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KoH, 13th Art Contest, Winners
Nothing dirty, nasty, or gross.
Combat is fine.
To enter,
leave a comment saying you want to enter,
with a link to a journal by you, advertising the contest.
Anyone can enter the contest,
except those offering prize art, and the OCs owner.
Art commission by,
:iconthe1king: or :iconheretobequeer: or :iconflowerplushfox:
1st place gets to choose first,
2nd place chooses 2nd,
3rd place chooses 3rd.
The one to be drawn is...
Name: Mourning Star
Species: Awaken Ryuma (Originally an Avae/Night Pegasus)
Class: Assassin
Rank: B
Faction: Aveanan (Old Ponish for Nightfall)
Goal: To succeed where her ancestors failed, to usurp power from Equestria's Royalty and return power to the Avae (Nights) who once called the land now known as Equestria "home".
Ref Picture:
Mourning Star by The1King
Description: Mourning Star is a Night Supremacist to the extreme. She believes her herd (known by Equestrians as "Nights" but their true name is "Avae") are the true, rightful rulers of Equestria as their ancestors were the natives of the land (mostly in the Everfree) before the Unicorn, Pegasus and Earth Pony Kingdoms came along and colonized it. Whether through determination or insanity, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. She leads a small band of anarchists/terrorists known as Avaenan (named after the founder and matriarch of their herd in ancient times) who fund criminals who specifically target Equestrians, leading monsters to attack villages and clashing with Azure Night's group the Mares Marginis. Though she and Azure are cousins, and despite the rest of her group being Avae defectors, she insists that the very fact Azure works for the Equestria Royal Guard is proof he is the true traitor and must be eliminated. Doesn't help either that Azure did try to stop her back during their Rite and stabbed her through the chest (she often remarks that her scar aches when she sees him).

Mourning Star has a silver tongue and is very good at convincing others to join her cause. Originally she was no different than any Pegasus (though of the Avae variety thus having a clawed thumb on the wings) but her experiences during her Rite of Passage unlocked some of the dormant Ryuma Genes that reside in all Avae, causing her to grow a powerful, prehensile, draconic tail. She is a skilled martial artist and enjoys using her wing blades as she speeds along and slices through hordes of enemies. As she has Ryuma blood she has heightened speed, reflexes, strength, senses and a slight healing factor (healing 50% faster than normal),  but after becoming "awoken" these have increased. Unfortunately for her, her pride and arrogance (coupled with her madness) lead to her over-estimating herself and under-estimating her opponents which has lead to her failing more times than she's succeeded. Though she can manipulate others, she's not exactly a brilliant tactician. She is great at luring others into traps, but she's highly prone to falling into traps herself and not knowing how to react when a plan fails. Despite this, or maybe because of this, she is all the more dangerous as she will lash out violently at the bat of an eye. Utmost caution is required when facing her. She will under-estimate you, but don't you under-estimate her. Trick her into falling into a trap or cause her to be blinded by rage and look for an opening are your best options.
What to do?
Draw Mourning Star in a scene fitting to her.
If you want ideas on what to draw, ask her owner, :iconthe1king:.
Mourning and Night by jamestkelley
Stains upon this world [KoH 13] by Cocopet2
Mourning Star pony on my second style by DragonPinkiePie
[Koh Contest] - Mourning Star by SyforceWindlight
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Knights of Harmony Shield and Arms II Colors by Fyre-Medi
:iconlanceorsaluteplz:<{Welcome to The Knights of Harmony.}

Submission rules.

Any NSFW is never allowed.

Anything that can be considered,
skimpy, naughty, sensual, bloody, or gory,
will more then likely not be allowed.

All submissions will be inspected by the General.



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The Knights of Harmony,
are a special task force founded by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna,
to help locate the elements of Harmony so they can defeat Discord 2000 years ago.
Today they safeguard the Elements,
protect the 6 chosen by them, the Princesses and all of Equestria.
Founded 10 Years ago
Jan 6, 2012


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G3n3r4lDur4nd4l Featured By Owner May 24, 2020
Here is a blast from the past.
Radioactive PMV Nightmare Moon vs Harmony Sun…
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2019
KoH, 13th Art Contest, Vote

Voting ends tomorrow at 9pm PST.
Get your votes in before then.
DragonPinkiePie Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  Student Digital Artist
one question
What kind of ponies we will paint?
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2019
If you want to, you can go through the gallery and draw whoever you want in a picture.
comicfam Featured By Owner May 20, 2019
comicfam Featured By Owner May 18, 2019
Summer is coming?
DragonPinkiePie Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I will :)
Shizzli Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group open to new members?
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2019

It's not very active now-a-days though.

I run art contests every once in a while.
There is one about to start, 2nd villain contest,
if you have a villain post your info for them in the OC entry page.
Shizzli Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd be happy to make a villain! They can be a lot of fun! I'll read up on how to make one on the site and let you know if I have any more questions!
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2019
OC entry ends soon.
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2019
Thinking about the next art contest.

For prizes, we can do points,
800 for 1st, 
400 for 2nd, 
200 for 3rd, 
100 for 4th, 
50 for 5th,
25 for 6th,
10 for everyone else.

Or, perhaps art commissions by someone willing to draw art prizes for the winners.
If anyone is willing to draw art Prizes for the winners please leave a comment.

If anyone would want to draw in a Knights of Harmony MLP FIM art contest,(My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)
please leave a comment.
The1King Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll offer similar prizes to what I did last time if that's alright. 

Unimpressed Lanceor *Commission* by The1King     Full shaded portrait for first place

  Thunderous Fox *Reward* by The1King  Flat color portrait for second

A Little Joy *prize* by The1King   Sketch portrait for third.  


GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
Sounds good.
Tough you'll likely only be drawing 1st, 2nd, or both.
I think the winners of the contest will get to choose who draws their commission.
So, if the 1st place winner chooses you to draw for them, then full shaded/color portrait.
If 1st place winner chooses someone else, then 2nd place winner chooses you, then you draw the 2nd prize ect
The1King Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sounds good
There is currently a picture being submitted into the gallery waiting for votes.
It only needs two more votes.
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EQ7-2521 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this one of those games where you have two nearly identical pictures side by side one another and you have to find all the subtle, well hidden differences between the two?
Tess-a-Doodle Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you take a sweetie belle and button mash picture?
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