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Chapter One
You run through the woods, the brambles tearing at your clothes, trying to hold you in their grasp. But your fear is stronger, propels you through them, breaking their thorny hold. The woodsman crashes through behind, shouting at you. You don’t know why he’s chasing you, you haven’t done anything wrong. You can’t hear- don’t want to hear what he is calling. A terrified sob escapes from your chest and you miss your footing. You sprawl onto the mossy ground of the forest floor and that’s the last thing you remember.
Chapter Two
When you wake, you’re cold and soaked through to the bone. The sky is dark, but beginning to lighten. Who knows how long you lay there, in the embrace of the forest floor with the bugs and leaf litter as bed fellows?
As you stand, you feel clumsy in your body, unsure of where your limbs are or should be, but you make your way slowly back to your muddy village.
Your father does not know you as you enter your hou
:iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 5 6
Timeline Cover: Daniel and the Lion Lyrics by The-Jedi-Ninja Timeline Cover: Daniel and the Lion Lyrics :iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 0 0 A Mad Man and his Blue Box by The-Jedi-Ninja A Mad Man and his Blue Box :iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 19 6
The Epilogue
Once, a long time ago, there was this girl I knew. We travelled together for a while. She was smart, and funny, and brave, and knew how to deal with me. But eventually she left me. And she was right to do so.
The day she walked away from me was the last time she ever saw me, but not the last time I saw her. I encountered her one final time, although she never knew I was there.
I've had a lot of friends come in and out of my life. Some go by choice, some are forced to, but all of them think that that's the end. But there are no ends to stories, only to your part in them, and since I have a machine that can travel through space and time, I can check in on stories after my part is over, to create an epilogue to our time together.
The day she left me she'd promised that she was going to become a story teller. I wanted to see how she'd done it, because I had no doubt that she's succeeded.
I landed my blue box in a side street in London, it seemed the easiest place to try and find som
:iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 1 1
Timeline Cover: Neil Armstrong Tribute by The-Jedi-Ninja Timeline Cover: Neil Armstrong Tribute :iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 2 3
Not Notting Hill
"I'm telling you, Peter Scott is just the best looking thing about at the moment!"
"You always were into skinnier guys. I'll have Adain Coolie thank you very much. Oh the things I would do to that boy!"
The two friends laughed in unison, Carol picking up the last piece of her muffin and popping it in her mouth. The girls were on their lunch break, catching up on the last few days and talk of course had fallen to the current "It" film stars.
"Seriously though Sam, what would you actually do if you bumped into Adain in the street or something?"
"Probably faint! You would too! I know you think you'd be all cool and alluring and stuff, but come on Carol, you freak out when you see trailers of Star Trek! You'd never handle it if you met someone famous in real life." Sam picked up her phone to look at the time before letting it drop back onto the table.
"You're probably right," sighed Carol as she fiddled with her empty tea cup, "But still, it's nice to think-"
"Earth to Carol!" interrupted
:iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 1 1
Mature content
That's Not The Truth I Was Looking For... :iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 0 5
ROMAC OC: The Hunter
The Hunter stood on top of what once used to be a viewing platform over the city. She could feel the hum and throb of the underground city miles below her feet, where people thought they were safe. They weren't safe, nowhere was any more. As The Hunter took as step forward, the ground underfoot crunched. Snow? Or radioactive dust? The Hunter didn't know any more.
There was a change in the air. The Hunter could sense it. Straining her ears, brief snatches of what could have been shouts reached her. Zee Captain! It had to be. For months now The Hunter had been tracking him across The Wastelands. He kept evading her, by accident or design The Hunter didn't know. One thing she did know though, she needed to catch up to him.
Ten minutes of swift travelling later and the voices were clear now. The Hunter could feel it in her bones, tonight was the night she would catch Zee Captain. The remains of a few houses stood at the bottom what had once been a grassy hill but was now covered in whateve
:iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 3 2
Eighteen Months Later
"I can't take it any more."
I collapsed into my favourite chair in Mary's flat, the frustration evident on my face. Mary, ever ready for me, even when I turned up unexpectedly like now, handed me a cup of tea.
"What's up now honey?" she prompted me, rubbing her hand up and down my back.
I cradled the mug in my hands, leaning forward, enjoying the sensation of the pressure her hand created. Finally I sighed.
"There's another one Mary. Right outside my window. I wake up in the morning, and the first thing I see, in bright yellow paint, is 'I believe in Sherlock'. I can't take it any more. It's everywhere I go. 'Watson's Warriors', 'Morarity was real' and 'Sherlock Holmes was not a fake'. It doesn't matter where I go, or how often I get rid of the things on the door, more always appear."
Mary placed her cheek on my head. She was so comforting and gentle with me, so understanding of everything.
"They think they're helping pet. I know they're not but they think they are."
"I appreciate what
:iconthe-jedi-ninja:The-Jedi-Ninja 8 2


Kids will be kids. by jennystokes Kids will be kids. :iconjennystokes:jennystokes 145 0 Rey-a-Day 93 balance to the force by michaelfirman Rey-a-Day 93 balance to the force :iconmichaelfirman:michaelfirman 167 4 stormpilot by misi-chan stormpilot :iconmisi-chan:misi-chan 296 35 Iceland 2014 - Seljavallalaug by shoomlah Iceland 2014 - Seljavallalaug :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 761 17 PvsN: Jack vs Kakashi by RoryRochelle PvsN: Jack vs Kakashi :iconroryrochelle:RoryRochelle 64 40 Doctor Who Fanzine Cover III by blackbirdrose Doctor Who Fanzine Cover III :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 901 257 The Ninth Doctor by frasierdalek The Ninth Doctor :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 25 40 The Lightning Strike by Amazaa The Lightning Strike :iconamazaa:Amazaa 34 16 Robert Downey...who? by Star-Jem Robert Downey...who? :iconstar-jem:Star-Jem 639 249 Life begins at the end of your comfort zone by Exileden Life begins at the end of your comfort zone :iconexileden:Exileden 1,436 108 My Patronus is a Charizard by Mr-Saxon My Patronus is a Charizard :iconmr-saxon:Mr-Saxon 21 2 The Eleventh Doctor by starkanime The Eleventh Doctor :iconstarkanime:starkanime 13 4 DigArt08- C.S. Lewis quotes by danny-fan-101 DigArt08- C.S. Lewis quotes :icondanny-fan-101:danny-fan-101 9 3
        The tattoos, they caught on incredibly fast. I mean, it only took about half a year after the Death-caster came out. That's what the press called it, the Death-caster. Anyway, about 6 months after the first televised prediction, these tattoos starting showing up everywhere. It went from fad to craze to routine. Everybody did it. You would get some blood drawn. The machine would quiver a bit and hum. You'd get your paper and you'd go straight to the tattoo shop. Pretty much everyone has their cause of death, their C.O.D., tattooed these days. The accepted place to get it became the top of your left arm. Every time you go to check your watch, there it is in simple letters with a line underneath: Fire, Gunshot, Car Accident, Suicide.
        Walking down the street you can see it all. Plane Crash and Brain Tumor are holding hands, window shopping. Prison Riot pauses to let his dog urinate on the curbsi
:iconguiltywhiteboy:guiltywhiteboy 955 221
Tonks by Achen089 Tonks :iconachen089:Achen089 1,603 243


Another wonderful page from the Doctor Who Regenerated team. Let's start with the negatives, of which there is relatively few. Firstly,...



does not officially exist...
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Hello Jedi-Ninja, it's me again. I read your reply earlier and have been thinking about it and your poem on and off throughout the day. I guess that I would say it's not so much that I don't like poetry, it's just that I never really seemed to appreciate works the way that my teachers and professors would have wanted me to. When I like a poem it's not because of "ivory tower approved" qualities (though it may have those too), but because as you said, it reached me on some emotional level. It just happens that very, very few pieces do that for me, and so I'm generally not drawn to poetry. In a few cases I was in it for the story. The Odyssey was a good adventure, and in college I read Inferno purely for the enternainment of the story. In the past I've even tried my hand at writing but it was fairly simplistic, certainly nothing deep and meaningful.

Your poem made me think of some very specific times in my life... Makes me wonder if my life would be happier now had things unfolded differently all those years ago...

So... Jedi-Ninja... Does that mean your lightsaber is katana shaped?
The-Jedi-Ninja Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
If writing comes from the heart, then it can't be meaningless. I'd say I have about 5 poems written for everyone I have on DA. Keep writing if you want to. Do it for yourself and not for others.

Hahaha, no, my lightsaber is normal and my ninja weapons are actually hacksaws. (Long story)
Although, I do have some lightsaber knives. They are very useful. :)
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Hey, thanks...
It's good to have a normal lightsaber, but hacksaws don't exactly scream "ninja stealth"... although screaming "stealth" would be very counterproductive... Hmmm
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