The Knights of Harmony's 4th Art Contest

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The Contest Is Now OVER!
If you didn't manage to get your entry in on time,
i'm sorry and wish you luck.

1st: 800 :points:
2nd: 400 :points:
3rd: 200 :points:
4th: 100 :points:
5th: 50 :points:
6th+: 25 :points:
I'm offering commissions to 1st 2nd and/or 3rd if they want one instead.
The one to be drawn,
Name: Icesplatter
Rank: Captain
Branch: Solar Laughter, Ranked Knights
Icesplatter by PrincePun
Icesplatter's Cutiemark by MisterAibo

She's courageous, yet with a sense of humor.
She would like to spice things up a bit with a little bit of laughter,
but knows where to cut it out when things get tough.
She's also an inspiring pony,
knowing exactly how to inspire her troops for battle,
and to help them mourn over losses.
She's very outgoing and loves to absolutely take to the sky,
typically relaxing in a cloud however.
nothing dirty, nasty, or gross.
Combat is fine, she is a knight after-all.

To enter,
leave a comment saying you want to enter,
with a link to a journal advertising the contest.
What to do,
Draw a picture of Icesplatter in a scene,
fitting for the Solar Captain of the Knights of Laughter.
Pleased to Meet You by mortalshinobi
Inspiring the troops by cayfie
Knights of Harmony Competition Entry- Icesplatter by KittySplasher
Icesplatter Discovers a New Weapon by SyforceWindlight
Beauty In The Face of War by SilentWulv
Icesplatter Captain Pony by Kna
'He is out on another adventure now' by HowlForLife
Contest Entry by ThatLovelyArtNerd
Hey up there! by Rettro
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I edited my drawing a bit with hedges and some changes to the armour! It will look different to how it look on this page now.