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Entries will be accepted from August 10, the contest ends on October 6.

This contest is only for the photomanipulation category.


:bulletblue: SHOW YOUR IMAGINARY WORLD :bulletblue:

Show your imaginary world, have to be creative by creating your own world
your work can be in various styles, Fantasy, Surreal, Dark etc.

:bulletgreen:The winners will be chosen by judges

:iconwhendell: :iconwesley-souza: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconpri-santos: :iconviniciuscarbonera: :iconsandra-cristhina: :iconkuramaphoenix: :icondani-owergoor: :iconlunebleu: :iconpshoudini:

:bulletgreen: PRIZES


:bulletblue: 3 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BY :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: 1010 POINTS :points: Donated by= 170 :points: :iconwhendell: 150 :points: :iconwesley-souza: , 50 :points: :iconsamueltd: , 100 :points: :iconvaleskamoura: , 50 :points: :iconlunebleu: , 50 :points: :iconmirellasantana: , 150 :points: :iconkuramaphoenix: , 50 :points:  :iconjorgeremmy: , 50 :points: :iconlevanatempest: , 50 :points: :iconfictionchick: , 50 :points: :iconartorifreedom: , 50 :points: :iconpshoudini: , 30 :points: :iconviniciuscarbonera: , 10 :points: :iconandreaseesstarz:

:bulletblue: FEATURE IN :iconthe-imaginarium: and :iconangels-of-aiwenor:

:bulletblue: FEATURE BY :iconwhendell: :iconsamueltd: :iconl-a-ll-o: :iconlunebleu::iconvampirekingdom: :iconkuramaphoenix: :iconlevanatempest: :iconfp-digital-art: :iconfictionchick:  :iconartorifreedom: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconnikkidoodlesx3: :iconeverpage:

:bulletblue: FEATURE ARTIST BY :iconwesley-souza: :iconjorgeremmy: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconwhendell: :iconpri-santos: :iconsandra-cristhina:

:bulletblue: EXCLUSIVE PREMADE BY  :iconwesley-souza: :iconsamueltd: :iconwhendell: :iconpri-santos:

:bulletblue: PHOTOMANIPULATION DEDICATION BY :iconwhendell: :iconsamueltd: :iconvampirekingdom: :iconjorgeremmy:


:bulletblue: 2 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BY :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: Feature Artist by  :iconwesley-souza: :iconjorgeremmy: :iconwhendell: :iconpri-santos: :iconsandra-cristhina:

:bulletblue: Feature by  :iconsamueltd: :iconwhendell: :iconl-a-ll-o: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconlunebleu: :iconvampirekingdom: :iconkuramaphoenix: :iconjorgeremmy: :iconlevanatempest: :iconfp-digital-art: :iconfictionchick: :iconartorifreedom: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconnikkidoodlesx3: :iconeverpage: :iconangels-of-aiwenor:

:bulletblue: Exclusive premade by :iconwesley-souza:  :iconsamueltd:  :iconwhendell: :iconpri-santos:

:bulletblue: 470 POINTS :points: Donated by= 50 :points: :iconpyramidal: , 100 :points: :iconwesley-souza: , 50 :points: :iconsamueltd: , 50 :points: :iconlunebleu: , 20 :points: :iconmirellasantana: , 50 :points: :iconkuramaphoenix: , 40 :points:  :iconjorgeremmy: , 50 :points: :iconartorifreedom: , 50 :points: :iconpshoudini: , 10 :points: :iconandreaseesstarz:


:bulletblue: 1 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BY :iconwhendell:

:bulletblue: Feature Artist by :iconwesley-souza: :iconwhendell: :iconjorgeremmy: :iconpri-santos: :iconsandra-cristhina:

:bulletblue: Feature by :iconwhendell: :iconwesley-souza:  :iconsamueltd: :iconl-a-ll-o: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconlunebleu: :iconvampirekingdom: :iconkuramaphoenix: :iconlevanatempest: :iconfp-digital-art: :iconfictionchick: :iconartorifreedom: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconnikkidoodlesx3: :iconeverpage: :iconangels-of-aiwenor:

:bulletblue: Exclusive premade by :iconwesley-souza:  :iconwhendell: :iconpri-santos:

:bulletblue: 190 POINTS :points: Donated by=  30 :points: :iconwesley-souza: , 20 :points: :iconsamueltd: , 20 :points: :iconmirellasantana: , 50 :points: :iconkuramaphoenix: , 20 :points: :iconjorgeremmy: ,  50 :points: :iconartorifreedom:

:bulletblue: Popular Choice :winner:

:bulletblue: 50 :points:

:bulletblue: You can still donate prizes, please send a note or comment in this journal.

:bulletgreen: How to participate?
:bulletblue: You must be a member of the group
:bulletblue: Submit your entry in the folder (Imaginary world - Contest)…


:bulletblue: Categories accepted: photomanipulation and/or mixed media. (only)

:bulletblue: All stock and resources must be credited with direct links. (is not mandatory, but you would be helping the judges placing direct links)

:bulletblue: you can participate with up to 2 entries.

:bulletblue: All entries must have been a new creation for this contest, not a old piece.

:bulletblue: You must be a member of this group to enter :iconthe-imaginarium:

:bulletblue: You must say in the description of your work, that is for this contest, with the group icon or a link to this journal.

© 2012 - 2021 The-Imaginarium
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PriceCreation's avatar
Ainda e valido publicar uma nova entrada?Ele se finaliza hoje ou ocorreu no dia 06.
Whendell's avatar
Oi, pode enviar sim hoje, os juizes vão começar a votação amanha, ok. =)
PriceCreation's avatar
Obrigado acabei de postar.
HypnoticRose's avatar
Hello, could I submit my work now? I didn't have enough time because of my work :/ ehhh
Sandra-Cristhina's avatar
Yes you can, when finished will notify in journal
HypnoticRose's avatar
Sandra-Cristhina's avatar
SilenceV's avatar
when will my submission be accepted? :P
Whendell's avatar
Hi =) was accepted now, when you send to the group, your art is sent for analysis, only then it is accepted.
SilenceV's avatar
Horse-Dreamer's avatar
I know you said no old creations, but I made this [link] on August 26, 2012 while I was still trying to think of something for your contest. Am I able to enter this if I put in the description that it's for your contest?
Wesley-Souza's avatar
Horse-Dreamer's avatar
Kevinchichetti's avatar
Eu vou participar :D
Rungue's avatar
Opa! Vou participar com esta imagem aqui : [link]
Ah! Esse moleque magrelo ai sou eu! :D
Whendell's avatar
Ola Matheus, ótimo trabalho, e bom conceito! Para ser aceito, vc tem q dizer na descrição q seu trabalho é para este contest, pode colocar assim: "My entry for the contest "Show your imaginary world" :iconthe-imaginarium:, ta bom, e boa sorte! :happybounce:
Rungue's avatar
Opa! Muito obrigado! ^^
Feito =D
Sakura060277's avatar
This is my entry [link] Hope you accept. Thank you very much!
SKstalker's avatar
Great Contest! I'll participate :)
aresgirl34's avatar
How would one add a group Icon to the piece description?
Wesley-Souza's avatar
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