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The JENOVA Project

The JENOVA Project, named after the series of experiments in FFVII that were centered around the creature called JENOVA, is a place for fans to meet, share their artwork, and participate in contests and other group activities. If you're a fan of JENOVA or any of the members or experiments of The JENOVA Project, then this is the group for you!

The reunion begins here.



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Cloud x Yazoo Dinghy Contest by AurelGweillys
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Fan Fiction
The Chosen One~Part VI (Sephiroth x Reader)FamilyThe third day of your stay in Shinra Mansion began with a heartwarming sunshine, making up your mood greatly. Standing up from your bed, you looked at your phone to check the time: 7:30.'Wow, it's quite early... Anyway, that will give me more time during the day!'You remembered your promise to Cloud to find a way to cure him, so since you had plenty of time, you started your quest for his sword. The first room you looked at was the basement. Absolutely nowhere there. You found it rational, as, in case Cloud got up, it would give him a way to fight and escape – theoretically always. Then, you went at the Remnants' room; Not there as well, but you couldn't say for sure. The three of them were still sleeping, so you couldn't search properly without making any noise. While you were at the room, you gave a look at each of them. Kadaj was sleeping deeply, half covered-half not, with one leg down off the bed and his hands beside his head, while snoring very little. You found his pose quite funny, but you only laughed internally. Yazoo was sleeping soundly, almost as if he had died, face-down, with his right hand hanging beside the mattress. Lastly, Loz was sleeping in the fetus stance, snoring heavily. 'I was always wondering how they behaved at their everyday actions... Actually, I was wondering generally how they behaved the times we didn't see in Advent Children...'You decided you couldn't continue your search without their help. It was 8:13, so you thought it wouldn't hurt them to wake up. Besides, the room reeked of still air and boys; some cleaning was more than necessary!“Good morning sleepyheads! It's about time to wake up!” You said loudly, as you opened the curtains to let the sunlight through.Loz covered his face with the blanket while letting some pouting sounds and Kadaj was so startled than jolted out of his bed and fell to the ground. Yazoo on the other hand didn't understand a thing.“Oh, shut up....” Kadaj protested. “Why did you wake me up?” he asked as he got up.“Because, I have some work to do and I need you.” you answered.Suddenly you hear a gunshot, and a bullet pass just beside you, which of course scared the hell out of you!!!“AAAAHHH!!” you screamed and fell at the opposite side of the bullet.“Could you be fucking quiet? I'm trying to sleep.” Yazoo's voice was heard loud and clear, in the calm tone of a psychopath, while his left hand was in the air with Velvet Nightmare pointing at you, even when you fell. He didn't even bother to move the rest of his body, he didn't even open his eyes.You were quite shocked to let words leave your mouth. Your heat was pounding like a rabbit's. You tried very hard to find your composure. After some secs, you spitted something: “I-I-I'm s-sorry Yazoo....I-I didn't know you'd get this mad....”“What the fuck are you doing Yazoo?!” Kadaj shouted at him, and fall upon him on the bed.“Get...of!” Yazoo responded as they started fighting like kids. Okay, okay, teenager boys, to be more precise.“Have you even thought what our big brother would say if you hurt her?!” The younger of the Remnants scolded his brother.“I knew I wouldn't! I deliberately shoot beside her!”“Uh-oh... How can I stop them now?...” you soliloquized.You thought for some moments and then you found a way.“Loz, separate them!” you said at him and he, even though a little confused, he did what you say, as if he had the obligation to listen to you.Loz caught his brothers by the collar and split them.“Loz, what are you doing?!” Kadaj and Yazoo told him with one voice.“_______ told me to separate you!” he explained himself putting his hands on his waist.The previously fighting couple turned abruptly and looked at you.“What?! Should I not care for your wellbeing?! Is it bad that I don't want you to fight?!” you said putting your hands on your waist as well.“Well...that's not bad...” Kadaj admitted while rubbing his nape in embarrassment.“” Yazoo rephrased your words slowly, as if you said something really difficult to understand.“Yeah. You know, it surprises me that you find it so weird for me to care about you. As far as I know, you were watching me for quite some time, so haven't you seen how I feel about you?”“We have but...” Yazoo started explaining “we thought, you'd change your mind after meeting with us in reality.”“I've been tempted many times until now, but I still have my mind. I can't delete the whole truth for some incidents.”Your words seemed to have some effect on them. You saw Kadaj's lips to form a small smile as he gazed down. Yazoo and Loz looked at each other and shrugged. You felt happiness that you managed to convey your feelings to them, and made them understand. You smiled with self-completion and you sighed out of relief.“Now, will you help me with something?”“What is it?” Kadaj asked you.“Do you know where Cloud's sword is?”“Huh? Why should I tell you?!”“I want to cure his wounds. He told me he had a curaga materia on his sword, so I'm searching for it for the past half hour.”“But if we tell you, he will get well and attack us.” Loz said with his childish, deep voice. (I know it sounds a weird combination of adjectives, but, com'on, it's Loz we are talking about!)“No no, that won't happen.” you denied with much confidence. “He won't turn against you, I've talked to him, and everything will be alright.”“I don't know if I should trust you.” Kadaj protested, pointing at you with his finger, in an upset state.“Kadaj, com'on... Do you really thing that I could betray Sephiroth, or you three?” You asked smirking and crossing your hands over your chest.Your question made him think over his opinion, and finally he admitted: “No....”“Then please tell me; where is Cloud's sword?” you asked in a calm tone.He sighed and answered:“....It is outside the door.”His response left you wondering, for what reason would the buster sword be there?“Ok... it there?”“So that, even if he tried to escape, he wouldn't have a weapon. He'd had to get out first, to be able to fight us. But before that, he'd found us in his way, unarmed.”Giving a thought on his answer, you found it pretty logic.“Oh, it makes sense. Good, thank you!” you chirped and got quickly out of the room.In half a minute you were just outside the Mansion. You looked first at your left and then at your right, and then you saw the weapon, leaning against the old wall of the entrance.“Huh, here you are then!” you said your thought out loud.You went to take the green materia and leave, but the temptation was greater. You stretched your hand and reached the hilt of the bustersword. You, a human from earth and reality, had in your hand the ORIGINAL WEAPON of CLOUD STRIFE. It just couldn't get more original! Your inner fangirl was flying in heavens, or 7th Heaven, to be more exact, hihi! You decided to also raise the sword of the ground; failing in a way. Ok, it was lighter than you expected, but its length and width made it hard to hold it vertically, especially with one hand.'Hm, I wonder how the feeling of holding the Masamune is...'You left again the sword down and took the green materia out of its slot. But then you thought, it's dangerous to leave it out here. Someone might take it, and you would never forgive yourself if Cloud's s bustersword went missing. So, after putting the materia in your pocket, you lifted the weapon and carried it inside, leaving it beside the door. After that you were ready to head for the basement.Quickly but carefully not to trip and fall on your way down, and without being interrupted by anyone on your way, you reached Cloud's room. You knocked on the door, and without waiting for permission, you entered.“Hello Cloud!” you greeted cheerfully.“Oh, hello...” He said timidly, in surprise for the visit.“I brought the materia!” You said as you brought it out of your pocket and held it in front of you.“Thanks” he nodded.You hand it to him, and he, the moment he had it in his hand, activated it. Green streams encircled his body and started to focus on the deep wounds. Cloud winced from the feeling of pain the healing caused, but soon enough, his expression was calm again. The streams faded away, and he took a deep breath. Then, he got up, using his elbows as a support, and finally hang his legs down.“Are you fully alright? Can you walk?” you asked concerned.Cloud answered by standing on his feet, and looked back at me.“Very good! Will you be here in 10 minutes, or you plan on going somewhere else in the Mansion?”Your query seemed to confuse him somehow.“Why?” he responded briefly.“Because...I might need you for a walk in the village.”Cloud paused for a moment, and when he was ready, he told you: “I can wait here if you want.”“Perfect! I'll be back in ten minutes!” you shouted as you left running to find Sephiroth.'Now, where might that fella be? Fella? What kind of way is this to refer to him? Hahaha, anyway, my confused mind, any ideas on his whereabouts?'They truth is, given the size of the mansion, it was difficult to find someone. You didn't want to get typical, but you didn't have any other choice than to shout his name...(A.N.: I wonder, am I the only one that feels there's something wrong with saying his name out loud or with no reason? I don't know, I still try to find the words to describe it even for myself. It's a feeling like I'm not allowed to say it, like it's a curse but at the same time like it's the most sacred word that not many have the honor to pronounce... Hm, I think I found it. The right word is awe at all its depth.)“Sephiroth! Where are you? I want to speak to you a little!”You were at the great hall when you shouted this, and you were looking around for him, when you heard some unidentified sounds from the small library, and then he made his appearance on the top of the stairs.“What is it, ________?” his voice filled once more the room.“Oh, here you are! I wanted to ask you something.” you exclaimed happily as you approached the stairs.While he descended the steps, he gave you permission to ask: “Go ahead.”“Can I go for a walk in the village?” you asked physically.Surely, he wasn’t expecting this question. Ha, but this is nothing compared to what's coming at the end!Calm, and internally confused he answered you: “Yes.”“Good. Can I have some gil with me?” you asked again, rubbing your hands happily and smiling.By the end of your sentence, he had reached the end of the stairs and he was standing in front of you. His gaze was trying to see through your thoughts without invading in your mind again.“What do you want to do in the village?” he queried.“Yesterday I looked at the fridge and it had nothing. I ate everything it had, since nobody else ate, and now we need supplies. Also, I want to prepare meal for all of us in the mansion. It will be like a true family reunion!” you answered, deliberately hitting a nerve.Sephiroth's eyes widened for a moment. Bringing back his composure, he responded:“Very well, you can go. You will find some Gil in the mansion safe. It still is wondrous it was left behind...”He seemed settled that your request was rational, everything was kind of normal about it and assumed that was all you had to ask, just to be refuted by your next question.“Perfect. Can I take Cloud with me?”His composure was lost again by that single name.“Cloud?...” the growl at the back of his throat when he pronounced slowly that name was the mark of the irritation that it brought to him. Those scintillating eyes that pierced with ice through you, made you want to lean back or crouch in fear before them. Regardless the terror he spread, you stood tall, and continued nonchalantly to speak:“Yes. I cured him and he can come with me to help me shop. Don't worry, he won’t attack you as long as you don't attack him. I've spoken with him, and I guaranteed his safety with my life, as I do with yours. No more fighting. And also, I'll hide his sword.”“Are you speaking seriously? You helped him yet you claim to love me?” he questioned your loyalty and feelings for him, putting his left hand over his heart and raising the right hand in the air while looming over you.“The facts have no connection.” you said most calmly.You were surprised by how well you could pretend not to be afraid! Your apathetic facade seemed to anger him a bit more.“What are you planning, cunning female?”“Just what I explained: my own kind of family reunion.” you responded with a sincere smile.It seems though that he still didn't like your words, so he continued staring at you.“All I want is to give you and your brothers a happy moment. Will you let me? Plus, you think I'd let anyone sabotage your comeback?” you asked with a sigh.His gaze was running through your face, full of thought. Finally, some moments later, he responded:“I think I will trust you.”His decision made you really happy, and that could be seen through your wide smile.“Thank you so much!” you said happily and you invaded his personal space, by supporting yourself on his shoulder to reach his cheek and give him a peck.You went quickly to the safe, put in the code, which of course you knew by heart from the countless times you've tried to type it on time in the original game, you took a generous amount of gil and then you headed for the basement to inform Cloud of the news.“We have the permission to go to the village! Will you come?” you said as you caught his hand.“Permission?” he queried confused.“Yeah, from the great man of the house. Are you coming or not?”“Huh...Alright. Some fresh air might be good.”The blond hero remained silent until you reached the great hall and he saw his sword. Instinctively he moved closer to it to grab it, but you tried to stop him.“Cloud, wait! You shouldn't take that from here!”“Why?” he asked back plainly.“Because the others will think that we are preparing a rebellion and that I helped you to turn against them.”“I see no reason not to turn against Sephiroth and his Remnants.” he said as he just put the sword on his back.“But I guaranteed that you won’t raise a fight! Plus, there's no need! I have everything under control.” you assured him as you laid a soft hand on his shoulder.“Don't be fooled. He is always the one that has others under his control.” He started walking towards the door.You followed behind him while trying to change his mind: “That's not true. I act as I want, without being ordered. If we get brainwashed from now on, it will be your fault, because you won't have shown a peaceful stance.”“Still, danger could be anywhere, so I'm taking the sword.”He opened the door and got out and so did you.“Alright. I can accept that but, please let me change your mind about Sephiroth.”You walked down the stone path to the iron gate of the fence, while you said this, but you received no response.“Good, you'll hear what I have to say, whether you want to or not.”You started explaining to Cloud the whole background story of Sephiroth. Cloud didn't say a word during your narration. He listened carefully what you had to say. Once you were finished, he asked you:“And you believe that his past justifies his actions? You consider his reaction right?”“His past explains his actions, but of course doesn't justify them. All he's been doing are mistakes and I recognize that. But I want to make him understand this and stop doing such bad things. I believe he deserves the chance he was never given. It's not something that will please only me, but it's gonna save the world from an enemy.” you explained, choosing the right words.“And do you really believe any of these is possible?” his tone was full of dought.“Yes, with hard tries. I know I ask too much, and I won't be angry if you hate me or insult my mind's abilities, but if you, his archenemy show understandment, I believe he is going to receive an important message about how we understand the way he feels. That's what he's looking for, that is his goal, to be cared, to receive love and understandment. If we give them to him through a peaceful way, he won't feel the need to try in other ways. After all, mentally ill people should receive special treatment from the others around them.”“At least you understand he is a psychopath.”You couldn't help but laugh at Cloud's comment.“Now you see my point. Well, let's get on business now! We came here for shopping!” you said as you looked at your companion. “Do you know where can we find food supplies?”“Of course. I hope things haven't changed that much since I left.”“Don't worry, it can't. The village is supposed to have been rebuilt exactly as it was before the holocaust.”“Yeah, that's right...”You spent the next half hour buying the needed things for the dinner you had in mind. Cloud helped you by navigating you and holding some bags for you. Once you had gathered all the required ingredients, you headed back at the mansion. At the great hall, the Remnants were waiting for you.“Well, well, if it isn't the black sheep...” Kadaj commented with a smirk.Cloud dropped the bags he held at his right hand to catch his sword but you stretched my hand in front of him to stop him and you told him:“No, no need. And if what you dropped are the eggs, I'm gonna kill you.”Yazoo laughed with what you said, making his slightly dump brother Loz to wonder what happened only to receive no answer.You grabbed the dropped bag and signed for Cloud to follow you at the kitchen. You were walking towards the big door under the wooden stairs and just at the time you vanished for the Remnants who were sitting upon it, you popped your head behind and while looking them you said:“Are you coming or not? We have cooking to do!”They looked at each other and shrugged. They came down and followed you. When you got into the kitchen you and Cloud left the things on the table. The blond hero asked you if you need him anything else, but you told him you are ok and thanked him. Cloud left the room leaving you alone with the brothers. Then you checked the bag Cloud had dropped previously and to your relief the eggs weren't inside that bag. You started placing the food you shopped in the cabins and the fridge, and you galloped at the same time what to cook.“So, with what I bought, we can either have meat rolls stuffed with cheese, that thing that tastes like the beacon of earth (you said as you raised the product in your hand and then put it in the fridge) and some vegetables, or pasta with poultry in milk cream sauce with a complex of seasonings and chopped vegetables. So, what do you prefer?”The boys looked at each other, not having a bit of an idea for how to answer. The casually more talkative out of the three, Kadaj, took the word:“Truth to be said, we haven't eaten again. There was no need until now.”“Oh, so as beings you don't need food to survive, ok. But, are you able to eat?” I asked.At the same time Loz was rampaging through the cabins to see this “food” thing closely. He held a loaf of bread in his hand and smelled it.“Doesn't smell bad, right?” you said with a smile. “Com'on, give it a try. Cut a slice with this.” you said to him and offered him a bread knife.Loz took the knife and put the bread on the table and cut the edge. He brought the slice to his mouth and bitted.'Thankfully, they all have parts of Sephiroth's memories, so even if they don't recognize it, they already know some basics by instinct.'“I think we can eat.” Loz stated happy, while munching.“Haha, as expected. And bread is one of the relatively tasteless things. The dishes I proposed earlier are far more tasteful.”Yazoo sat at a chair, sitting in the opposite of the normal way, having the back of the chair between his legs, and supporting his arms on it. Then he asked you: “Why don't you make a bit of both dishes?”“I guess I can.” you responded with a smile. “If some is left, we can eat it the next day. At least I surely will!”You started taking the necessary tools for the cooking – you had already explored the kitchen and learned where everything was the previous days.Kadaj Leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, querying:“Well, do you need us anything else, _______?”“Yes.”He expected the rest of the answer and your silence was driving the impatient teen mad.“What else? Are you planning to say it sometime soon?!”Your calm, smiling face didn't bother to be affected by his temper.“Step by step. Be patient. You'll know when you must.”A little frustrated, Kadaj sat to a chair as well.In the next moments, you had gathered all the required utensils to start cooking. You took a large pot and filled its bottom with oil. You put the pot on the oven and turn it on.“So,” you started out confidently, “Kadaj, I want you to cut the vegetables and the cheese for the meat rolls. Yazoo you will cut the vegetables for the other dish. And you Loz will put some water to boil for the pasta, while I start the milk cream sauce and the poultry.”“Alright!” Loz exclaimed somehow enthusiastic and began the task that was assigned to him, just like his brothers did.Little by little, both recipes went on, getting completed part by part smoothly. When everything was finished, you could see the Remnants were feeling content with themselves. That must have meant that your family-bonding plan must have succeeded.“Well, when will we eat?” asked LozYou giggled and answered:“Soon. We will tell you older brothers that food is ready and will sit at the great dining table at the piano room.”Kadaj offered his help: “Do you want us to go inform them?”“No, there's no need.” you refused kindly with a tiny smile. “Besides, I want to go tell them about it personally, in the right way. But before that! You can't eat again with your uniforms! Can you create normal outfits with your powers?” you asked with a smirk and one eyebrow raised.“Normal outfits? Human clothes you mean?” Kadaj wanted to clarify the meaning of your words.“Yes. I'll show you an outfit from my phone, and you are gonna create it on you. Okay?”The three youngsters agreed, and created the unique outfit you chose for each. They looked so different but so beautiful in casual, teenage clothing.Right afterwards, you began your way to Sephiroth's whereabouts. Thankfully he was quite near; the piano room. He noticed your presence upon your entrance and turned to face you.“_______?” he greeted.“Hello.” you smiled kindly “The food is ready, and I have a feeling it's gonna taste great!”He smiled lovingly at your happiness.“I trust you.” he stated as he looked you straight to the eye.His reaction made you chuckle shyly. You brushed your hair back with your hands, while preparing your breath for your next words.“Can I ask you a favor?” you queried and bit your lower lip.“What is it?”“If I ask you to wear normal clothes for the table will you do it?” you asked raising a little your eyebrows.Of course he didn't answer immediately. He did a small pause to consider it, and answered decisively:“Alright.” he stroked your hair when the last letter left his lips. “What shall I wear? A simple dark blue buttoned shirt and black pants, would be ok with you?”You grin at the thought of his tall body clad in such fine clothes. “They sound just fine.”Right in the next moment, black fogy flames engulfed his body shoulders to toes, revealing by their leave the promised outfit. It looked indeed more than good.“You are very handsome in these...” you complimented him as you came closer to him and caressed the edge of the dark shirt over his chest.His hands fell softly on your waist, closing the distance between you. The small crooked smile on his lips got you aware the different process than went on his mind. Instinctively, both of you brought your faces close to each other's, closed your eyes and connected your lips in a sweet, slow kiss. Your picture was dreamy, in your mind you looked like a real married couple. It felt like one of the happiest moments in your life.Just when he left your lips, he gave you a rare loving gaze as he stroked softly your hair with one of his hands. You smiled, and got yourself away, telling him:“Well, I'll go inform Cloud as well that the meal is ready”He chuckled at your words and commented:“Cloud won't come. He won't accept to sit at the same table with us. Our meal will be better without him.”The irony was painted on his expression, emitting discouragement. The truth is that you had second thoughts about this, even before Sephiroth planted surely the dought in your heart. The possibility to be more than awkward was great, and that threatened the bonding purpose of the plan.You decided not to tell Cloud anything and just store a plate of food for him to give it to him later. You half-informed Sephiroth of your intentions to regain his trust for sure.“Yes... You are right. It was stupid of me to think something like that... I guess we are ready to eat then.” you smiled again slightly at him.“Indeed. You will bring the food here?”“Yes, right away!” you chirped and run to the kitchen.You told the Remnants to help you carry all the need things to the table and you started arranging them. Once you were done, you were the first to grab your fork, signaling that way for the rest of the family to start eating.It was like a dream. A true moment of peace in the family you felt more real than any other in the last years you lived. You were all eating happily the delicious food, while the remnants had small fights over insignificant things, just like normal teenage siblings. You and Sephiroth on the other hand… You were like a real married couple!... Sitting beside each other, exchanging soft, caring glances and smiles…This entire situation made you feel nothing was in vain until now. All your tries, your struggles for your beloved ones to acquire a normal life and feel loved, felt that they were finally producing a salient outcome. You felt blissful and you thought that this same feeling nested in their hearts as well.Once you were all done with our food, Sephiroth addressed you and said:“_______, I and my brothers thank you for all. It was a wonderful experience.”“You needn’t thank me for anything. It was a wish I had for quite some time now, I wanted you to feel that normality. And don’t speak of it like it won’t happen again. It can be an every-day thing you know, like all happy families do.”Surprisingly, Yazoo was first to respond:“I wouldn’t mind at all this becoming a routine.” he said with a small smile, his head leaning against his hand.Then you heard Sephiroth’s voice complementing:“I think I have to agree.”A beautiful smile appeared at once on your face, feeling so moved by their acceptance.“I will make sure to do it then!..”After a small pause, trying to ease the emotional atmosphere, you spoke again:“Well… Shall I clear the table now?”“I guess it is time.” Sephiroth agreed.You got up from your chair and started piling up the plates. Almost immediately, Kadaj rose from his seat as well and offered help:“Wait, don’t carry them all on your own…”You wanted so much to comment on his kindness but you decided not to, because you knew he doesn’t want to seem soft in front of his brothers. You just smiled and accepted his help, and the dishes were at the sink in the kitchen in no time.By the time you returned, the other two Remnants were gone. Only Sephiroth awaited you by the window. Kadaj seemed to take the message and left from the corridor, leaving you two alone.You approached his clad in his new attire form, as his eyes never left yours. When your distance was closed, he raised gently his hand and touched softly your face. His gaze held that priceless and rare love that actually only you had witnessed. You felt so cherished.The silence that surrounded you, was broken by his echoing voice in the vastness of that room.“Sometimes… you seem less real than a dream… As fleeting but as intense as a hidden wish… How do I..deserve to even imagine an eternity like this?...”His words left you speechless for a moment. You came even closer to him and laid your hands on his chest.“You deserve it because I want it. And I’m all real. Head to toe. So you won’t only imagine it, you can live it.”The corners of his lips turned more upwards and he leaned so he could reach your forehead and place a kiss.“You are the most precious being I ever held in my hands” he whispered.With another stroke over your cheek, he came lower and connected your lips. Every kiss you exchanged felt that it brought you one step closer to his heart. This time though was more special, like he really changed and was ready to move on, ready to start a new happy normal life with the woman that won his heart. You started getting sure that all these past horrors were vanquished from inside him, and he had understood what he should do from now on. These thoughts were too much for you to just stay caged in your brain cells, and besides your doughts you decided to tell him. You wanted so much to hear it from him too.“Sephiroth, these are the sweetest words that have ever been addressed to me… You have really changed. To the better of course.” You smiled and continued. You somehow felt that he knew you had more to say, feeling a little anxiety build up inside you. “You’ve seen you don’t need to destroy the world, right? Aren’t happiness and our company better if this planet still lives? Won’t our love seem more beautiful like this? Without any more lies, any more monsters, physical and not, controlling and guiding our actions? You can even meet your family now and we’ll-”“______...” He cut you off.His expression had worry written on it. You were really shocked you couldn’t read through his mind and were mistaken about his thoughts. Your eyes widened, and you knew soon enough tears would well up. The man in front of you surprised you even more than you would ever expect, showing you that you had counted something wrong:“I love you like I know you love me too, but even though I’m aware of the truth, I don’t feel I need to rethink my goals to that extent. On the contrary, it assures me of their correctness. My biological mother might be a simple human and my true father that man that fought against me to save his world, but none of them ever prevented me from reaching the point I have. Jenova, on the other side, when I was in the depths of despair, she..was there, providing me with a reason to live, besides all the lies this world had fed me. She might have her own goals, but she has never betrayed me, and I have only received help from her. She is the closest thing I have to mother. The least I can do is help her back. You say my biological parents will care for me more, but I don’t see any reasons to believe it, especially for my so-called mother, that was aware of my existence. What kind of mother agrees to use her own child as a test animal?”The tears from before had finally reached the end of your eyes and run down like raindrops on a window on your still face. Every word he said proved how wrong you predicted every thought he made on the matter. You might have won his heart, but in the end you couldn’t change him. You felt that the planet’s destruction not only wasn’t prevented by you, but it was sealed by every word you ever said to him. You are responsible too for the hell that will arise by his revenge. These thoughts were on the verge of eating you whole when his voice made you focus on him again:“______?...”“You are…right Sephiroth… I hadn’t thought of it… I’m sorry…” you admitted devastated and looked down.“Hey…” he said softly and lifted up your face from your chin while he smiled at you so sweetly. “Were you afraid I’d only love mother? Don’t be jealous, I love you too. From now on, I will always do.”More tears run down at the realization of how he interpreted your behavior until now for Jenova. He still harbored feelings for her, but you couldn’t blame him anymore. Anything more you would say it would make you seem ungrateful for his love. You would never want that, so you decided to just play along somehow.“I know you love me… I understand you. I won’t insist on this matter anymore.”He caressed your cheek and told you:“I’m happy I have someone like you beside me, who makes the effort to always get in my place and really cares for me…”You caught his hand and pressed it lightly on your face as you shut your eyes and forced a smile on your lips.“I will always love you too…”Sephiroth leaned and kissed your forehead.“Come on. As long as you are with me, everything will be like you dreamt. We’ll have a world only for us. We are going to make it beautiful ourselves. We are going to fill it with beautiful people and nothing awful will happen again. With the two of us and mother as this new world’s gods, everything will be perfect.”You could hear the enthusiasm in his voice as he narrated his plans for the two of you. You couldn’t but put aside the whole context of consequences of creating a “new world” and just be happy you offered the man you love a heartwarming dream and share his bliss.“Yes, my love. I’d love to be your goddess.”After some moments that he just stared at your face with a smile, he proposed this:“I feel a little sleepy… Do you want us to go upstairs and take a nap together?”His non-fitting with the previous heavy conversation proposal surprised you again. You thought you would like some rest too right now, after all of this.“Yes, it’s a nice idea.” You smiled and caught his hand and whipped away your tears.Silently you walked till his room by the staircase. When you entered, you thought you had reached your destination and tried to leave his grip, but he held your hand tighter.“Not here.” He answered firmly and guided you to the staircase and up. When you reached the upper floor, you questioned:“Where then?..”“Somewhere we both fit.” He answered simply as he walked you to the second door at the portico, where he had forbidden you to go.You looked at him dumfounded and he repaid you with a reassuring smile as he opened the door. You turned your head so your eyes could pry upon the new room. Across of you a lot of windows that didn’t give too much light in the room due the fact they had a view of the tall rock that hugged the house from behind. At your left there was a double bed with two night tables, all attached to the wall, and a wardrobe at the left side of the bed.‘The master bedroom… This must have been where Hojo and Lucrecia were sleeping… And this wardrobe is probably where Sephiroth found the clothes he gave me after I bathed…’“Come on, lie down.” He exhorted.You just smiled and lied at the one side of the bed.“Silly, you forgot your shoes.” He chuckled and took them of off your feet and placed them beside you on the floor.“I guess I might be silly when I’m tired…” you admitted with an embarrassed chuckle.He took of his shoes as well and came beside you. This time, he put his head lowers than yours, so he could lay his head on your breasts while hugging your waist. Automatically you wrapped one hand over his back and the other caressed his hair motherly.You didn’t exchanged any more words. Soon your fallen angel had fallen into sleep under your soft touch. With your body at peace, your mind had now all the energy to itself to contemplate on all that you did since you arrived at Gaia. You were sad about your deeds.“Didn’t you get what you want?... You have the man of your dreams all on your own. He’s going to extinguish all but you and make you his goddess. You should be happy you get to be saved and loved while everyone will die…Gosh!... How could I have not seen this? Was I blinded by unconditional and desperate love, like him?... All I did in the end was to puppet the others to my own benefit too…”
Cid Highwind by Kali-Mav
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True Kingdom Hearts 3 by Typthis
Sorceress and her Knight by Spicy-Pumpkin
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