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C19th Ladies Bustle Gown III

Back detail, showing waterfall style bustle, and rear frogging on the bodice.
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Sep 13, 2010, 1:33:51 PM
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Can someone make this for me pleeeeease
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This is beautiful! I'm trying to figure out how to make a waterfall bustle and was wondering if you could tell me what shape it is before it's folded? Is it round? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
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lord, I havent checked DA in FOREVER, sorry this is a late reply!

Its a bit hard to describe, I think the flat shape is essentially half an oval.

The best way to figure out what shape you want though is to fold a piece of paper into a concetina/fan shape, then snip away the layers of concetina untill you get the shape of waterfall you want. Then when you flatten the paper out again, you'll have the right shape, and all you'll have to do is scale it up!

Hope that makes sense! Good luck!
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gorgeous work, is the pleated part a separate piece or part of the over skirt material?
the-infamous-padfoot's avatar
its a seperate piece that hooks onto the waist band of the skirt :)
0ShadowNightMare0's avatar
Thank you, very helpful for a project I may be attempting in the near future, again gorgeous work.
the-infamous-padfoot's avatar
thank you :) good luck with your project!
MorbidPrincess122's avatar
Did you use a pattern for this? Or can you point me in the direction of a tutorial please?
I'm making a dress for myself and can't find any help on how to make a waterfall bustle like this =[
the-infamous-padfoot's avatar
sorry, I cant really help you there, the whole dress was crafted by draping on the stand, not through any commertial pattern. As for the waterfall bustle, I had to work out the shape myself by folding bits of paper, and then scaling up the shape. Maybe give that a try? Good luck!
MorbidPrincess122's avatar
Thanks for the paper idea. I was just going to drape it and hand stitch and hope it turned out the way I wanted LOL
the-infamous-padfoot's avatar
haha, that works too, but paper is easier (and cheaper) to begin with :)
GypsySouled007's avatar
Aiie! That's beautiful!
Abayomi's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
HEXEnART's avatar
That´s really wonderful!
McBaa's avatar
Beautifully crafted. Bit of luck that I found this actually - in one of my paintings, the character has a bustle exactly like this. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how the material would fold, but this is perfect. If you don't mind, could I use it for reference? I'd link to you when it's done, of course =)

It does look gorgeous though <3
the-infamous-padfoot's avatar
thanks! and of course :) I look forward to seeing the finished painting!
McBaa's avatar
Sorry it took so long, you've probably forgotten about it by now XD Anyway, I used your ref here [link]

Thanks again =) It really is a lovely dress!
the-infamous-padfoot's avatar
thanks for remembering me! Its a a gorgeous picture!
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i vote that you post the pattern!!! preeese!!
ProfessorBats's avatar
The more photos I see of this dress the more I love it :-)
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