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BIONICLE: Next Gen. 1

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Hello People! It is I, and I'm back! :boogie:

Sorry for the delay this past month but this particular piece was a pain in the ass. Zaktan in this case being the biggest object of the page also took a while to get a good pose . *Ugh* So much else to do. :faint:
Anywho, some design ideas for the BIONICLE: NEXT GENERATION project. IMHO, instead of going for a near toy accurate design for *animation, I would encourage those currently working in that *department to be more creative to give the characters more life.

All in all, hope you like, please comment!

P.S. I haven't joined the site at this point yet so expect more work to come...

BIONICLE® and it's characters belong to LEGO®.
Designs and ideas are © to me.
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MAN your Zaktan is just...perfect. Everything that I loved about the Piraka and Skakdi, in one glorious redesign—well done. Very, very well done.
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MetagrossfreakHobbyist Digital Artist
The way your Onua looks kind of reminds me of Bane (not the live action one though)
The-HT-Wacom-Man's avatar
He kinda does doesn't he.  Though the idea of making him tall came from  :iconjarodragon:'s story: Gate to the Great Beings, where he was often described as such.
JarODragon's avatar
Hahaha be careful, it's dangerous to be inspired by my enthusiastic headcanons. xDD (I'm honored that was part of the inspiration though~)
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Makuta-TrixaanHobbyist General Artist
I found Michael Bay's deviantart page apparently.
Really loving the third one down, Pohatu i think.
Multiomniversal124's avatar
Nice redesighns!
Ryanator50's avatar
Ryanator50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love those action shots of Pohatu
Thirteen4one's avatar
Thirteen4oneHobbyist General Artist
That has got to be the most incredible Zaktan I have ever seen!
Crimson-eyed-sermon's avatar
Crimson-eyed-sermonHobbyist General Artist
Holy god, even more drawing goalz.
HeinztheBlueGiant's avatar
HeinztheBlueGiantProfessional Traditional Artist
Looks so great!!!!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
BionicMooshroom's avatar
BionicMooshroomHobbyist General Artist
Has a very Bayformers feel to it, but you did it right.
Pyramedes's avatar
PyramedesStudent General Artist
I was insulted once for saying something like that. you've lasted for 2 years now, good job?
ToaChronix's avatar
ToaChronixHobbyist Artist
Looks great! Reminds me of some of Vrahno's stuff.
Ze-Saol's avatar
Ze-SaolStudent Writer
love it! Bionicle we miss you!
Makuta-sama's avatar
This is amazing. I love it.
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scribblefiloStudent Digital Artist
Amazing work!
ENERGY29's avatar
ENERGY29Hobbyist Artist
All very cool! but especially like the one who runs it is so steep as much can't get enough of)
BenjaminDJ99's avatar
Beautiful... Keep up the super excellent work, HT!
Spazzpants's avatar
SpazzpantsHobbyist Traditional Artist
The amount of detail put in to this is beyond awe-inspiring. Just incredible.
Basement-Aviator's avatar
Basement-AviatorHobbyist Digital Artist
The detail and poses are nothing short of amazing!
I especially like Zaktan.
Av8rIrish's avatar
O.o Amaaaazing. What is this project and can I have it now?
ChipMercury's avatar
ChipMercuryHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome!
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