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Super tired right now, so I'll type more later. BUT! I participated in a thingy that involved many other fan artists in which we volunteered to draw characters from the TV series.

Naturally, I selected the Sirens [my babes] first, then came Scorpan, Svengallop, Gordon Ramsay pony, Svengallop and Apple Split ♥ All the artwork is done by me, however the sirens was a collab between myself and LightningZBolt. For the Sirens, Lightning gave them vector lines, however I drew the original sketch and lineart as well as colored them and added the effects ♥ They do fun work so check out their stuff!

Yes, I went overboard with the effects on the Sirens, but hey, they deserve it the most >D

These are the most pieces of art I've done in a short span on time, and I'm super proud of myself.

Thank you to all of the organizers as well as the fellow artists who made this collab happen.

Feel free to check out the entire piece with everyone else's contributions here


Characters © Hasbro
Coloring and Artwork © me
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Well no wonder the Sirens showed up with Svengallop & a Gordon Ramsay pony around — free food. They won't even have to sing.

While most of your usual detail shines through I can see some extra attention, time and effort were given to the sirens. You're right, they do deserve it ^^