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Let it SparkThere's electric light in the sky tonightThe brightest storm there's ever beenA realm of electrocutionAnd it looks like I'm the queenThe thunder's roaring like this raging pain insideI couldn't keep it in. Heaven knows I tried.Whilst Anto has been off catching up with Ozai. His cohorts had been playing. Scratch that. Make it that they're seeking to play. They'd immediately realized crashing at the Spirit of Death's crib was zero fun.Anto rigorously commanded to stay put. Predictably the adolescents immediately gotten fed up with being 'grounded.' Loathing the fact they couldn't indulge in their traditional hobbies, including they couldn't bend in this universe. Princess Azula's fixation on becoming the most renowned firebender ever? It left her quite cranky, which everyone discovered not to get on her bad side.Azula remained a walking weapon devoid of morals or remorse. The Demon Princess wouldn't hesitate in employing lethal force on anyone. Its what made her the perfect choice to be Anto's champion.Anil stayed irritable from more then lack of bending. Airbenders, given their element, don't like being quarantined for an extended period of time. They must be like the wind. Free to go wherever it took them.Sitka persisted in being both an accomplished huntsman and seasoned warrior. Not having anyone to spar with nor anything to hunt and kill leaving him feeling extremely exasperate. Last time he'd been aggravated? He nearly assassinated Kenai. Therefore, being this aggravated made him all the more menacing.Lady Setsuna had it the most difficult as a noblewoman of high society. Neither a bender nor a warrior, vastly restricting her on abilities outside of the aristocracy scope. Long Feng spent his entire life grooming her for assuming the role of monarch. So again, nothing short of that was she any good at. It hadn't bothered her until now when she's bored out of her skull.Of course, Anto owned a Pai Sho board. Who didn't own at least one? Except none of the teens appreciated the game. They're ready to rip out their hair due to excessive boredom."Ugh! There has got to be something to do! Seriously? Why can we leave this stinky castle? I want to go hunt! Imagine how many monstrosities I could bag as trophies if we're allowed to ditch this loser's decrepit hovel!" fiercely hissed Sitka.He'd been utilizing the onyx slabs as whetstones. Needing to keep his weapons razor-sharp. Currently sharpening his blade. The same one he'd used on that mutant Kenai. Testing the blade, he chucked it at the wall. It hit dead center, going a few inches into the wall. "Well, at least this place is exceptional for sharping blades," he grunted as he retrieved his dagger.Anil took out a pair of panpipes striving to play them. However? The abominable acoustics of this deteriorating mansion caused everything to sound off-key. Snarling, the rogue Airbender raved his frustrations."UGH! I can't practice worth shit here! The only thing I'd over Aang was being a more skilled instrumentalist! Now my abilities are going to go rusty in this odious geographical area!""I don't like this either, Anil. There ain't a single handmaiden here! I've never resided in such primordial conditions! My uncle made certain I was treated like a princess! This location is far below my station! This isn't a place for a proper lady of the court to be stuck in!" Setsuna retorted, examining all her broken nails.Azula silently agreed with Setsuna. Again noting how disturbingly comparable they were. Yet the cursed child couldn't argue with any of her 'friends.' They needed to get out of this dead zone. They're going stir-crazy from being cooped up this long. There had to be something fun to do outdoors. There persisted only one solution. They had to sneak out for a few hours.Don't let it show, don't go too farBe the normal girl they think you areConceal your power in the nightDon't shine your lightSince time passed differently in the Spirit World vs. the Human World, they sincerely didn't know how long Anto be gone. After all, he'd made it clear-cut how unbelievably complex communicating Azula's father was. Over a dozen reasons that they'd zoned out on, nevertheless, they got the gist.Yet after a fortnight in Zan? They got fantabulous at anticipating everything to do with Anto. Particularly Azula given her status as his champion, plus unknowingly his female offspring's soul sister. Either way, Azula felt she could out-think him. The way she'd figured, they'd at least twelve hours to escape on Earth that would've been two days.Either way, they'd to get out. They'd been experimenting with employing Anto's spirit portals. They're numerous safeguards to impede ill-usage. However, as Azula remains Anto's champion, she'd the innate talent of bending it to her will. "Okay, I've figured out how to command the portal. It will take us where we most desire within the spirit world. It will open once more, about a half-hour before Anto's due back.Therefore don't miss your return ride. I'm confident that old bag of bones has no qualms giving us a flogging for not following his ridiculous commands. So let's get going!" Azula instructed her trio of 'friends.'Let it spark, let it sparkLet my power light the darkLet it spark, let it sparkLet my magic make its markI don't care what they'll say about meLet the current flow. I'm not afraid of electricityThey'd decided to stay in groups of two based on gender. The boys went first, followed ten minutes later by the girls. Except the twosomes ended up in an entirely different geographical region. The boys got deposited into a geographical area chock-full of spirit animal guides, while girls ended up in a rainforest.Sitka licked his lips salivating from all the helpless prey before him rubbing his hands together in enthusiasm. "Well, take a gander at all that plump, juicy meat in front of us! Oh, if I could get their pelts?" giggling like a manic, "No one would challenge me for the chieftain! Let's start getting hunting!" pulling his prized dagger out of its sheath."Um, Sitka? Did you neglect to recognize I'm an Airbender? We don't exactly sanction the slaughter of animals. Nor the consumption of them," Anil reminded, which caused the Water Tribe douche bag to snort. Leaving the adolescent Airbender completely clueless about what the joke was. Finally, taking a big breath of air, Sitka replied snidely."You honestly expect me to accept you're a 'true' Air Nomad, granola boy?" he let out a harsh laugh."What do you find so ridiculous?" Anil demanded, irritated before Sitka spat it out,"You are so not Mr. peace, love, groovy times, squirt!" counting off his hand the several reasons Anil wasn't an Air Nomad."First off, you ain't a pacifist in the slightest. You relish hostility and warring. You've no qualms whatsoever regarding bodily harm to another. After all, you've proven your willingness to beat that Aang boy to a pulp!Secondly? You are so not composed nor speak civilized. You have a short temper and an even sharper tongue. The things coming out of your mouth? You're not even worried that your mouth will be washed out with soap!Finally? You don't give two shits about your so-called rule of "I don't eat meat!" Given you didn't hesitate for a second to eat that gross dinner, Anto served us. Face it, Anil! You're no more an Air Nomad then I'm a waterbender. You don't jive that way!"At first, the shorter male seemed rather offended. If he could've airbended, he would've done without hesitation. Suddenly he realized Sitka was right, so he nodded his head. "You've got a point, Sitka," which frankly astonished the Water Tribe boy that the shrimp agreed with him.Anil had an expression of revulsion on his features. Evidently, he'd been dying to confess forever. "I've never clicked with those ludicrous regulations. Once I get my share of the Shard's power? Well, I'll refashion the Air Nomads into a praiseworthy civilization! In my world, we won't be such wusses! Nor will we ever be wish-washy again!"Smirking, Sitka put a hand on the boy's shoulder, "I believe you and I will be the best of friends by the time this adventure ends!" And with that, the boys went about their murderous sport.It's funny how the thunder.Can drown out all my fearAnd a bolt of lightning lights the wayMy choice is crystal clearIt's time to let my power growTo flip the switch and let it flowNo hiding now. I'll let them seeThis is me!Elsewhere the misses were traversing through the muggy rainforest. Given this jungle geographical area virtually rivaled the Fire Nation, Azula felt right at home. Once again, Setsuna's high-society upbringing caused several complications for the adolescents."Yikes! How big do these damn pests have to be?!" she yelped as two enormous dragonflies whirred past her head. She hated the outdoors, given how unclean it was. Her high-priced apparel was shredded and covered in feces. All her nails were broken, and she smelled like dung. "How in the world can anyone like being out here? We're supposed to be civilized! We ain't stinky feeble-minded beasts who don't have enough brainpower to stay clean! Ugh! When I get my share of the Shard's power, I plan to do away with all this nature!"Let it spark, let it sparkI'm alive with energyLet it spark, let it sparkIt's a brand new life for meHere I stand, and here I stayLet the current flowAzula couldn't help but smirk while her companion threw her little tantrum. "Really, Setsuna? You've never been outside?""Not unless you count the palace's manicured garden! I thought as a princess, you understand!"Still smirking, Azula replied, "In the Fire Nation, we're bred to be tough-minded. I've strived my entire life to become the most distinguished firebender ever. I've dealt with my namby-pamby household for thirteen years.They've no sense whatsoever of what it rightfully means to be a Fire Nation citizen. They've all gotten soft. Thinking you need to be charitable, merciful, and other baloney like that.When I deliver my father? We shall return the Fire Nation to its former glory! Oh, how I dream of the blood-red skies! My so-called family's last breath! I've desired all my life to silt Zu-Zu's throat!No way that failure deserves to be the heir! He's weak and has no talent whatsoever! Plus, his idiotic friends and that damned sweetheart of his have ruined my friends!Because of those three? Mai and Ty Lee don't have the drive or heart to reach their genuine potential! They're as pathetic as the rest of my bloodline!" snapped the Fire Nation princess.Setsuna remained silent for a full minute before speaking. "Do I detect a slight case of jealousy?" Azula looked like she'd been punched. Yet, Setsuna pushed forward. "From how you speak regarding your cousin's girlfriend? I can plainly hear in your voice a lot of venoms.Therefore are you jealous of her? What's she got that you don't got? You're unquestionably a spectacular bender. Plus, if I may say, an incredibly sensual young lady. Consequently, what this lady friend got that you don't?" Azula didn't desire to answer the questioning. Leaving Setsuna to conclude, yes, Azula was envious of her cousin's girlfriend, whatever her rational motives were."Do you know if there someplace we can get a bath? I can't stand to have dirt on me one minute longer!" she complained loudly."Let's see if we can locate a lake or something." They traveled for twenty more minutes until they came upon a pool of water. The girls had no problems stripping in front of each other before submerging themselves in the water.My power spikes the air and tears into the groundThe thunder rumbles, and the storm is building all aroundAnd one thought splits the night sky in a blinding flashThe past is buried in a pyre of smoke and ashAt first, the girls didn't even pay attention to the others. Simply going about their bathing. However, it didn't take long for their lusting for each other to take over. Consequently, they got about as intimate as you could get under the circumstances.They're so caught up in the passion of the moment they nearly missed the portal to take them back to Anto's palace. The boys noticed their sloppy apparel, perspiring faces, and only smirked.Anto gave all four children a once over. He suspected something had occurred while he'd been gone. However, he couldn't put his talon on it. Instead, he shrugged it off before telling them they'd to start planning the next phase of their plan. Happy none of them been caught, they eagerly got down to business. Soon all their deepest desires would come true.Let it spark, let it sparkAnd I'll rise with the thunder's roarLet it spark, let it sparkI won't be silenced anymoreIn my new world, I'm strong and freeLet the current flow. I'm not afraid of electricity.
Let it BlowThe starless sky was silent and shyIn my kingdom, all was stillNow whispering winds are waningI need to silence all my willThe wind was howling like this swirling storm insideAnd if I let it out, I know it will subsideEach of the four nations has a holiday that is considered the most spiritual day for them. For the Fire Nation and Water Tribe, the Solstices are their sacred holidays. For the Earth Kingdom and Air Nomads, its the Equinoxes.It's said the patron spirits of their nation favor children born on these holy days, given exceptional capabilities that others could only imagine. Today was the autumn equinox. It also happened to be Aang's thirteenth birthday. Therefore, they wouldn't be just celebrating the equinox, but his birthday! He couldn't wait for this evening celebration. Galloping to Zephyr's turret, he couldn't stop beaming.This nightfall, he'd carry out his commitment to liberate Zephyr from his prison. However, he might be delivering her from their prison. Zephyr only disclosed that they're genderfluid last month, as Zephyr described it, which isn't straightforward to do in sign language. He more often than not identified as male. However, he had his highly feminine days. Aang had progressively gotten more skilled at identifying what gender Zephyr presently.He chiefly learned to observe Zephyr's body language, posture, gait, and how they spoke in their sign language. When Zephyr was female, her sign language was silver-tongued. However, when he was male? Completely free-and-easy.But hold your breath and don't be swayed.Don't think about her, you know you couldn't stayI can't waver now, can't let it outWell, now it's out!Arriving before sunrise, Aang slipped the key into the lock to let himself in. Using his airbending to cause the wind chimes to flutter. Not that Zephyr could detect the bells, but the stain-glass did light up the tower to let him know Aang was there. Jumping down from his hammock, the deaf preteen greeted, "Happy Birthday, Aang! How does it feel to be a teenager?""I don't genuinely feel all that different. However, I am thrilled with the gift my mother and older sister sent me."Zephyr glanced at him, perplexed. In their society, children were raised communally. Furthermore never knew who their biological parents were. They had done this since the inception of their culture. Therefore how did Aang even know his mother or the fact he had a sister? He asked him this question, and immediately his friend explained, "My mother, Akanke, condemned the concept that children are forcefully taken from their parents.That parents play no part in raising their children. She revolted against tradition. She secretly kept track of both her children. She had to be discrete regarding it, though.""I imagine going behind the elders' backs. Therefore where do she and your sister live? Plus, what your sister's name?""They reside at the Eastern Air Temple. My older sister's name is Arianna. However, she prefers to be called Ari. She takes after Mom as well. Rebelling against tradition.They send me coded letters. Checking up on me to see if I'm happy and safe. Whenever I've been at their temple, we spend time together. Though again, we have to be discrete about it.""That must be pleasant to acknowledge who your mother is. I'm jealous of the fact you've got an older sister. I, too, wish to distinguish who my blood family is. So what did they send you for your birthday?"He reached into his shirt then showed him a typical Airbender medallion. Suddenly he revealed it, in reality, was a locket. Concealed inside were two locks of brunette hair. "Each sent a lock of hair, so they are forever with me. I'm extremely appreciative of this extraordinary gift.""Then allow me to give you the same gift." As Zephyr used his airbending to slice a lock of his hair. Picking up a ribbon, he tied it up, then offered it to Aang.Aang smiled with tears in his gray eyes. Unfastening the locket again, he placed Zephyr's lock in there. He instantly did a double-take. For a moment, he thought he perceived a jewel shard embedded into the locket. Though he blinked, and the shard dissolved. Shrugging it off, he concealed the necklace under his clothes once more. Suddenly another thought came to mind, and he eagerly signed to Zephyr."They're going to be a flying lemur show today. I can't wait to see it. I hope Monk Gyasto finally lets me have one. He's been unwilling to let me have my own.""Why? You take sufficient care of Appa. Why is a lemur any different?""Because of something that occurred when I was four. It included a lemur, a cake, and some shaving cream. Don't ask what happened."Zephyr raised a single eyebrow before replying, "Fine, I won't. However, you confident my master won't get irritated at me? Seeing how you promised this is the day I ultimately escaped this tower.""I can handle it. This evening everyone supposes to be attending the festivity. And by everyone, that includes you. I'll take responsibility if something goes wrong. Yet, I extremely doubt it will. Trust me."Zephyr thought about it for a moment before signing apprehensively, "I hope you know what you're doing, Aang. I don't desire to be grounded another day of my existence.""It will all work out, I promise.""Okay, see you an hour before the party then.""Okay!" as they both embraced each other tightly before Aang left. Zephyr sighed dejectedly before heading over to his art table to do some origami. Yes, he longed to be free as an Airbender should be.Let it blow, let it blow.The air will never rest.Let it blow, let it blow.I refuse to be repressed.Give it up and just be swept awayLet the storm rage onThe wind never bothered me anywayYet, he didn't desire his instructor to lecture or lock him up again. Twelve years is a long time to be restricted. Furthermore, he'd been going haywire from isolation. Consequently, he prayed that Aang was correct when he said it be alright this evening.I thought I had to hide itContained within a boxAll grounded, suffocatedBut I'm breaking from those locksThe colossal temple had gotten an influential makeover for the autumn equinox. The Southern Air Temple had undergone across-the-board cleaning. The glorious temple was covered from floor to ceiling in vast decorations with floating lanterns everywhere.Beautiful woodwind instrument's melodies resonated through the heavens. Children were flying kites or doing airbending exploits gliding in the sky. Overall the social occasion was in full swing. Aang prearranged for Zephyr to join them during his performance. That way, he'd have a dramatic entrance. Hopefully, it blow everyone's minds. Making it easier to break the ice.It's finally time to carry on.To spread my wings and soar into the dawnAlone, at last, I now can breathe. I'm free!Let it blow, let it blowMy heart has taken flightLet it blow, let it blowMy soul is new and light; I'm aliveAnd I won't changeLet the storm rage onAt the moment of twilight, Zephyr prepared to join the party for the first time in his young life. Anticipating Aang's signal, he leaped from the prohibited tower to join Aang in the routine they'd been planning for weeks.Everyone gasped, witnessing an unnamed individual joining Aang. The two Airbenders were in absolute synchronization. There didn't even seem to be using airbending! Solely flying as if they're actually the wind! The roaring applause they got made Aang grin widely. Which in turn made Zephyr grin. The duo landed, taking a bow. Basking in their moment of glory.Then Zephyr, for the first time, had the undivided attention of everyone gazing at him. The half-grown boys were stunned, incapable of speaking. The adults seemed to be having a soundless disputation which Gyasto seemed to be saying. "Let them be. Its time for Zephyr to be free."Aang promptly introduced Zephyr to the rest of the children signing as he spoke. "Hello, everyone! I hope you're digging the party. As it's my birthday, I wanted a special guest to join us." Zephyr step forward, anxious, "This is my best friend, Zephyr. Currently, the pronouns are he and him. He hopes you'll give him a chance tonight."The other boys were also taken aback by the boy's unorthodox appearance as Aang had been. Though also in reverence beholding the boy's master tattoos. A four-year-old boy stepped away from the assemblage. Looking Zephyr straight in the eye before asking. "Where did you pick up all those neat tricks?"Zephyr knew how to read lips. Consequently, he signed while Aang translated. "I witness them in my dreams. Therefore I tried to transform my dreams into reality."Another lad stepped forward then asked, "Why are you wearing pink and green?" Again Aang translated, "I like to wear both a gender-neutral color. Plus a feminine color. They're also my favorite colors. Moreover, I want to stand out."The next half hour went quite swimmingly. None of the boys did anything barbarous. They only verbalized their curiosity. They requested to be taught sign language to communicate with their brand-new friend.Only one person glared daggers at Zephyr and Aang. Anil continued seething with unrestrained fury. Seeing how the two were stealing the limelight. He also didn't understand what people found so captivating regarding the little monstrosity.A mischievous grin lit up his face as a wicked idea formed in his head. Strolling over, he challenged Aang to a game of Air Scooter tag. Also, Zephyr should play on the orange team. Zephyr quickly responded no. He wanted to play on Aang's team, but Anil's master overrides them. Neither Aang nor Zephyr felt any good would come from this. Yet, they couldn't argue with the elders of the temple. Plus, Aang wanted to help Zephyr fit in.For all those years,I thought the pain would never endBut twisted terrors of my past won't chain me down againIf I'm the natural disaster whom they fear...I'll grant them one decree.And I always will stay here!The game started innocence enough with everyone having fun. Zephyr was a natural at this game. Everyone kept laughing and smiling. Suddenly Zephyr was thrown off his Air Scooter hitting the wall.Everyone immediately ended the game to check to see if he was alright. When Aang witnessed the blood from the gash on his best friend's head, a wave of anger he'd never felt before coursed through him.He twisted violently, staring at Anil. For a split second, it looked like Aang's eyes glowed. However, Anil assumed it was a trick of the light, given it only lasted half a second.Aang then summoned the most influential air blast he'd ever produced. He then sent Anil flying into the opposite wall. Still seething in a fury. Before the conflict could escalate even further, the elders intervened.The two boys' masters scolded each of them thoroughly before sending them to their rooms for the rest of the night. Before Aang left for his bedroom, he asked if Zephyr would be okay. The elders assured him they take care of his friend. He should be fine in a week. Satisfied with the answer, Aang obediently returned to his bedroom.However, when Anil got to his quarters, he threw a tantrum. Ranting and raving about Aang and that freak. Finally, he said, "I wish I had the power to get rid of both of them! I won't be in Aang's shadow anymore! I do anything to get my vengeance!"A menacing cackle permeated the room before an even more ominous voice said, "So you do anything to take care of your rival? Furthermore, deal with that freak of nature? My, my, aren't you the little devil. I perceive exceptional potential within in you, Anil!""Who there?! Show yourself!" he demanded. The disembodied voice sigh as a peculiar portal opened up. Stepping out of the gateway was a juvenile fire nation girl. Standing next to her was a bald gentleman with bone-white skin and catlike eyes dressed all in black."Who are you two? How did you get here?!""My name is Princess Azula, and this is my friend Anto, the Black Spirit of Death. A pleasure to meet you, Anil!" Azula greeted him holding her hand out. Anil didn't take it. Yet he looked over the pair carefully. "So what do you two want with me?""Not so much what we want as much as you want. You desire the power to be the most renowned Airbender of all time, right? To stop living in this Aang's shadow? " Azula repeated the boy's wish."Yes, I desire that, yet how can you help me achieve that?""Simple. We work together to gain power even more substantial then the Avatar! Anto revealed to him. "Eons ago, the original benders concentrated their essence into four shards. Each shard contains the avatar-level power of its element. Yet, more importantly, if all four shards fused?Not only would they've got the capability to rival the Avatar, but they could also enslave the Avatar. With the Avatar as your thrall, you could have anything your heart desires.""Hmm, why would you share this kind of power with me?""It's simple, honestly. The shards are both hidden and have potent protection. Only humans can find them. If you help us locate them, we will bestow the air shard's power to you.All we ask in return is you swear allegiance to us. Furthermore, help me rescue my father, Ozai, from Soto Island. Once my father has all the shards, he will become the Phoenix King. As King, he can grant his associates a fraction of the power. Again with him in charge, and you have a fraction of the avatar's power? Well, what more could you dream of?"Licking his lips, the Airbender nodded then shook the diabolical duo's hands. "I see we are surprisingly alike. I'll happily join you in the hunt for the shards. Anything to get out of Aang's shadow!""Then shall we return to my palace in the Spirit World? We need to plan and secure more allies if we wish to make our dreams come true!" Anto chuckled. They all laughed as the portal reopened, evaporating into thin air.Let it blow, let it blow.I'm through with living lies.Let it blow, let it blow.From ruins, I ariseOn new wings, I'll fly just as I sayLet the storm rage ON!The wind never bothered me anyway.
Spirit WindEzekiel stared down into the valley Filled with dry bones baking in the sun Remains that used to be a mighty army To him, it looked like their fighting days were doneHigh in the mountains, a summery breeze waft throughout the majestic temple that sat upon its summit. The extraordinary temple remained animated and prospering, with adolescent boys' laughter and the chatter of winged lemurs. An irresistible fragrance of baked goods permeated the air.In the courtyard, numerous juvenile fellows played a brand-new pastime that utilized a technique developed by a boy named Aang. He'd devised the airbending move declared the Air Scooter. It'd taken several weeks before his peers mastered it.The sport was clearly flag tag on Air Scooters. One team would've red flags. The other team would've orange. The objective was to snatch the other team's flags before the other team got theirs. Whichever team got all the other team's flags first won. Aang held the position of the captain of the red team as he thought up the move. The other captain was the lad who conceived the sport. His name was Anil.Anil himself was agile, intelligent, moreover a smooth-talker. He and Aang had been rivals since they could walk. Anil despised the fact Aang got his tattoos first. Anil knew he should've received them first, seeing how Aang's air scooter was lame.His innovative technique had been the lotus cyclone. Understandably the female airbenders had praised it. However, the monks of the Southern Air Temple declared it lacked genuine innovation. It incensed the pompous pre-teen to no end. Yet, he ultimately received his tattoos. However, it was two months after Aang, which only intensified his contempt for the boy.Aang himself had nothing against Anil. To him, their rivalry was one-sided. He bore no grievance toward Anil. Yet, he ended up one way or another being threatened or in some competition with the boy.But driven by a calling on his life He spoke God's words. The bones began to shake He stared wide-eyed as the flesh began to form And as he prophesied to the wind The soldiers began to wake"That was an excellent game! I assume you'd as much fun as I did!" Aang proclaimed jubilantly after the red team won. All the boys on both teams, except Anil, graciously consented."Its easy to win when you're a cheater!" he snarled at his rival. Everyone backed away as the air around the pre-teen started to get turbulent. Aang made the time-out signal. "Anil, calm down. No one cheated. We all played fairly. It doesn't matter who wins or loses. All that matters is having fun.""I know you cheated, Aang! There something about you that gives you an unlawful advantage! I will discover it! Once I do, I'll make you pay for all the humiliation you've put us through!" he snarled.Aang started to fear for his life the way Anil's airbending was getting gradually out of control. Then everything changed. Just as it looked like Anil use his airbending to attack Aang, out of nowhere, he drenched in both water and gooey cake filling. The air ceased being intimidating as Anil just stood there in shock. The other boys couldn't help but laugh until they had tears in their eyes. Aang used that distraction to leave the area and immediately head back to his bedroom.Once he got back to his room, he slammed the door shut and locked it. Taking a few deep breaths, he calmed down. He then noticed an origami crane sitting on his bed. A cheerful grin crossed his face. He strolled over to his bed to admire the little gift. "Well, it looks like you're there for me again, my mysterious friend."He then placed the crane on a shelf with several other origami creations. For the last two years, whenever Aang was in trouble or bullied by Anil, a mysterious spirit protected him. Then whoever they've left some origami animal behind to tell him it was them. Aang wishes he knew who was looking out for him. He did try to show his thanks.Sometimes he nicked food from the pantry and left it in his room. By day's end, the food was gone with another origami animal there as thanks. The mystery literally drove the twelve-year-old around the bend. He didn't even bring this person up to his guardian Gyasto. For some reason, he felt they should remain anonymous. Yet, he longed to meet them in person one day.And the Lord sent His wind into the valley And breathed the breath of life into their souls And raised them again a mighty army For soon these arisen warriors will battle again For they have been filled with the Spirit Wind Whoa, whoa, whoa...One week later, he and Gyasto were occupied playing their weekly Pai Sho game. He didn't see why Gyasto preferred the white lotus tile so much. Either way, Gyasto won their game nine times out of ten. "You know, Aang, playing Pai Sho, can be an invaluable teacher for life. If you genuinely understand the more profound meaning of the game." Gyasto stated as he claimed one of Aang's pieces.His ward looked frustrated at his guardian's words. "I don't see how, unless you mean people are the pieces. Or how the how you play reflects life," he guessed, looking to see if he was correct.The more experienced monk smiled at his pupil's clarity. "Congratulations, young one. You've starting to expand your mind! That's quite satisfying. You should seek knowledge in various questionable sources.""Master Gyasto, mind if I trouble you with something?" he inquired hesitantly."I've sensed for a while something has been troubling your mind. Therefore please enlighten me."Taking a deep breath, the young Airbender disclosed what been bothering him for years. "Well, you are aware of Anil seems to have a grudge against me," he started when Gyasto held up his hand."I'm conscious that Master Tashi's protegé isn't the most respectable young man. He's learned that from his guardian, I'm afraid. You two seem to have inherited our rivalry from our boyhood.""Is that one of the reasons he doesn't like me?" Aang blinked his gray eyes in confusion. His teacher let out a deep sigh before nodding. "Unfortunately, yes. Though we Air Nomads seek enlightenment, we aren't thoroughly detached from the human heart's normal emotions. I'm sorry you've to deal with a feud from my youth.""Did you ever have anyone to help you out? You know someone to protect you if things got out of hand?""Yes, Master Pasang. He acted as my guardian when Tashi got too out of hand. I believe that's why Tashi still feels resentment even though we all suffer on the council of elders.""That's funny. I've never seen Pasang with his own ward. Doesn't every senior monk have an individual protégé they look after?""That I'm afraid is Pasang's secret. I'm not one to reveal other's secrets. Don't be too troubled by Master Pasang's apparent lack of a pupil. Now let's finish our game, shall we?"A pastor stands before his congregation. Once a mighty army for the Lord But now he stares into the lifeless eyes Believers leading carnal lives He wonders what they're fighting for But driven by a calling on his life He spoke God's word like he'd done a hundred times before But this time, he comes broken and weeping With tears of a broken heart And he cries out to the LordThroughout the next week, Aang did his best to avoid Anil. Yet, it seemed the bully went out of his way to find ways to corner him. Aang worried that Anil would one day actually get physical with him even though they're supposed to be pacifists.Finally, on Friday, Aang found himself fleeing for his life. Anil had challenged him to combat, which again was against their culture, yet he was determined to put his rival in his place. Aang, on the other hand? He wanted to avoid this at all costs. He tore through the temple, trying to find a place to hide to avoid the fight, though he'd likely not succeed.Everyone knew all the hiding places in the temple. Yet still, he looked around for one. He eventually ended up at the forbidden tower. No one knew why it was forbidden. They only knew the entrance was perpetually locked.Aang back up next to the entrance, hearing his tormentor coming closer to him. Abruptly the doorway behind him opened, and someone grabbed him before locking the door again. The person clamped Aang's mouth shut to keep him from alerting the bully to their location. After the footsteps faded away, the person removed his hand from Aang's mouth.Oh Lord, send Your wind into this valley And breathe the breath of life into their souls And raise them again a mighty army For soon these arisen warriors will battle again For they have been filled with the Spirit Wind Whoa, whoa, whoa...Holy Spirit, breathe on me Breathe Your life in me [x4]Aang took a few steps back to survey the chamber. It looked like a bedroom, yet different then his. The walls of the circle room had magnificent murals painted on them. Hanging from the ceiling were a mix of wind chimes made from stained glass and bells. Also suspended were millions of origami creations.He observed the colors pink and green dominated the bedroom. Then he turned to the inhabitant of the room. A boy his age stood in front of him. Though he was the oddest looking boy, Aang had ever seen.The boy had a petite build with an angular face, like a diamond you couldn't cut. His left eye was gold, and the right one amber. His head's left side was shaved, though he sported a giant gold earring in that ear. On his right side, he'd chin-length greenish-black hair. His outfit was typical of an airbending trainee. It was pink and green, unlike the traditional orange and yellow.However, what caught Aang's attention wasn't this boy's unconventional appearance. It was the fact the boy had master tattoos as well. That unquestionably revealed this odd boy was a master Airbender. Aang gave the boy an encouraging smile. "Hi, I'm Aang. Thanks for saving me. What's your name?" the boy gave him a bewildered look. Suddenly he started to make unfamiliar hand gestures.At first, Aang didn't understand what he was doing. Suddenly he realized that the boy was employing sign language. The world was full of people with disabilities. Consequently, for deaf people, the four-nation had a universal sign language.Unfortunately, Aang had never bothered to learn it. Seeing how he'd never encountered a need for it before. The boy seemed to realize he didn't speak his language immediately. He pointed to a slate nearby, and Aang instantly wrote down his question. Aang couldn't help but feel he was inconsiderate to the boy. Making him feel like a freak.For now, the boy appeared okay with it. He wrote something down on the slate then spelled out his name with Aang looking at the board. The boy spelled out the name Zephyr. Next, he pointed to Aang and spelled out his name. Aang immediately got it. They're introducing themselves to each other. Aang wrote down on the slate, saying, "Teach me?" Zephyr nodded, and they spent the afternoon laboring to teach Aang some basics in sign language.Finally, Zephyr pointed to the sundial indicated Aang should leave. He then showed him a concealed way out. Aang managed to sign he'd be back. Aang did request Gyasto to teach him about sign language. Under the excuse, he'd encounter someone who was deaf when traveling to meet his friends. With Gyasto's help, Aang picked up sign language much more quickly.In two months, Aang had mastered sign language. He savored spending time with Zephyr. Zephyr revealed why he was in the tower. His master Pasang knew how most people treated others with disabilities. Plus, how some people viewed those who belong to the LGBT community. He felt he was protecting Zephyr by keeping him away from others. However, Zephyr desired to see the world. Therefore he'd snuck out through the secret passage.Zephyr didn't like how Aang was being bullied. Consequently, he'd done his most desirable to protect him. Aang was grateful for Zephyr looking after him. Yet, he asked him if he desired to leave the tower entirely.Oh Lord, send Your wind into this valley And breathe the breath of life into our souls And raise us again a mighty army For soon these arisen warriors will battle again For we have been filled with the Spirit Wind Whoa, whoa, whoa..."I'd love to leave forever. See the world. Meet new friends. Yet, what would my guardian think? We are the wind, so we must be free. Yet what if he's right? That I'll be bullied and attack for being myself? I don't know if I should risk it.""I'll protect you as you've done for me. You're right. We are the wind. We need to be free. Don't worry. One way or another, we shall see the world together."Zephyr pondered this, then signed, "If you can free me, I'll be forever grateful. I value our friendship more then you know. Help me see a whole new world.""Deal, don't worry by the autumn equinox. You'll be free. Trust me.""I do, Aang. I do." With that, the boys began to hatch a plan to free Zephyr and see the world together. Having tons of adventures and making countless new friends.Oh Lord, we need You now. Breathe Your life into us Lord, we need You now Our churches and our families Oh Lord, we need You now Breathe life into this dry and weary land Raise us again
Ember Seashore Even when the universe seems to be at peace, we know its a half-lie. Peace can only last so long. As long as the plagues of hatred, anger, vengeance, and intolerance run rapid in the human heart and soul? There would never be genuine peace of mind or unity. The universe urgently needed to come together in unity. Until humanity overcame their collective fatal flaws, the ways of harmony, integrity, love, and acceptance wouldn't be accomplished.Therefore, it will take strong leadership. Furthermore, humanity itself to set the example so society may better itself. That one day, we can sincerely live without fear or pain. In the meantime, people had to work with what they had. Right now, the world leaders were gathering to discuss several serious issues of the world.The current Fire Lord, Iroh, and his wife Kimana were set to attend the conference. Also attending were the two Water Tribe Chiefs plus the Earth King. However, several other people of various backgrounds were also invited to hear every voice in the world.These types of meetings were held at Avatar's Island. According to legend, the original Avatar created the island—a geographical region of beauty and neutrality. The island itself depicted all four nations perfectly. Thus it was the ideal location to gather at. At this gathering, they'd be discussing critical dilemmas around the world—economic system, health care, equality, lastly, how to circumvent climate change.During this time, each nation had a backup leader filling in while the leaders met to discuss the world's issues. This meant Crown Prince Lu Ten and his wife Princess Ursa had to handle the Fire Nation's day-to-day issues, which left them no time to look after their six-year-old son Zuko.Their son's great-grandparents volunteered to take Zuko and their three-year-old granddaughter Azula to Ember Island for a week. Ursa thought it is delightful for Zuko to spend time with his cousin.Princess Azula hadn't gotten a good start in life. Her father, Prince Ozai, been banished before her birth. Also, her mother, Shula, perished due to childbirth. Thus Azula has been placed in the care of Nanny Aelia.Due to a birthmark on her right shoulder, Azula has been deemed "The Demon Princess." Her birthmark looked precisely like three claw marks. In local lore, this meant the child was cursed by Anto, the Black Spirit of Death as a cursed child would only bring suffering and misery to all they encounter.Now the Royal Family had attempted to disregard scuttlebutt regarding the matter. After all, the idea someone is born evil isn't very becoming. Furthermore, you shouldn't put so much stock in this sort of superstitious belief.Yet, there had been a few signs that perhaps the child was cursed. Even at three-year-old Azula could already firebend. If she got mad or things didn't go her way, she didn't hesitate to use her bending to get her way.Despite being a toddler, there was no excuse for her lack of manners. She was ill-mannered, hurtful, and didn't treat anyone with respect. Azula seemed to relish causing pain. Plus would routinely destroy her toys. Every dolly she'd been given had had its head chopped off before a week gone by.This greatly concerned her family. Though they'd vowed to raise Azula better then Ozai, hoping the final result would be different. They didn't know yet if this was hopeless or not, so they'd held out hope for a good outcome.At the moment, Lady Ilah was being attended by her best friend and lady's maid, Calypso, who'd undone Ilah's odangos and now was brushing her silky white hair. "I wish I could help you, my lady. Sadly I don't know how to help you.Nor can I go with you this coming week to Ember Island. My husband Aneurin and daughter Hyacinth need me here this week. I cannot leave them at the moment. Not when my daughter due to having her child any day now.""I understand perfectly, Calypso. I know how essential it is to see your grandchildren born. Don't worry about it. I can handle a week without you," Ilah assured her beautiful albino friend."Thank you, my lady," she replied gratefully, "Hyacinth will need a lot of help if the midwife correct when she says she's having twins," she looked both thrilled and anxious about the thought of twins."Well, midwives tend to know what they're talking about. I'm thrilled your daughter found such a first-class husband," Ilah complimented her friend, who blushed."Yes, I feel its an excellent match. Hyacinth is an instructor of music, and her husband writes dramatic plays for the local theater. Therefore, I'm more then content with the match," the lady's maid concurred."As you should be. Don't fret about Azulon and me. We can manage a week without either of you. You take care of your daughter and grandchildren.""Thank you, Ilah. Are you certain Nanny Aelia will be able to help you out? Given she struggles so hard to take care of Azula," Calypso asked anxiously.She saw in the vanity mirror her friend look as apprehensive as her. Nevertheless, Ilah always had put up a strong front. It what was expect from her whole life."Nanny Aelia been part of the royal family as long as you have," she reminded her. Though it seemed she was attempting to reassure herself more, "She's a resourceful woman. She's firm and not a pushover. She might not be a bender. However, I know she can handle Azula.""Yes, I suppose, but I still worry about her. It's not easy to be in your early seventies and deal with a toddler like Azula.""I'm sure one day we can get Azula to behave properly. I desire to correct whatever mistake I made with Ozai," confessed the retired Fire Lady. She looked woefully at her reflection as if she blamed herself all over again."As Kimana has said before, I doubt how Ozai turned out is any fault of yours. As hard is it to believe perhaps there some people simply born evil."She sighed, "I wish that not to be true, but the scary thing is it might be true.""Well, we can't worry about it now. I'd simply think of enjoying the pleasure of the seas around Ember Island.""Thank you, Calypso. I can get myself to bed. See you in the morning.""As you wish, my lady," as she left, leaving the former Fire Lady alone.Shortly thereafter, Azulon came to bed. Seeing his wife's uneasiness, he asked what was wrong. "Azulon, do you think history will repeat itself?""Meaning what?""Do you truly believe our granddaughter is a cursed child? That she'll turn out like Ozai or even worse? I know we agreed we do our best to raise her differently, but I can't help it might be all for not.""Ilah, my love, we can't worry about the what-ifs or the maybes. We must live each day as it comes. I know you still feel guilty about what happened to Ozai and the extreme measures we had to take. But we must remain hopeful that Azula will turn out to be a decent person.""I hope so. I really hope so."The following week the grandparents took their grandchildren to Ember Island to stay at the royal family beach house. Zuko was running around in a fit of energy. So happy and excited.Azula only looked bored and grumbling that she should be practicing her firebending. Not wasting time going to the stupid beach. At first, her grandparents ignored her tiny tantrum.Then they disembarked and headed to their beach house. "Granny! Are we going to see the Ember Island players? Mom loves plays! Her favorite play is "Love Among the Dragons!""We shall see, Zuko. Though I'm not sure, they're performing that particular play at the moment.""Plays are so boring! I want to practice firebending!" Azula pouted, to which Nanny Aelia reprimanded her."Princess Azula, that enough! You are a princess. That does not entitle you to act out. You are expected to show decorum and be respectful to others.""Besides, Azula, it's important to celebrate our cultural history. There more to life then firebending. You should embrace some of the cultures," her grandfather informed her.His wife then turned to the children. "I suggest we have a picnic lunch on the hill overlooking the sea. After lunch, we can do some arts and crafts.""I feel strongly, my lady, that's a perfect way to relax. It always helps to embrace things for the soul. It's a form of self-expression," the nanny agreed."Thank you, Aelia. Now come, let's get settled in for now," as they arrived at the beach house.Zuko couldn't help but feel so happy as he went into his guest room. His mother had decorated it for him. Hanging on the walls were masks from her favorite plays.His favorite was the Blue Spirit mask. He also loved how his father Lu Ten had added swords and a spare Tsungi horn for him to practice with when they came here.Zuko wanted to be as good as his father when it came to swordplay and playing the Tsungi horn. He loved how his father always played it when it was bedtime."Why you so excited, Dumb-Dumb?" Azula asked from the doorway.Zuko looked at his cousin with a frown on his face. "Can't you enjoy the fact we're on vacation? Granny and Grandpa are making time for us. Doesn't that make you happy?""Why do you bother to call them that?" he blinked in confusion. "Because they are my granny and grandpa. Grandmother and Grandfather are my father's parents.""They are simply weak. Uncle Iroh is a lame fire lord. My father would've been a much better one!" she declared."Don't say that! Grandfather Iroh is wise, kind, and merciful. He's a great leader!""Please! That only shows weakness. Real leaders don't waste their time with such frivolous traits. You need to be strong and not weak."Before the argument could get worse, Ilah and Aelia came. "Princess Azula, please apologize to your cousin immediately. We do not speak ill of others," Ilah reprimanded her granddaughter.Azula refused to apologize. This made her grandmother and nanny very angry. "Azula! You will conduct yourself properly. So you WILL apologize and then stay in your room for the next hour." Nanny Aelia informed."No! You're not my father or mother. Therefore, I don't have to do as you say!" she glared her gold eyes at the adults.That when her grandfather showed up. "Young lady, we may not be your parents, but we are your grandparents. Therefore you still have to respect us. Furthermore, you will show common courtesy." With three against her, Azula balled up her fist and turned to her cousin. "I'm sorry for saying mean things." Though it was apparent to everyone, Azula's apology was hallow.They let it go this time though she was still sent to her room for the next hour. Zuko tried to get her cruel words out of his mind. It helped his grandfather invited him to play Pai Sho on the deck. As they played, Azulon praised Zuko's ability at the game. "You've improved remarkably, Zuko. You're doing much better since the last time we played.""Thanks, Grandpa. Grandfather is an outstanding teacher. I love it when we and Dad all play together.""Yes, Iroh is one of the best players of the game. Though I must ask if something is bothering you?"The little boy looked down for a moment before he asked, "Why does Azula have to be so mean? I feel like she's blaming me for what happened to Uncle Ozai. Is it my fault? Am I to blame for what happened? Am I a bad person?"Azulon looked at his great-grandson seriously. He knew something had been on Zuko's mind for quite some time, but he didn't think it was this."Zuko, please listen to me carefully. What happened to Prince Ozai is not your fault. You had nothing at all to do with it. Prince Ozai was a victim of his own actions.No one is to blame for Ozai being sent to a penal colony then himself. Prince Ozai wasn't a nice person. So what happened to him is because of his choices, nothing to do with you.""But Azula said it's my fault that I took her father away from her! She says if I hadn't blabbed about Ozai telling me about the present, then he'd be here to raise her.""Zuko, Azula is looking for someone to blame for the choices her father made. People always look for someone to blame for actions that the perpetrator decided for themselves.Ozai made choices that had severe consequences. Again it's solely his own fault for his banishment. As for Azula's mother, Shula? I do regret she died, though I will not lie to you.Shula's mental health took quite a beating from Prince Ozai. I also feel his ill-treatment of her also placed her life more in danger.""So you're sure it's not my fault?""No, Zuko, it's not your fault. Never let yourself believe it is. Now let's finish our game so we can go have our picnic." As Azulon and Zuko played their game Ilah and Aelia were talking amongst themselves. "Please, tell me, what has my granddaughter been up to?""As far as I can tell, Ilah, all Azula cares about is becoming a master firebender. She cares not for relationships or having fun. She simply has a one-track mind. It's disturbing witnessing these behaviors."Ilah twisted her skirt in her hands. "Ozai, even from a young age, didn't care for family or anything that didn't have to do with power. There must be a way to get Azula not to follow the same path.""Maybe some tough love could help? I know she's only three, but we've to discipline her and do our best to help her. We've to teach her right from wrong. It's all we can do."The picnic was quite pleasurable with good food. Azulon and Ilah entertained their grandchildren with stories of their youth. Zuko enjoyed hearing all the stories. However, Azula just simmered with anger. This wasn't her idea of fun. So her devious mind started to think about how to make things her definition of fun. The first thing she did was burn some of the blossoms around the beach house.When Zuko informed the adults of this action, Azula burnt his bottom, making the adults incredibly angry. Nanny Aelia forced the young princess back to her room for the rest of the day. Even under the watchful eye of her nanny Azula continued with her shitty conduct. She managed to slip into Zuko's bedroom and cut up his clothes and bedsheets to say vulgar words about him.This action got her into more trouble as she wasn't allowed supper that night. Not that she seemed to care. The next morning Azulon and Ilah took the children to the beach, and she tried to drown Zuko. Again she was sent back to the beach house as punishment. She didn't even care again. She was denied food as punishment for this action. She further didn't care when her grandparents took Zuko to see the play.Instead, Azula escaped from her room and went about the island 'practicing' her firebending. When in reality, she was bullying and torturing other children. Even some more then twice her age. This behavior further disgusted her grandparents and nanny. It was like this the whole week. Azula seemed to be enjoying ruining everyone's vacation as that seemed to be what she found fun. Ruining other people's lives.When they returned to the capital from the disastrous vacation, Azula was the only one happy. Having achieved her goal of ruining the vacation. Again no one knew how to deal with such a cursed child. The future was more uncertain with Azula. And no one had any idea what would happen next.
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