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For any current or new students interested!

I will be attending TKS this coming fall. In order to bring myself closer to the school, I will be moving to Dover, NJ or an area near Dover. I am currently looking for roommates to split an apartment with for a move to happen in June. Any that are interested please send me a note! Thank you for your time.  
Jesse, welcome to The Kubert School!  Just as a suggestion, if you give the Admissions Office a call (1.973.361.1327), they may be able to assist you with housing options and/or a roommate.  :)
Hello! So I was enrolled for next year and I just wanted to know what was included in the freshman year art kit?
Welcome to The Kubert School!  We're sorry we didn't see your message earlier.  The best way to get that information is to give the Admissions Office a call at 1.973.361.1327.  They'll be able to give you all the details!  :)
Hope you can support and share it with friends!…
Finally finished the first assignment of the Penciling correspondence course. 

I'm thinking of taking a Saturday Life Drawing class at the school when my Drawing 2 class that I'm taking in Ocean Grove ends in January. Will there be one open around then and how many weeks will it be?

On what level is the Horror class on? Also is mind control considered part of the Horror genre as my two favorite horror movies; A Clockwork Orange and Cabinet Of Dr. Calagari both deal heavily in this subject.

Thanks so much :D
Hi!  That's great you finished your first Penciling assignment!  We look forward to receiving it!  :)

As far as our Saturday Life Drawing class is concerned, we offer this class year-round on a monthly basis.  This is a terrific class which is taught by instructors from our school who are also professional cartoonists.  We think you'll enjoy it!  :)  January has 5 Saturdays, so the class will be held for 5 weeks.  Here's more info and/or to register on-line through our website:…

In regard to our Horror Correspondence Course, this is a wonderful course, too -- especially if it's your favorite subject!  :)  All our courses (including Horror) start off with the basics and are great for all skill levels, starting from newbies to students with more drawing experience.

If you have any other questions, you can message us here -- or, if you like, you can email us directly at .  We hope you have a great holiday!