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Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first dA group dedicated to the Japanese band Kra!
Still working out the bugs, but feel free to join and/or watch!

- mastermiiind

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Gallery Folders

Kousuke (Send me a Character #16) by LevittraHazard
MORE KEIKO by NappyNapkin
voices of awakening by ariadnamendel
KEI-KO! by LevittraHazard
Traditional art
Keiyuu from Kra by Rakkasei
Dark Keiyuu by Keinomaiyuu
Yasuno and Yuura by Rakkasei
Don't be angry my little angel by Rakkasei
Digital art
Schwarz wald by ariadnamendel
Keiyuu Yaon 2010 by ariadnamendel
White cat (?), black cat by ariadnamendel
boko desu yo by Keinomaiyuu
support Keiyuu by elany27
What Do? by MiMiKSiX

Random from Featured

Perfect Escape 5
On the other side of the tower, Keiyuu was becoming more and more at ease with the place.
'I could get used to this' he thought as he ran his hand over the luxurious plush floor pillows. True, he had not seen any other human person for at least a day, but it was, at least, giving him a chance to unwind. 'hmmm...' he thought to himself, grabbing for the bag at his side. His PSP was stashed right in the left pocket of the messenger bag flap. He grabbed for it and switched it on, ready to go back into his world of Monster Hunting...or so he thought.
"DAMMIT! I forgot to charge it again!!!!" screamed the vocalist. Part of him wanted to throw the PSP on the ground, but he held back, thinking maybe, just maybe...
"Guardian....thing? Are you here in the room still?"
'Yes, Keiyuu-sama..'
"...I don't suppose that you know where there's an outlet to charge my PSP, do you..?"
'......what is an 'outlet' ,Keiyuu-sama..?'
:iconkeinomaiyuu:Keinomaiyuu 0 0
Perfect Escape 6
"Monster Hunter... it's like...uh.. a game hunt monsters in." Keiyuu said bluntly to the Guardian.
'Ahh...then it is a quest that needs fulfilling?' the unseen mask asked of the vocalist.
"Something like that. I...really really love that game." Keiyuu said, putting down his pretty much worthless PSP. "If there was any way that I could play something like that, I'd be extremely grateful."
'To play that 'game' you said? I believe I can make that happen, Keiyuu-sama.'
Yura darted around the corridors of the hall still trying to find the missing-in-action vocalist.
"Is he this way?"
'Keiyuu-sama alang room ngarak ahn.' the mask answered, quite a bit ahead of the extremely confused bassist.
"Wait..Room? You said Room!!!" Yura joyfully cried out. It seemed that Keiyuu was quite close to where he was standing.
"...huh? What was that, Guardian--san..?" Yura asked suddenly, already knowing the an
:iconkeinomaiyuu:Keinomaiyuu 0 0
Perfect Escape 7
When the guitarist awoke, he found himself in a field, laying on what looked to be a tarp of some kind.
"What happened...? and....where am I...?" Maiccho asked of the thin air. A chilly breeze ruffled his blond hair as he gazed about his surroundings. Flowers as far as his eyes could see; Tiger lilies, from what his nose told him. In the distance, the form of a building was shrouded in a hazy fog....
"Guardian-sama, what were you speaking of a couple of days ago..?" Keiyuu finally asked of his respective Guardian. Since Yura had figured out that he couldn't understand the mask-being unless Keiyuu was close,it had resulted in the bassist being under his feet all the time. The vocalist didn't mind company, but at some point, he was going to end up snapping for not being allowed some time by himself... Not to mention Yura's PSP had ran out of juice about an hour before, and the tiny vocalist was starting to get bored of the four walls....
"Never mind that. Is it possible that we
:iconkeinomaiyuu:Keinomaiyuu 0 0
Perfect Escape 8
"...The... moon, Keiyuu...?" Maiccho asked. Not only was the vocalist making absolutely no sense to the guitarist.. His eyesight and common sense seemed to be shot too.
"Yes, the moon..." Keiyuu said again, with less enthusiasm as the first time. The shorter man didn't really know where he was, but the logical explanation for seeing the planet Earth in the sky would have to be that they were on the moon.
"Ne," said Yura, "Look over there!" He exclaimed, pointing to a rather tall structure that he and Keiyuu hadn't noticed before.
Keiyuu turned around to face the direction Yura pointed. "...Another palace??" he blinked in astonishment.
In the distance was a medieval-looking palace, just about the same as the one they had been residing in the past few days. There was one difference though...
It was larger. Much larger.
"Let's go explore it!" Keiyuu exclaimed in a cheerful tone.
"Really...? You just want to go off and explore some unknown place..?" Mai stated as he rolled his eyes at the
:iconkeinomaiyuu:Keinomaiyuu 0 0
Perfect Escape 9
"WHOA! This place is amazing!" Yuura spoke slowly giving emphasis to his words as he gazed about the forest before the three men. Mai merely looked about the other two, confusedly. "If we're all here.. Where's Yasu?" Keiyuu and Yuura looked at each other and shrugged. "Haven't seen him since the live." they seemed to speak in uncanny unison. Then he noticed something odd; All three of the masks had disappeared!
"Where did those...?" the guitarist started to say as he pointed to the empty air once containing the three floating masks. Yuura (of course...) opened his mouth without thinking.
"Bathroom break...?" The words had barely escaped his mouth when he felt a smaller hand smack him out of no where in the back of the head. "Idiot! They're Guardian Mask.. things... They can't use the bathroom..!" Keiyuu spat out, glaring up at Yuura; The fact that he was without his precious PSP was setting in a bit more. He needed something to amuse him, and fast!
"So where does this path lead...?" as
:iconkeinomaiyuu:Keinomaiyuu 0 0
K R A by abusedmember K R A :iconabusedmember:abusedmember 20 41 support Keiyuu by elany27 support Keiyuu :iconelany27:elany27 5 19 Keiyuu by H-ipe Keiyuu :iconh-ipe:H-ipe 27 35 Kra Bear 2010 wallpaper by suki-ai Kra Bear 2010 wallpaper :iconsuki-ai:suki-ai 1 3 Chibi Keiyuu by Unfulfilled-Dreams Chibi Keiyuu :iconunfulfilled-dreams:Unfulfilled-Dreams 0 0 Miyavi_X_Keiyuu by mogumogumogu Miyavi_X_Keiyuu :iconmogumogumogu:mogumogumogu 34 13 What Do? by MiMiKSiX What Do? :iconmimiksix:MiMiKSiX 0 2 Maicho :3 by NappyNapkin Maicho :3 :iconnappynapkin:NappyNapkin 1 13 FUCK YEAH by LevittraHazard FUCK YEAH :iconlevittrahazard:LevittraHazard 0 0
Dear Krakkos! It's been a long time since anything happened here in this group and I'm a bit sad about that...BUT! I'm going to announce a graphic contest thing for you Krakkos!

Theme is: DRAW KEIKO!!
Now, you might wonder who is Keiko?? To make it short, she is the female version of Keiyu!
The original idea is from LevittraHazard:iconlevittrahazard:
And this is how Keiko looks like: KEI-KO! by LevittraHazard

We need your art for the "booklet" of Keiko's new album! Yes! She already has an album! Go here to have a look at the track list and to listen to the preview~…

Keiko also has a twitter!…

Click here for more information!…

If you have any questions you can ask LevittraHazard

I'm hoping to see many entries! Have fun and Keep wavin' the flag of Kraizm~!

Keiko © LevittraHazard
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