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Man! It's been a while since I've posted something, huh? I'll try to make this short cuz it's 4:30 in the morning now and I'm ready for bed :sleepy:

This is an idea I came up with after reading the 8th issue of the Gargoyles: Clan-Building comic. Baby Alex knows his cartoons well and he recognizes imposters when he sees them ;) LoL The two Gargoyles are the newly introduced additions of the London Clan, Constance (aka "Coco") and Staghart (aka "Amp") *shudder* Honestly, am I the only one who prefers the name 'Staghart' over 'Amp'? Anywho, originally, I was gonna have Alex calling Coco "Pumbaa" instead, but I thought since she's female, "Miss Piggy' might work a lil' better. Either way, Coco don't like it and she's pissed cuz she's the shizzit and she don't take no crap from nobody! I love her :heart::heart: She's the type of character that the series really needed: a badass chick Gargess who's a tough cookie but has a great personality and a good heart.

As for Staghart, he's a bit nerdy, so if you don't call him by his code name and swear allegiance to Zoltan, he might get a lil' emo as you can see ^^; But honestly, I love the guy. He's so mystical-looking and seems kinda fun :flirty: And yes, Xanatos bought his son a ball that looks like Earth LoL I suck @ drawing baby hair, even if this comic is in chibi-style :cries: Sorry for the crappy background, but it's the first thing that popped up in my head. I kinda like the starlit night feel to it, though :flirty:

Hope you guys like this! Since the show sometimes displays little references/cameos of ©Disney characters, I thought this might be a fun lil' joke :D I may even add another picture onto this! I have a scene that's just sticking out of my head now that I can't ignore ;) I got a lot more artwork on the way so stay tuned :boogie:

Btw, I used :iconoutcastsproductions:'s tutorial on Speech Bubbles as well as :icongearotter:'s Glow tutorial for this piece! Try them sometime, they're very easy :D


Constance ("Coco") / Staghart ("Amp") / Alexander Xanatos / Gargoyles © Greg Weisman
Miss Piggy © Jim Henson
Bambi © Disney
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Relax you two, Alex is just a baby. :)