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Korra + Asami = Korsami

Mako, stuck in a love triangle between Korra and Asami, what's he to do?

Well I solved part of his problem, the double dating bit anyway

I regret nothingggggggggg!
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They where watching Dragon Ball and tried fusing like Goku and Vegeta
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So close and yet so far lol
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Interesting idea, it'd be an interesting crossover of series if you considered Ang and Korra, and since they're different versions of the same person.
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Hmm! Interesting idea
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:D I called it!

Nice avatar BTW, gotta love Mirage
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Thank you very much!
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I would love to... no, want to... no, NEED TO see more of this! At least another! Maybe we can do a request exchange?
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well ... this is really interesting and cool both of my fave characters fo LOK together ... nice ! 
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Thanks! I guess I predicted the whole Korra+Asami thing after all
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Well, I've officially seen everything.
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dA is a silly place

never go there
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I like that Asami took on Korra's complexion ^_^
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I was on the fence for a while about that problem but I liked the darker tone when I tried it so that's what I finished with
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You said part of what I was going to say in your Artist's notes.  I'm not sure Korra and Asami would like it though.
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After what happened in the end maybe they would :D
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You know what someone should really write a literature on this picture of how they got conjoined... That would be a very interesting story.
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That would be cool, I'd read it
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Wow this is probably one of the best arts I've seen yet!!!! Although as the recent posts have stated, I do believe you need to add more Asami in... There's too much Korra.  I understand that you tried to mash their clothings together and you've done a great job, but I think you need to add a little more of Asami's clothing on the top as well... Maybe you should make another deviation close to this?!?
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I may try again yes
At least now the love triangle with Mako won't be a problem anymore.
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I think it may complicate things a lot further haha
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