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Railing by The-Infamous-PeeGee Railing :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 4 2 Downtown Roanoke by The-Infamous-PeeGee Downtown Roanoke :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 3 4 Daisy, daisy (daisy daisy daisydaisydaisydaisy) by The-Infamous-PeeGee Daisy, daisy (daisy daisy daisydaisydaisydaisy) :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 10 14 Cart Line by The-Infamous-PeeGee Cart Line :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 6 16 For Distant Viewing by The-Infamous-PeeGee For Distant Viewing :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 8 3
Jimmy and Pete stand, shivering, in a small clearing surrounded by barren trees just out of sight of a busy state highway. Both hold dollar store Mylar balloons, but look more like the types who would hold a cold beer while talking smack about football. The tears in Pete's eyes only serve to make the already disjointed scene all the more unexpected.
"Why here, anyway?" Pete asks.
"She always liked this spot." replies Jimmy. He should know, he'd been married to Pete's sister Annie for a good decade, after all.
Satisfied with the answer, Pete nods then releases his balloon, a garishly yellow smiley face with "Happy" and "Birthday" emblazoned in red across top and bottom. "Please come back, sis. I know you're out there. Somewhere." The balloon floats up through the still air of the winter morning, clearing the trees and ascending heavenward.
Jimmy regards him for a moment, noting his raggedy almost-a-beard, scruffy t-shirt and stained jeans. He looks like he's been on another bender; prob
:iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 3 8
Peaks of Otter Bridge by The-Infamous-PeeGee Peaks of Otter Bridge :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 11 14 Spreading Tree by The-Infamous-PeeGee Spreading Tree :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 12 18 Moody River by The-Infamous-PeeGee Moody River :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 9 15 Stopover, PHX by The-Infamous-PeeGee Stopover, PHX :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 4 4 Losed by The-Infamous-PeeGee Losed :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 8 7 Oh, Bother by The-Infamous-PeeGee Oh, Bother :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 3 11 Appalachian Trail by The-Infamous-PeeGee Appalachian Trail :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 17 39 Winter in Rotary Park by The-Infamous-PeeGee Winter in Rotary Park :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 9 10
"I forgive you" is not the same as "I trust you".
Forgiveness is given.
Trust has to be earned back.
:iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 4 7
Hooked and Tied by The-Infamous-PeeGee Hooked and Tied :iconthe-infamous-peegee:The-Infamous-PeeGee 9 14




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Film photographer, darkroom printer and erstwhile writer of sorts. I occasionally dabble in non-photographic art. I enjoy things which have been crafted by hand, and the process of making such things myself. Occasionally up to my elbows in Oldsmobile.



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OK, it has been...a while. Things have been kind of crazy all over and my art (and DA) was neglected badly.

In February, my car's transmission took a :poo: - we get by with one car but it makes it hard to wander off after work and take photos. The Olds is now officially my project car, and will continue to be even after I get it back up and running. But for now, I'm working on it as I can.

The entire first half of the year has been busy at work. I won't bore you with the details, but large software projects need to be done right and with good communication company-wide. When those things don't happen, chaos arises. I don't expect it to improve just yet, but it needs to improve. Our office is doing the best it can, and my immediate managers are doing a fantastic job, so there's hope. Someone needs to kick corporate square in the ass, but that's for someone well above my pay grade to take care of.

My home PC decided to follow my car into the Great Beyond. It'll eventually be replaced with something but for now it's my phone and a virtual machine on my work laptop (separation of concerns, my personal stuff and work stuff don't need to coexist). And I hate trying to use DA on my phone.

Also, I've found out that I have hypertension. So, I'm on a quest to lose weight and regain some fitness before my brain explodes or something.
Explode la plz 

Enough excuses though. The upside of needing to improve my health is that I've committed to getting away from my desk during the day, going to the gym some days, walking downtown others. Of course, I quickly realized I was missing carrying a camera on my walks, so I did. I also, unexpectedly, realized I was seeing potential *color* photos. So, I went ahead and picked up some color film. I've also started scanning the black and white I've shot since last fall; I want to get my darkroom back up, but it could be a while, and if I keep holding out on the B&W work until I can print it, it may be a long wait.

I've also been given an idea for a written piece, so hopefully that'll work out.

Cheers, y'all! :)

21 year old car, 91 year old camera, brand new film.
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