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Fans of Impulse: I'm penciller Jason Johnson and I'm selling pages from my Impulse: Bart Saves the Universe pages if you are interested! Thanks!…
Is this group still active
I haven't had my work excepted for some time now
There's this amazing Bart Allen fanfiction that I just have to recommend. It is AU written in Season 1 of the Young Justice show. Read it. It is one of  the few good Bart Allen fanfics that actually get his character write and has an amazing plot. I just had to share it to a Bart Allen fanclub!
Here's the link:
Wally knew that, as the Flash, he might be expected to pick up his own KF one day. He just hadn't bargained for Bart Allen.
Ooh, sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
Young Justice has shown to be one of the greats in terms of modern cartoon storytelling and the fact that it is being cancelled for shallow reasons such as "low merchandise sales" is not only an insult to its fans but also an insult to high quality fiction. If you are a fan of the show or simply wise for this old practice of basing a shows success, not on its ratings but on how many toys it can sale than I implore you to sign this petition. Please, let's make sure we don't have another Firefly on our hands.