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The Break-up



The tears that rusted and oxidized my cold metallic skin weren't shed for the pain of losing my longtime lover. I could have her back in a nanosecond with just a subtle whir of my metallic heart whispering a siren song she could not resist. No, I wept because she had taken with her a suitcase filled with my most prized possessions; my nineteen seventy-five era gym socks, my collection of multi-colored pocket lint, and my one and only poly-bagged mint copy of Superman issue #75. I stood frozen in indecision. One word could bring her back into my hydraulic arms and yet one well placed blow on the top of her head-bowl could ensure this would never happen again. Either way, I'd get my stuff back. Decisions, decisions...

Artwork featured in this month's (September 2009) Corel® Painter Magazine as a tutorial showing how to use Painter's Liquid Inks.
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So weird, but captivating and hilarious!