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Entries will be accepted from August 10, the contest ends on September 15.


:bulletblue: SHOW YOUR IMAGINARY WORLD :bulletblue:

The theme chosen by a poll where all members voted for their favorite

:bulletgreen:The winners will be chosen by judges, administrators of the group:

:iconwhendell: :iconwesley-souza: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconpri-santos: :iconviniciuscarbonera: :iconsamueltd: :iconkuramaphoenix:

and guest judges :icondani-owergoor: :iconlunebleu: :iconpshoudini:

:bulletgreen: PRIZES


:bulletblue: 3 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BY :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: 1000 POINTS :points: Donated by= 170 :points: :iconwhendell: 150 :points: :iconwesley-souza: , 50 :points: :iconsamueltd: , 100 :points: :iconvaleskamoura: , 50 :points: :iconlunebleu: , 50 :points: :iconmirellasantana: , 150 :points: :iconkuramaphoenix: , 50 :points:  :iconjorgeremmy: , 50 :points: :iconlevanatempest: , 50 :points: :iconfictionchick: , 50 :points: :iconartorifreedom: , 50 :points: :iconpshoudini: , 30 :points: :iconviniciuscarbonera:

:bulletblue: FEATURE IN :iconthe-imaginarium:

:bulletblue: FEATURE BY :iconwhendell: :iconsamueltd: :iconl-a-ll-o: :iconlunebleu::iconvampirekingdom: :iconkuramaphoenix: :iconlevanatempest: :iconfp-digital-art: :iconfictionchick:  :iconartorifreedom: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconnikkidoodlesx3:

:bulletblue: FEATURE ARTIST BY :iconwesley-souza: :iconjorgeremmy: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: EXCLUSIVE PREMADE BY  :iconwesley-souza: :iconsamueltd: :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: PHOTOMANIPULATION DEDICATION BY :iconwhendell: :iconsamueltd: :iconvampirekingdom: :iconjorgeremmy:


:bulletblue: 2 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BY :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: Feature Artist by  :iconjorgeremmy: :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: Feature by :iconwesley-souza: :iconsamueltd: :iconwhendell: :iconl-a-ll-o: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconlunebleu: :iconvampirekingdom: :iconkuramaphoenix: :iconjorgeremmy: :iconlevanatempest: :iconfp-digital-art: :iconfictionchick: :iconartorifreedom: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconnikkidoodlesx3:

:bulletblue: Exclusive premade by :iconwesley-souza:  :iconsamueltd:  :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: 410 POINTS :points: Donated by= 100 :points: :iconwesley-souza: , 50 :points: :iconsamueltd: , 50 :points: :iconlunebleu: , 20 :points: :iconmirellasantana: , 50 :points: :iconkuramaphoenix: , 40 :points:  :iconjorgeremmy: , 50 :points: :iconartorifreedom: , 50 :points: :iconpshoudini:


:bulletblue: 1 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BY :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: Feature Artist by :iconwhendell: :iconjorgeremmy:

:bulletblue: Feature by :iconwhendell: :iconwesley-souza:  :iconsamueltd: :iconl-a-ll-o: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconlunebleu: :iconvampirekingdom: :iconkuramaphoenix: :iconlevanatempest: :iconfp-digital-art: :iconfictionchick: :iconartorifreedom: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconnikkidoodlesx3:

:bulletblue: 190 POINTS :points: Donated by=  30 :points: :iconwesley-souza: , 20 :points: :iconsamueltd: , 20 :points: :iconmirellasantana: , 50 :points: :iconkuramaphoenix: , 20 :points: :iconjorgeremmy: ,  50 :points: :iconartorifreedom:

:bulletblue: Popular Choice :winner:

:bulletblue: 50 :points:

:bulletblue: You can still donate prizes, please send a note or comment in this journal.

:bulletgreen: How to participate?
:bulletblue: You must be a member of the group
:bulletblue: Submit your entry in the folder (First Contest - The Imaginarium)


:bulletblue: Categories accepted: photomanipulation and/or mixed media. (only)

:bulletblue: All stock and resources must be credited with direct links. (is not mandatory, but you would be helping the judges placing direct links)

:bulletblue: you can participate with up to 2 entries.

:bulletblue: All entries must have been a new creation for this contest, not a old piece.

:bulletblue: You must be a member of this group to enter :iconthe-imaginarium:

:bulletblue: You must say in the description of your work, that is for this contest, with the group icon or a link to this journal.

© 2012 - 2021 The-Imaginarium
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WDWParksGal's avatar
Added to the contest section of the weekly issue put out by #DevNews that will post August 18th. It will stay in following issues until the contest ends :aww:
Wesley-Souza's avatar
thanks u very much ^^
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
Hello ! I would like to make a creation to the gallery of the contest but I can not do :(...
Wesley-Souza's avatar
you have one month to do, why not? :(
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
Oh excuse me ^^', I didn't see that we had to post our entries from August 10... I posted my creation too early :(... I'm sad... This is my creation : [link] Can I repost my creation tomorrow ?
Wesley-Souza's avatar
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
Thank you so so much :blushes: :glomp: !!
Rafaelll90's avatar
nossa acho que participo \O/
Wesley-Souza's avatar
Mabahe's avatar
I have a question, a job may enter two competitions?
Wesley-Souza's avatar
we are asking for new entries
but if it is within the theme, yes, that is to YOU imaginary world
Mabahe's avatar
nikkidoodlesx3's avatar
I can't wait to get started :la:
If you guys want, I can help Feature Artists for all 3 places :)
l-a-ll-o's avatar
wow ! let's the adventure begins :D
Wesley-Souza's avatar
yeah ^^ good luck :dance:
Rungue's avatar
Opa! Show esse tema! Vou tentar participar =)
Wesley-Souza's avatar
que bom que gostou :) boa sorte :dance:
Rungue's avatar
Até que dia pode participar?
Wesley-Souza's avatar
ainda nao temos uma data .. vamos colocar mais informaçoes em breve ... mais começa dia 4 e vai durar pelo menos 1 mes por ai..
Rungue's avatar
Ah, tranquilo entao...
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