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Bionicle 2005 W.I.P.

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© 2013 - 2020 The-HT-Wacom-Man
For some reason, I seem to have a love/hate relationship with this era of the series. (Leave a comment on what you think of 2005 if you'd like)
Only recently began this new style when I found out that a textured background made it feel more natural when sketching digitally.

Hope you like!

BIONCILE™ & character are © to LEGO®.
concept designs belong to me.
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HanamiYumenoHobbyist General Artist
So lovely sketches. 
I love how detailed you made him look like~
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BlitzwinHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can kind of understand your love/hate relation with 2005. I personally I really liked it but looking back on it, a few of the story elements didn't really work Especially Vakama's contrived betrayal. I understand that he dealt with a lot of criticism from the other Toa Metru/Hordika, but I feel like it shouldn't have lead to a straight-up betrayal from him. Probably him just leaving the team for a while at the most. Matau would've been a better candidate for betraying everyone because lets be honest, he was pretty arrogant when he became a toa and only cared for the glory...and the fact that he was obsessed with his looks after he became a hordika
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this reminds me of Elites from halo ^^
DarthDestruktor's avatar
Well, I understand your love/hate relationship with 2005. It was a nice concept, but poorly represented. It has good characters, with bad designs (2004 for me was the best designed year of Bionicle ever). It has probably the best Bionicle movie, but the story of the year was dull.
EvolutionsVoid's avatar
Now that is Hordika! The bent legs, ribcage-like chest and claws nail the feral look perfectly!
RobotProphet's avatar
RobotProphetHobbyist Writer
AW DUDE! Following now!
Tavahka's avatar
Vakama truely lookz like a Hordika now
Gahrak's avatar
GahrakStudent General Artist
The Hordikas should have been like this in the movie! :D
Awesome work!
I--S's avatar
Seems I have forgotten to say just how fucking awesome this is. I mean, you took VAKAMA, of all characters, and actually made him something to look at.
Your skills are so beautiful. x'P

Looking forward to more!
MZ8zone's avatar
Really awesome dude.
ColdGoldLazarus's avatar
ColdGoldLazarusHobbyist General Artist
Pretty good sketch! Idunno about the left two pics, which seem too organic, but the right ones look good.

As for 2005? While most seem to hate it, I rather liked it. Yes, they could have handled Vakama's character development better, but the fact that it worked as well as it did (and considering Bionicle as a whole, the fact that it happened at all) is rather impressive.
DragonlordDurison's avatar
I dunno, I kinda like the organic look. Makes it seem like they have removable armor.
JarODragon's avatar
Vakama now reminds me of the Elites in Halo. XD Haha, anyway, this is amazing! How can you just create so much epicness in a SKETCH?! XD
Love it; absolutely brilliant stuff. :3

And I agree; I have a love/hate reaction to that year as well... The darkness was an interesting addition, but not very well executed, OR too well which made it somewhat out-of-character with the rest of the Bionicle series.

Hm...I should try that textured background idea.
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AlloygrayStudent Traditional Artist
This is extemely cool, I love the detail, and it looks like it would make an amazing alien monster, but aside from the weapon and a bit of the chest and head, its very hard to grasp this as Bionicle.

I think if you were to draw more of the Hordika, you should add in a bit more of the details that made them look mechancial, the way you did with Onua and Pohatu.

I still love, this is just a suggestion.
The-HT-Wacom-Man's avatar
Thanks a bunch!

Yeah it does seem a bit out of place some and a little hard to get. Otherwise the more organic parts that you see here more or less represent the somewhat horrifying mutation they endured, and because of the fact that some of the comments pointed out that I don't put in enough organic parts on my other BIONICLE works too begin with.
Alloygray's avatar
AlloygrayStudent Traditional Artist
Ahhhh, I get you.

I'm going to draw something that I've been thinking of for a while, it's going to be one of the Toa in my style. Maybe I can give you a bit of an idea on the balance between flesh and machine.

The thing about your stuff I like so much, is the sheer level of detail and proper anatomy. These are things I pride myself on, and it's always great to see others who share that skill.
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Amazing work, I love the style!
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TayanaconHobbyist Digital Artist
Hogawd Vakama nnngn. Right in my fangirl feels.
The-HT-Wacom-Man's avatar
Your welcome! =D
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SaronicleStudent Traditional Artist
woah, my mind is blown! O.o This is really cool ^^
autobot34's avatar
My sir you've done it again, Vacama looks sick.
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guardiangamer91Hobbyist Artist
I miss bionicles
tritie's avatar
realy cool, but the arms and legs should be longer, remember how lanky they looked when they walked
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