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The Arcadian Elite

The four current guardians of Neo Arcadia: Fefnir, Leviathan, X, and Harpuia.

If you havent guessed already, yes, I was planning a tribute comic dedicated to the Megaman/Rockman Zero series.

Now, about the pic, and any inconsistencies with the MMZ universe:

I like how it turned out, especially the apparently watery consistency on Lev's hair. Fefnir's gun is no longer a separate weapon, but built directly into his arm, while X's now has gold attachments, for god knows what reason (maybe he wants to look FABulous). And, no, Phantom isn't pictured here... Because hes dead... Get over it.
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im not familiar with the series your referencing so im sorry if this critique falls short due to lack of experience. i honestly dislike the coloring im sorry to say but as im also unfamiliar with digital coloring techniques i fall short of real advice again. i wish the background were clearer, maybe the coloring could be a little softer unto itself. sorry if this provides no help : (
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Great picture, I cant find anything that I would change on it
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cool, i like the chixxx0r and her pose. the style is very unique too