentors heard the roar of a motorcycle and whirled around. At the confusion of both the young wizard and the Dementors, what arrived wasn't a Patronus spirit but a Gargoyle on a motorbike - a Gargoyle with the appearance of a white stag, beautiful large feathered wings, leather garb and...sunglasses?

Hi everyone :wave: This was a collaboration between my dear friend Afton and I! We thought of this as we were coming from the Gathering of the Gargoyles weeks back and could NOT resist XD Honestly, couldn't you just imagine Staghart acting all geeky towards Harry since his Patronus is a white stag and Stag just so happens to look like a white stag? I know some of the PS paint job is kinda weird and crappy looking, but I was @ a crunch for time cuz my computer decided to act up while I was working on it earlier and I had to do some of the final product all over again :steaming: Most likely I'll be going back and fixing some stuff, but hopefully this works for now ^^;

As I mentioned before, this was a collab between :iconblahism: and I! After coming from the Gathering, Afton and I were contemplating an idea for July's MgC theme (which was Contemporary Lit) and we immediately thought of Harry's white stag Patronus and Staghart from Gargoyles :D WHAT A MATCH! We had to create a spoof for it XD This collab was a ton o' fun to do and I'm glad Afton was the one who worked on it with me :boogie:

We hope you enjoy this "lost episode" of Harry Potter!


Harry Potter/Dementor drawings + Staghart's wings © :iconblahism:
Staghart/motorcycle drawings © me/:iconvolpe-de-fuego:
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