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sisters by The-Lady-Nikki sisters :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 gaia avi art by The-Lady-Nikki gaia avi art :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 Gaia Couple by The-Lady-Nikki Gaia Couple :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 Leader of sorrows by The-Lady-Nikki Leader of sorrows :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 Zandra hand drawn by The-Lady-Nikki Zandra hand drawn :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 Neko me by The-Lady-Nikki Neko me :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 1 0 Twin moons, Zandra by The-Lady-Nikki Twin moons, Zandra :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 2 0 Deviant I.D. by The-Lady-Nikki Deviant I.D. :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 2 desktop screenshot by The-Lady-Nikki desktop screenshot :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 3 dangel cat girl by The-Lady-Nikki dangel cat girl :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 2 0 Zandra by The-Lady-Nikki Zandra :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 1 fairy by The-Lady-Nikki fairy :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 death note chibis by The-Lady-Nikki death note chibis :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 1 0 bunny girl by The-Lady-Nikki bunny girl :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 washi wu alex desu by The-Lady-Nikki washi wu alex desu :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0 skull butterfly by The-Lady-Nikki skull butterfly :iconthe-lady-nikki:The-Lady-Nikki 0 0


OoOohhhh bright flashing light by XxThe-ZandraxX OoOohhhh bright flashing light :iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 2 0
Lingering in the dark corners of my mind,
Searching for that I cannot find,
With all these feelings of going blind.
Disaster and despair,
All the things i fear,
And all that I cannot bear.
Searching for the light,
Afraid I might start a fight,
Can some one save me tonight?
In this dark depressing rain,
I'm struggling to stay sane,
I think I have forgotten my true name...
Where is my motivation,
To be searching for salvation,
and leave this formation?
Is it you that inspires,
Will you grant all my desires,
or will you let my heart burn in all it's fires?
Tell me will you...
Be there through and through,
Or will I just not do?
:iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 1 0
Kiss me dear
Kiss me dear,
No matter what.
Kiss me dear,
Don't say"but."
Kiss me dear,
You know I care.
Kiss me dear,
My time grows near.
Kiss me dear,
Before I leave,
Kiss me dear,
for eternity.
:iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 3 4
My mental haven disturbed,
and this is where sadness occurs.
Lost my mental immortality,
to this sick reality.
Can't find the words to say,
they all just seem to blow away.
Sick of this lie,
sick of this life.
I wish I could trade it all away,
Something new just for a day.
Next time I don't want to be weired,
don't want to be feared.
Give me a chance please,
don't just tease.
Just one chance,
Just for a little romance.
:iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 2 0
Rainbow heart by XxThe-ZandraxX Rainbow heart :iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 5 4 Fairy by XxThe-ZandraxX Fairy :iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 3 1 The X Variable by XxThe-ZandraxX The X Variable :iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 1 0
Am i dreaming?
Lost in a dream i can't wake up from,
Or do i just fear for it to be done?
But why should I?
After all i like watching the world go by.
Though there is one thing i would regret;
In reality there are to many people i wish i haven't met.
For i like the quite peaceful times of you and I,
No irritating interruptions of other s going by.
And there is no terror or no fear here,
though if there was you would make it disappear.
But then again this is all a dream
Or maybe its just the end of my sanity and its pathetic gleam.
:iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 2 0
A beating heart,
Alone in the dark,
Counting shadows and fears,
Fighting the screams and tears,
Till I awaken at dawn,
With a single yawn,
"Just a dream" i sigh,
While the time ticks by,
Eyes grow heavy,
Though your not ready,
Nightmares take control,
Just want to hide like a mole,
Why is there no peace in sleep?
Why am I falling down so deep?
Spiral, spiral, spiraling away,
Will I awaken the next day?
:iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 3 0
Tales of the heart
WHY are YOU so SAD?
After all  YOU are LOVE?
SO shouldn't you feel LIGHT as a DOVE?
Then again how could YOU CARE for ONE?
After half the things YOU have DONE.
TRYING to be DIFFERENT when there's NO NEED,
Not even when your TRYING to PLEASE.
Your PERFECT the way YOU ARE,
I've met NO ONE like YOU so FAR,
Not even in ME,
Though you know I COULD NEVER HURT YOU,
No matter the things YOU DO,
I LOVE YOU now dosen't that have a nice ring.
:iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 3 0
Kiss a flower by XxThe-ZandraxX Kiss a flower :iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 2 1 Flower for you by XxThe-ZandraxX Flower for you :iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 2 0 Zandra short hair by XxThe-ZandraxX Zandra short hair :iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 2 1
Star Lit Wait
To wait and watch stars go by,
For a time I can be with thy,
You're the one that is in my heart,
Though we may be far apart,
Your face looms within my dreams,
A light of comfort with shallow beams,
Then awakening in an unwanted place,
Unable to see your beautiful face,
Incapable of being in your grace,
Unable to feel your sweet embrace,
Spending the days replaying preoucious memories,
Try to find a cure with love sick remidies,
Paitince is the key,
By why does that have to be,
Its hard to be away,
Harder to awaken each day,
But you are worth it,
Even if you wont admit.
-Zandra Owens (c)
June 25, 2009
:iconxxthe-zandraxx:XxThe-ZandraxX 2 0
Tifa Lockheart by kenken-abu Tifa Lockheart :iconkenken-abu:kenken-abu 592 111 Angel Dude by gothicinferno Angel Dude :icongothicinferno:gothicinferno 4 3



United States
As a heads up I'm gonna be switching DA acounts pretty soon, I'll update my journal for the last time when i do though!
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