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The-Hetalia-Universe is a group for everyone who is interested in Hetalia. It doesn't matter if you like art, stories or crafts about it!
You can share and find it here :) From fanart to flash games! Anything Hetalia!

Enjoy fellow Hetalians!

( =ヮ= )࿔ Ve~
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Aug 15, 2014


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Fan Club

497 Members
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Rules and Stuff( ∂ ω ∂ )


:earth: Please be nice to each other!

:earth: Submit stuff in the right folder.

:earth: NO submitting of other's artworks! Please submit only your artworks! However, memes, demotivationals, or anything comedy related is allowed. Edits of someone else's isn't allowed.

:earth: Hetalia related work please!

:earth: No hate on a character/pairing please or character bashing!

:earth: If you post something with nudity or violence please make sure you have mark it as mature content

:earth: To become an admin, you must be in dA for over at least two or three months (Contributors are an exception).

:earth: Before asking us to put a journal advertisement or something along the lines, please consult an admin. The journals will ONLY be group/art related. Like requests, commissions, cosplay etc.

:bulletblue: More rules to come!

Please abide by the rules. Or France will get you~

France: Ohonhonhon~


:earth: Feel free to ask us questions! We'll try to solve the problem as best as we can!

:earth: If you want to become a contributor or co-founder, please make sure you are active! If you aren't active or don't contribute as much then we might have to change your role back to member. If you have a reason to why you've been inactive please note ^^

:earth: If you have been de-ranked from an admin to a member, you may re-apply for contributor/co-founder but you really need to contribute something to the group. We can't have admins that don't do anything to help in this group. If you do have a reason for being inactive and have been de-ranked, please notify us.

:earth: If there are any folders you'd like to see on this page, please tell us ^^ stamps, emoticons or what ever. Don't be afriad to tell us your thoughts!


Germany: Please obey the rules...

Germany: Or else...


Ask us if you want to put a journal advert here. Make sure it's art related and group related. Read the rules or ask for more info.


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Hetalia Day 2014 by Muyenai Hetalia Day 2014 :iconmuyenai:Muyenai 4 3 APH Russia -Hug Me, Da?- by KuraraCinde APH Russia -Hug Me, Da?- :iconkuraracinde:KuraraCinde 352 120 HRE and Chibitalia by furere HRE and Chibitalia :iconfurere:furere 29 11 APH game by SERAPHLEI APH game :iconseraphlei:SERAPHLEI 6,236 998 Hetalia: What A Pisa Sh-- by khakipants12 Hetalia: What A Pisa Sh-- :iconkhakipants12:khakipants12 5,892 651 Hetalia Hetaon by sushi-country Hetalia Hetaon :iconsushi-country:sushi-country 1,872 227 Hetalia: Drawn Together by khakipants12 Hetalia: Drawn Together :iconkhakipants12:khakipants12 6,500 971 Hetalia: Celebrate Responsibly by khakipants12 Hetalia: Celebrate Responsibly :iconkhakipants12:khakipants12 5,411 813 China, hetalia by tawashitobitamaru China, hetalia :icontawashitobitamaru:tawashitobitamaru 1,753 108 Hetalia Italy by sushi-country Hetalia Italy :iconsushi-country:sushi-country 4,546 409 Asia The Beauty by Hetalia Asia The Beauty :iconhetalia:Hetalia 76 0 Urban Koreas by Hetalia Urban Koreas :iconhetalia:Hetalia 129 0 Land of the rising sun by Hetalia Land of the rising sun :iconhetalia:Hetalia 430 0 Nordics Hetalia by Hetalia-Lukas Nordics Hetalia :iconhetalia-lukas:Hetalia-Lukas 1,341 135 World Fighting Championship by Hetalia World Fighting Championship :iconhetalia:Hetalia 705 0 King by Cioccolatodorima King :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,865 287

Rated: Prussia

More awesome stuff! :iconlachoirplz:

Gallery Folders

Cuba by Gadget-Cat
APH America by Mano-chan
Hetalia: Priest Gilbert and Demon Ivan by SOTDcorp
Underwater by Cioccolatodorima
Axis Powers
Ludwig Hetalia by DruiMuffing
Germany Hetalia by DruiMuffing
Hetalia - Child Spain by OtomeNekos
(Commision) Smiling Romano by TomatoAndLettuce
Allied Forces
APH: Je t'aime_Happy Valentine by SingerHeart16
[Commission] The Great Game by Margo-sama
APH America Sketch (full ver.) by Alphira
''Here you are...'' by Ahsokixu
The Nordics
APH - White death by AnniFlamma
Til Hamingju Meo Afmaelio Iceland! by KITTYKINKIN
Grattis Pa Fodelsedagen Sverige! by KITTYKINKIN
Tillykke Med Fodselsdagen Danmark! by KITTYKINKIN
He got 20$ in his pocket by Alezheia
Flute melodies by Alezheia
Grumpy Austrian by Alezheia
Black Police by Alezheia
Panda Panda by Hungry-for-Tulips
Happy B-DAY!! by Alezheia
{APH China} Happy Lunar Year of Chicks! by Paluumin
APH Japan [Blossoms] by Alphira
APH Romania by Niutellat
Trung Thu by Jenykhuong
|APH| italy in fatigues by refinedgluttony
America Christmas for 2016 by OtomeNekos
Groups, Trios and Pairs
ASAKIKU by Kanyaed
The cafe everyone talks about by janikol
Aph: Czech Republic and Slovakia by SingerHeart16
Balt with Poland,Russia,Sweden and Denmark by SingerHeart16
HetaOcs Art and FanFiction
- Inktober 02 - Treasure- by kiba-kun1289
- Inktober 04 - Escape- by kiba-kun1289
[APH - Pride Day] - France and Lorraine by Niutellat
Fanfiction and Canon Literature
Reader Inserts
Ships or Pairings
[APH] PolHun- Mystery solved by PepeBezFetory
Golden and sweet days by SanctusIX
[APH] Nyo!Russia - 'Feeling thirsty?' by Ms-Filou
Prussia-Germany-Austria (OOMPH!) by EPH-SAN1634
Bad Friends Trio
Selfie! by Alezheia
Memes, Demotivationals, all the LOLs
APH Draw the squad 6 by Alezheia
Prussia is back to level 1 by Alezheia
Fem!Norway by Lukusta
Laddi by B-isou
2p! Nyo! SuFin by Aph-Ice
17_03_2018 - Happy Italian birthday by IggyAlfi2319
(Video)(APH X MMD)Swaying [Happy Birthday Norway!] by IggyAlfi2319
HetaGames, Flash Games, etc.
[Little Italy Riding Hood] - Asks 1 by Niutellat
HetaDoujins, Fan Comics, Sketches etc.
[Little Italy Riding Hood] - Asks 2 by Niutellat
Unsatisfied by BarInSpace
April Fools Event
LOCKER PRANK! by AmericanBlackSerpent

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Quote of the Week Month:
- Lithuania

Let us know if you have questions or something else :)
You can note us and we'll help :iconyayprussiaplz:

- Coritein

Some goals we want to reach
100 members ✓
200 members ✓
360 members ✓(so we can draw the earth :D )
500 members
1000 members

UPDATE: Hetalia Season 6 is confirmed! Click to see more info:…




As I age with the Hetalia fandom since 2010, I've noticed an increasing riff becoming an issue. There are becoming two very different sides of the fandom that as it goes on needs serious reconciliation and leadership. To say the sides are those of the newer, younger influxation and those who are veterans of the fandom itself. So, I wish to start here and ask for help with this issue since this is where I truly began to be involved with the fandom.

I propose that we find those who are younger and make a public restatement as to what to the old rules that were set up in the fandom originally. Such as don't reference current events with the characters and many other rules that sadly, need to be restated. So I wish to do is to ask those who are still in this fandom with me to help spread the word and help those who are younger, new.

To firstly,

1. Welcome them into the fandom itself. Start them out soft. This is something I have found we as a fandom have lost over the years.

2. Tell them some of the rules that should help keep them out of trouble. E.i. the one I stated above already.

3. Most importantly HELP THEM! Remember you were like them once whether you want to admit it or not.

4. Finally, I wish for help with everyone to get out the word about this. Please. Use any kind of social media where is the fandom is- TALK ABOUT IT! Communication is key.
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