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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2019, 4:24 PM

The-Last-Arcadia is a semi-literate forums post-apocalyptic feline roleplay where both you and your character participate in a story driven plot both in and out of character. Two years ago your world was destroyed by the repercussions of a corrupt Goddess, forcing mortals to desperation. But one day two unlikely allies (Salem & Thorne) show up and preach that they are your salvation. They offer you a choice, to enter into a game, where the key to beating it is your escape from your dying world. The game includes, but not limited to, puzzles, riddles, problem-solving, battles, exploration and team-work. There are four unique rounds that tell the story of the roleplays lore, where you discover secrets of past, present and future. Each round you will be placed into a new team with around seven players. You'll travel through the game, meeting many NPCs along the way and carving your characters destiny. In the game you will be assigned a Spirit Group with the help of a questionnaire that will grant you access to powerful elemental abilities to help you through the challenges ahead, you will face supernatural forces that won't easily be taken down..

The-Last-Arcadia is a twist and turn filled story, surprises you won't see coming.. You the player will not find out things until your character does, giving the utmost realistic responses possible. This is a story of the unknown; will you discover the truth?

This Is A Wild
Game Of Survival


You were falling, to your death. You knew nothing else, who could save you? Thorne had no wings, and in fact he was free-falling to his own demise. Thea wasn't going to save you, and she was out cold so there was no hope. But you came so far, all this time, struggling with each step to get through this cruel game. You didn't want to give up now, it wasn't in your blood. Your nature is to survive.

Suddenly bursts of energy appear around you, pure white streaks of it wrapping around every limb. The sky around you grew bright as you started to slowly ease from plummeting to the ground. You might feel more panic, not knowing what was going on.. but you might feel a sense of comfort, and you should. Beneath are a large white portal appears and swallows you whole. For a few seconds, all you can see is bright light. Nothing else but a blinding white screen of nothingness.

Then you come to, you're on all four paws. You can feel dirty and grass at the edge of your paw pads; you're on ground. The white energy around you begins to disappear. For a moment you're awe struck, you have no idea what just happened. But there he stood, in front of you, with the very white energy that saved you emerging from his paws; Salem. Your hero, the true hero. "Players.." Salem began, you could see the shock on his face. He seemed proud of what he did, but shaken up. The God hadn't seen your fall to demise coming, and the thought of watching you all die seemed to visibly shake him. "There's not much time." Salem stated while he jerked his head to the side, motioning at the unconscious Thea. "In The Half-Lit Forest, when I was swept away.. I discovered Thea found us. I know the trouble she's capable of doing; that she would want you all dead. I stayed in the shadows, protecting this game and you." He began, pausing for a moment to allow for the information to sink in. "When I found her, The Lost Island was already destroyed by her.. But the remaining rounds, I made sure she couldn't get her paws on. She won't stop until you're all dead, this is what she did to the previous players.." Another pause. "Just like you all, she gave them a choice to die or return home." He could see Salem's expression curl up in disgust at the thought. "She gave them no choice but death, and I don't intend on allowing that to happen again.." Salem seemed conflicted about it all, there was a special place in his heart, always, for her. But lines were made, loyalties were drawn, morals were lost. She wasn't the princess he once loved.

"Behind me, is a stretch of desert that leads to your next challenge; The Forsaken Wilds. You'll face the next challenges in teams based on Spirit Groups. The Forsaken Wilds will teach you many things and strengthen you for what's to come. You'll begin to unlock your full potential. Thea won't make getting into Arcadia easy." Salem explained while a burst of energy appeared in front of him. Through a haze of white appears many items in front of you. "These are bracers, each designed to hold power. They're currently bleak of anything, and as you progress throughout the round you'll power them up. They are not mandatory... but if you choose not to wear them, you and this round may face consequences.." Through the manipulation of his energy, Salem presented you each with a pair of bracers. "Whichever one you get, will decide who your team members are." He explained while he continued to pass them out, one by one. Now it was your choice to decide to wear them or not. "Now go fast before Thea wakes, travel the desert... You'll know when you've come across your first challenge."

Welcome to The Forsaken Wilds.

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