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Luna on a Cloud

Screenshot from Nightmare Night.

Time: ~1 hour

SVG here

Edit 1: Various minor corrections. Now with 33% more large.
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i really like this picture of luna sitting on a cloud, but i looked at it and thougth: "Something just isnt right". And it took me a pretty long time to figure out what it was. Finally i decided to load the vector in Inkscape and play a little with it.
And then i realised what was so disturbing. It were here forelegs, they have too many joints. Ankle - Knee- Shoulder - ... Shoulder? Or are there two Knees? I cant tell.
In the Episode you saw her only for a short time in a whole scenerie, but as a single image it looks awkward. It would be great if you could fix this so a great picture can be a perfect picture.
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Hold your arm out in a sort of backwards "Z" shape. The longest "segment" of her forelegs is equivalent to your hand. While I agree that the proportions are a bit wonky, I don't have the time at the moment to fix it. If I remember, I'll definitely fix it later. Or, if you'd like, you can do the fixes yourself, send me the svg and I'll put your name in the description.
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Would really suggest you update this with my version which fixes certain things including the tail nodes
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I hope your group does well.
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This looks so awesome! :iconso-awesomeplz:
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Your Welcome. :)
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Thanks for vector! Used here: [link]
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Excellent work! Thanks for using it.
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Thanks you too :D
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I love your vectors, especially this one! :heart:
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Her horn looks just a tad too sharp, though I'm not sure :3
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This was traced directly from the show, but you have a point.
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Hey! (hey!) You! (you!) Get off of my cloud!
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:iconlunamadplz:YOU DARE CHALLENGE US? VERY WELL. **throws a cloud at you**

I got the reference, BTW.
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I hear clouds are quite plush.
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I wish I could try one sometime. They looks so comfy~!
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