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Winter’s grip
Has gone away.
Resting lands
Now blooming lay.
Spirit free
From fingers cold.
A Warming sun
New life unfold.
Swaying strings
begin to sing.
A gentle breeze
announce the spring.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 1
A single breath with open eyes.
Another night in a dark embrace.
Jaded mind and broken skies.
Swallow hard with eyes clenched tight.
Enclosed and feeling small,
to the greatness of you.
A silent night of clouded stars.
Deep in darkness and vision blinded.
Dear sister of the night come lead the way.
Weary heart leaps for hopes of rest,
of dreams of sweet serenity,
till the morning comes.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 0
State Of Mind
I marked another date
In the calendar today.
For every day I'm losing
My lonely heart to you.
You have rescued me
From my so-called reality.
Even in silence
I'm trying to move you.
This tender affection
Just won't let me go.
The only thing I can do
Is to give it all up to you.
I am somewhat lost
In this state of mind.
Trapped by my emotions.
Not trying to get free.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 0
Sing Me A Lullaby
Sing me a lullaby.
Deliver me from doubt.
Close my eyes
And set me free.
Hold me throughout the night.
Keep the dreams at bay.
A soothing darkness.
Leaving me in ease.
Let me wake up
Within your arms.
Without regretting
The choices I made.
Sing me a lullaby.
Leave my heart at rest.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 1 5
The Turmoil Within
Suddenly I’m numb
My voice can’t carry
What echoes within me
A moment’s peace
And my heartbeat
Breaks the silence
It’s haunting my mind
Leaving a void
When I’m not beside you
I’m flipping a coin
For this lingering love;
Still undecided.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 1 3
-LH- Interstellar Sunrise by the-joker -LH- Interstellar Sunrise :iconthe-joker:the-joker 1 2 -Loophole- Asylum by the-joker -Loophole- Asylum :iconthe-joker:the-joker 4 7 -Loophole- Pandemonium by the-joker -Loophole- Pandemonium :iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 4
Until now
It started not long ago but it seems like ages back.
When I first saw the sun go up and I was forever blind.
Until now I thought I was wrong.
But this shaking world can't convince me otherwise.
I will always be here for you.
I have been buried in the ground for too long.
Unsure of if I should move.
Until now I stood still when stuff got started.
Now its time to go along.
Can't feel anything but this.
I am playing cards with my future and my dreams.
It's still to see if I have a winning hand.
Until now I have been alone.
Before I make the final move I will be in doubt.
Now it's time to lay the last card.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 5
I think Im falling
Once again I find myself thinking about you.
Can't shake it off my shoulders.
You name is in every song, every time.
I am turning inside out, showing a bit too much.
I think I'm falling.
No matter what I give,
It feels like I'm the only one gaining.
I try so hard to be around,
But it is you that holds me up.
I think I'm falling.
I am closing in,
On the words I want to tell.
But they still evade me,
And you are slipping away.
I think I'm falling.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 2
Do you mind
Do you mind me asking,
Who you are.
You been around for as long,
As I can remember.
I thought I knew you,
But I was wrong.
Do you mind?
Do you mind me going,
Away for some time.
I need to find a shelter,
Too come through the rain.
Need the build it up,
Before you rip it apart.
Do you mind?
Do you ever move outside the box,
That keeps you alive.
If not how do you know,
That you are even living.
Do you mind?
That was then, when we all where friends.
The past is gone and it has been tomorrow ever since.
Do you mind?
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 1 6
You stand on your side,
Of the lines we drew.
We decide it was the way,
We should do.
Both felt the same,
But lacked the courage.
All emotions put aside,
Trapped by our minds.
Burning inside but getting the cold.
We are sick of emotions.
We are walking alone.
Sharing a love that never would hold.
We never paid attention,
Our moment passed us by.
We tried to stay awake,
Too hide away from hopeless dreams.
And I am waiting,
For the world to turn.
So I once more,
can see you dance in the sun.
Burning inside but getting the cold.
We are sick of emotions.
We are walking alone.
Sharing a love that never would hold.
That never would hold.
That never would hold.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 5
VectorMaskRevised by the-joker VectorMaskRevised :iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 3 TheJokerID by the-joker TheJokerID :iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 5
We are hidden behind our ways.
Afraid of loosing those things that change.
Hold on while I keep you safe.
We are forever lost in our smiles,
that covers up those endless tears.
Keep on singing dear.
What have we done?
What should we do?
I'm going round in circles.
I'm walking after you.
We blame our errors and hate them now.
For all they caused and braked apart.
Let's forget them from now on.
Only that which shines is true.
I hold you up towards the sky.
For me you will be the light.
What have we done?
What should we do?
I'm going in circles.
I'm walking after you.
What have we done?
What should we do?
I'm going in circles.
I'm walking after you.
I always will,
Follow you.
I will.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 3
Youre gone
I have never been sorry,
For my wrongs and mistakes.
Forgotten, done over.
I am here now forever.
Let me be guided,
By your words, love and sorrow.
Lend me a hand.
I'll hold you together.
Sunlight wakes me,
Brighter then ever.
I'm fighting the world,
For leaving you alone.
You're gone.
You're gone.
You're gone.
I see you from a distance,
Hidden in a storm.
Too strong to let me brake it.
You shudder in the cold.
You're gone.
You're gone.
You're gone.
I am screaming now forever,
For you and all that is.
But I surely have to wait,
Until the storm has gone.
You're gone.
:iconthe-joker:the-joker 0 3

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Well...its bloody well on time. Inspiration has come back and I am writing again and soon enough I'll be back in the loop with my art as I aim to design a tattoo for myself (and some other stuff).

The quality of the stuff might not be the highest as I am quite rusty but I am making an attempt.

Glad to be back.


Christoffer Karlsson


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Thanatophilia Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful poems, I must watch to further fathom. ♥
versifier Featured By Owner May 17, 2008
where've you been old friend !
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Christoase! :wow: you've been here from 2001!
Ugil Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
I was after that name =p

Nice gallery ;)
princessztar Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2007
I think it'd be easier if you didn't pressure yourself so much about having writes block... I hear its good... in my opinion... you usuallly should only do things that you feel the itch to do... I hope your still enjoying the joker chibi I did for you. Have fun.
Just going around on my devart and stopping by old friends to say hi and that its been a while.
the-joker Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2007
I know that and its how I am dealing with it. Have pieces comming together over time but its going slow but rather feel that I am progressing with time then standing still. I'll get back to things eventually and till then I'll just enjoy life.

I do remember that one. It was a LONG time ago. Brings back memories of good time. Kind of kiss DA but been away for it for such a long time. Thats one of the reasons this reply is so so delayed.

So hi back and hope I see you around really. Miss the good old da-friends.
princessztar Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2007
mmellqvist Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006   Photographer
Totte din räka! Hur är läget? Är du ute i vida världen nu?
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hello there !!
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umm...did this account just die?
or are you now a "Commenter" instead, i.e. not active, just commenting?
anyway, just passed to say hi...
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