Hello, fellow deviants. I just thought I'd let you know that the "For Consideration" folder will now be accepting deviations automatically, no voting. Also, please be sure to submit only your best, as I hate declining deviations. Thanks!
Also, those members who suggest non-DailyDeviations work to the Daily Deviations folder will be removed from the group. Sorry about this but its becoming a problem.
Congratulations to all winners :party:
1st Trophy
2nd Trophy
The angel 2027
3rd Trophy
The Keeper Of Time
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The next edition of the challenge is undefined. Unfortunately I'm out of time, I have work on some new projects and it left me very overwhelmed. To continue the activities in the group, I'm looking for someone who wants to be an administrator. If anyone is interested, let me know.
Hello guys, sorry for the delay in starting the vote. Unfortunately I was busy with things from my course, so I was little active here. And with the new deviantart, everything is very confusing for me. Especially how to create a journal, so I haven't been doing a journal lately, I'll be back soon with the features.

The-Imaginarium Short Challenge - VOTE OPEN

Community choice:  
  • Place your vote in the comments (thumb or link), choose 4 entries that you liked.
  • You can not vote for yourself.
  • You can not ask for votes.
  • If you do not choose 4 entries, your vote will not be valid. So don't vote for 1 or 5 entries, ONLY 4.
The judges of this competition are Wesley-Souza  |  panjoool@MariaSemelevich
All entries:
So I see myself when I play zombie games))
Four Horses
The angel 2027
The Keeper Of Time
Shadow of the Past
Resurrection   -  Resurreccion
Welcome to hell
Lost Century
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The Imaginarium Members Feature

Mon May 18, 2020, 9:48 AM by Wesley-Souza:iconwesley-souza:

Works of our members collected from the poll.
I love deviantART!

Bird's time by Fiendcute
After Life by AshnoAlice
Glorious Dawn by Aramisdream
YHH: Rowena and Orias by Mocarro
The Raven House of Nowhere by dhbraley
Tenerife Stock 364 by Malleni-Stock
underwater by theheek
Daisy by Lora-Vysotskaya
Alice The Queen by silviya
Demon God Phoebes by 2334242xiao
Requiem Of Souls by alexamorath
The Magic of the Night by Dani-Owergoor
Crane's Song v.1 Original by BlackCloverCreations

Challenge of the month:

The-Imaginarium Short Challenge


rusted car by ZedLord-ArtWasteland Vince III [STOCK IMAGE] by VinceVoltage


1º place:

- 100 Points from donate pool.
- 50 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 20 Points + feature from ZedLord-Art 

2º place:

- 100 Points from donate pool.
- 20 Points + feature from ZedLord-Art 

3º place:

- 50 Points from donate pool.
- 20 Points + feature from ZedLord-Art 
- 1 exclusive stock from 4LadyLilian

To all the winners:

- Exclusive Stock from: Wesley-Souza  | Olgola | supersnappz16 | 

- Feature from:   CharllieeArts |  PriscillaSantanaArts  | supersnappz16 |

Feel free to donate prizes.

Support The-Imaginarium  events, donate any amount of points to this account: www.deviantart.com/wesleysouza…


  • Choose one stock required, or more than one.
  • You decide which to use in your Photomanipulation or Mixed Media,
  • You can use both stocks in your entry,
  • You have to use the entire subject/shape. For example the model (humans stocks), you can't use just a leg/arm etc, just the whole human figure. 
  • You need to incorporate a considerable piece of the required stock image in your photomanipulation.
  • If your work has a racist concept, your entry will be declined. Pay attention to the story you are creating to not offend other people.


  •  The contest ends on June 16th.

Where to submit


Community choice
  •  All the entries will to go to the public vote.
  •  Place your vote in the comments (thumb or link), choose 4 entries that you liked.
  •  You can not vote for yourself.
  •  You can not ask for votes.
  •  If you do not choose 4 entries, your vote will not be valid. So don't vote for 1 or 5 entries, ONLY 4.


  • Credit All stock use.
  • All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources.
  •  Artwork must be created specifically for this contest.
  • All entries must include a link to this journal in the description.
Example: My Entry for the Short Challenge at The-Imaginarium
  •  You may enter as many times as you like.
  •  We accept only Photomanipulation and Mixed Media.
  • No D.A watermark, just your little signature.


Recent Journal Entries

Weekly Feature - Leave the Thumb of your work 

5 deviants said :bulletblue: Promoting our members, leave 1 Thumb of your work in the comments (Only Digital Artwork and Stocks.)
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