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This is a group dedicated to showcasing Sailor Senshi based on the Herschel Catalogue which contains over 339 objects Here is the list:…

The other 69 object belongs to Messier and Caldwell group list
So here you will find 339 object to make you own Sailor senshi
Welcome to apply ^^
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:new: Everyone I would like you to update your Hershel number name and look up your number name on this site.…

The old site link was gone and I needed to find another site with the numbers. And this is the one that I found. So please update your senshi's
number name according to this site instead
To find your number name. Look up your NGC Number and in the list, under H# you will find your Hershel number for example:
NGC 4900 your Herchel number is 143-1 *remove the minus number 1* You will find this under the H# list.

Sorry for the inconvenience didn't know that the old site was gone and the link was broken!
Also if you see that you have the same number then Let it be and we can move one.
Any question note the group

:new: ENVENT Lolita Style
Here you can submit your girl wearing a lolita outfit.
Everyone is welcome to draw there senshi in a Lolita dress and submitting it in the Event folder here
*Idea by SailorSunPhoenix*

ENVENT Fairy tale Style  (Still on going)


Old News

:new: ENVENT Fairy tale Stye  (Still on going)
Here you can submit your girl turn into some of the fairytale princess or main character.
A NEW FOLDER for this has been made and its OPEN!


Change a little on the villains folders rule

NEW Folder Young Herschel CHIBI ART
(Idea by by SailorSunPhoenix)
Art of your character as a child. Like Chibi Usa/Rini in the Sailor Moon anime. Also if the senshi transform into chibi fied senshi. CHIBI ART can be submitted here

2014/07/04 New Folder came up by SailorSunPhoenix
a folder for the Holidays, like 4th of july, Earth Day (or planet day for the Herschels XD) Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

New Folder

2014-03-05 NEW
I added the name that your solder shall have when she turn into some of the Power up form =D

NEW SailorSunPhoenix
Had another brilliant idea from a offline friend of her. And that is to have a COMIC and Manga page illustration folder. So Now a new Folder has been created. Also a Guardian folder as well ^^

NEW SailorSunPhoenix
Had a GREAT IDEA that I could make a folder of our senshi turn into a DARK SENSHI. By that I mean the enemy of your nebula capture your senshi and brainwash her thinking and making her bad. So a folder is up for everyone to submit our EVIL Herschel Senshi design and art
Star/Galaxy that has been claimed:
:bulletgreen: Herschel 159 (NGC 278 ) claimed by :iconsnowlyn:
Claimed NGC 2787, NGC 3310, NGC4030, NGC7217, NGC 3949

:bulletgreen: Herschel 67 (NGC 2024, Flame Nebula) claimed by: :iconmitsuki0tennyo:
:bulletgreen: Herschel 76 (NGC4314)
NGC That she have claimed: NGC 4027, NGC 6118 and NGC 6451

:bulletgreen: Herschel 10 (NGC 4643) claimed by: :iconsailorx161:
NGC That she have claimed: NGC 136

:bulletgreen: Herschel 11 (NGC 6369 Little Ghost Nebula) claimed by: :iconaelcorsec:

:bulletgreen: Herschel 27 (NGC 2264), the Cone Nebula/Christmas Tree Cluster claimed by: :iconyukina-snowbunny:
claimed this Herschel object for her Herschel: 3226/3227 and 4656/4657

:bulletgreen: Herschel 32 (NGC 1788) Nebula claimed by: :iconsailorsunphoenix:

:bulletgreen: Herschel 33 (NGC 1999) Nebula claimed by: :iconkyuuketsuki84:
claimed this Herschel object for her Herschel: NGC 3982, NGC 2022 and NGC 6401 and NGC 7008

:bulletgreen: Herschel 31 (NGC 4526) claimed by: :icontheanomally:

:bulletgreen: Herschel 51 (NGC6818) claimed by :iconwildnature03:

:iconwinchestersmanor: claimed  this Herschel object:  NGC 7380, NGC 6823/NGC 6820 (it's two according to Wiki), NGC 4214, and NGC 7789

:iconiliowahine:  claimed  this Herschel object:  NGC 2440, NGC 4414, NGC 6781 NGC 225  NGC 1055

:icontabbycat1212530: claimed  this Herschel object: NGC 584

:iconkinibee: claimed  this Herschel object: NGC 4030

:icontheextravagantaryh: claimed  this Herschel object: NCG 288, NCG 613

:iconhotaruthodt: claimed  this Herschel object: NGC 654, NGC 2683, and NGC 4435/4438

:iconsetsunalove: claimed this Herschel object: NGC 5566 NGC 5466
Now that we a little bit more members that has claim a Herschel object.
Also everyone can do what ever they want this is open for people if they want to do it or not ^^

So if people who has ONLY ONE Herschel object can claim 4 more Herschel object. So people can have a Herschel senshi team.
The one who has 2 Herschel object can claim 3 more Herschel
The one that has 3 Herschel object can claim only 2 Herschel

Here is a journal that has all the unclaimed Herschel object:
SEND you request THROUGH THE NOTE SYSTEM That the group have please

ALSO FORGOT TO ADD. They are your FIRST CHOSEN HERSCHEL SENSHIS TEAM MATES So they TOO are sailor senshi too and that you have to see what there Herschel number are and so on. So make a reference picture of them too! So sorry that I didn't add that and some of you thought there ngc name was to be posted ^^

I will list here what Nebula star galaxy that has already been claimed:

:iconsnowlyn: (admin) claimed this Herschel object for my Herschel 159
:bulletred:NGC 2787, NGC 3310, NGC4030, NGC7217, NGC 3949

:iconmitsuki0tennyo:  claimed this Herschel object for her Herschel 67
:bulletred:NGC 4027, NGC 6118 and NGC 6451

:iconsailorx161: claimed this Herschel object for her Herschel
:bulletred:NGC 136

:iconyukina-snowbunny: claimed this Herschel object for her Herschel
:bulletred: 3226/3227 and 4656/4657

:iconkyuuketsuki84: claimed this Herschel object for her Herschel
:bulletred: NGC 3982, NGC 2022 and NGC 6401 and NGC 7008

:iconwinchestersmanor: claimed  this Herschel object:  NGC 7380, NGC 6823/NGC 6820 (it's two according to Wiki), NGC 4214, and NGC 7789

:iconiliowahine:  claimed  this Herschel object:  NGC 2440, NGC 4414, NGC 6781 NGC 225  NGC 1055

:icontabbycat1212530: claimed  this Herschel object: NGC 584

:iconkinibee: claimed  this Herschel object: NGC 4030

:icontheextravagantaryh: claimed  this Herschel object: NCG 288, NCG 613

:iconhotaruthodt: claimed  this Herschel object: NGC 654, NGC 2683, and NGC 4435/4438

:iconsetsunalove: claimed this Herschel object: NGC 5566 NGC 5466
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AT: SailorSunPhoenix by Marlitza
senshi Reference design art
Imperial Herschel 32 by SailorSunPhoenix
Imperial Sailor Herschel27 - References by Yukina-Snowbunny
Brainstorm: Imperial Herschel 30 by WinchestersManor
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The Herschel Senshi Single Finnished Art
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Art with other sailor senshi
Normal form civilian art
[Request] Herschel by CaretakerNick
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Super Sailor Form
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Enternal Sailor Form
Eternal NSG 136 by sailorx161
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Imperial Sailor Form
Imperial Sailor Herschel 95 by WinchestersManor
Imperial NSG 136 by sailorx161
Princess Form
Princess Herschel 32 - SailorSunPhoenix by shiicolate
Princess Herschel 32 - SailorSunPhoenix by shiicolate
Herschel Princess form request by LightingPhoenix
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Wedding Dress Reference
H32 The Wedding Day by SailorSunPhoenix
Neo Queen Form
=COMMISSION= Queen Cashlin by Myusse
Final Form
Astral Sailor Herschel 95 by WinchestersManor
School and Work Reference art
SailorSunPhoenix request by Tye-Sleep
Season outfit
Brainstorm: Herschel 18 I, Autumn by WinchestersManor
Herschel senshi meeting each other
The Villian
Art for Donator SailorSunPhoenix by Snowlyn
Evil Herschel Senshi
Dark Herschel 32 attack by SailorSunPhoenix
Halloween 12 by SailorSunPhoenix
Design of your transformation Item or weapon
Hand Mirror by iliowahine
Comic Manga Folder
H32 beginning Ch 1 pg 1 by SailorSunPhoenix
Former Queen and your senshi
Request of SailorSunPhoenix  by ZerroZ
Holiday Celerbration Day
Giving 2018: ACEO 1 for SSP by MamaLantiis
Young Herschel CHIBI ART
participation award - Daughter-32 by Tasuu-chan
ENVENT Fairytale style and Lolita
ENVENT: Lolita Style by SetsunaLove



Welcome to the Herschel Senshi group

Welcome to :iconthe-herschel-senshi: group on Deviantart! This group is started by Snowlyn,

We the Herschel group is NOT RELATED or have a alliance or are a sisterhood with Messier group. They have there own rules and ideas. And we have OUR OWN.
The Herschel catalog ONLY have the messier object in it's list but it doesn't MEAN that this group has something or are related with the messier project group.
The Idea and concept of group of galaxy senshi with character reference was first made up by the Messier-Senshi group. And the Herschel group was inspired by them so all credits goes to them about that part. Other ideas is made from me and ideas from members of the group

This community have a storyline, after a small amount of talking with Snowlyn, she has expressed to me what it is she wants for this community and asked me to express that with everyone here! Our current story as of right now is that three hundred and thirty-nine Herschel senshi are known. All of them is in an attempt to protect there kingdom and the universe from mass devastation!)
It is important to note that whilst that the enemy is still unclear, it will probably be a new form of Chaos. Your nebula star kingdom. Has ALREADY A former queen her name is the NGC NUMMER and have a family then one day this chaos arrive and try to concur the land.
It is you your character who is a normal sailor soldier to fight along side with other girls That must defend the kingdom. And try to upgrade yourself into becoming a Imperial senshi But your character don't know that yet. that you can be more after that. Then the queen get defeated and before that she tells you about a senshis journey to become the star nebulas chosen one. And that there is a change to be the next ruler of the land.
So this a little of what story all of us must go by.

If you are still interested at this point. Then good. Read this rules first and then after. Down here it explained how you can become a member of this story! But here is the rules first:

:bulletblack: Before Applying I hope you do know that this is a group focusing on that it is you who has to WANT TO DRAW your chosen herschel senshi. It's okay after you have drawn your senshi that you can request or commission someone to draw a better art of your senshi. But the main focus here is wanting to DRAW it on your own. LEARNING to draw and have FUN drawing. All the folder with information is there for people to draw art that goes with your character. And then giving ideas to develop your character through art
:bulletblack: You HAVE TO BE A MEMBER to be able to claim a NGC object
:bulletblack: Only Submit Art that belong to the right folder. If you are unsure what you shall submit it. Then always note me or a co-founder about it.
:bulletblack: Each Folder might have a desciption you can follow that can help you what kind of art is allowed to be submited there.
:bulletblack: No dolls senshi maker or base are allowed here.
:bulletblack: If your own art comes with a reference linked or credit of pose and Bg then that is accepted.
:bulletblack: No Art theif or stealing others art is to be submited in the galler folder. (If you see yours or someones elses art being submited here without the premission of the artist send a note to me or co-founder to be able to remove it from here)
:bulletblack: Do not post in the page comment section asking us to join. Everyone that want to join and want to pick a star or galaxy on the Herschel catalogue is always welcome to join. Just CLICK/PRESS the JOIN Button

Now that you know that rules then I add that
For a while we were doing signups via DA Journal entries, however there is three hundred plus characters to work out here, and so we needed to find a different way to work it out. So for now on
I like it if you would send the community a note by going up and clicking on "Send a note" on The-Herschel-Senshi page, and request your senshi.

There is a simple format to follow to when going to claim your senshi! I will explain it in this paragraph, quickly so that you can claim your Herschel Senshi and get to work planning what your character will be like!

Go to This link it is the wikipedia that has the Herschel 400 Catalog, here you can look through all the stars and constellations! (Please note that if it has an M or a C in front of it that it's not part of our group, it's part of the group for Messier and Caldwell senshi!)

After that, go to HERSCHEL 400
and Look for the NGC number of the star/Galaxy/cluster you chose and find it there! This will formulate your Herschel number. It is under the H#

So for instance: This is the one that I picked NGC 2371 It's actually two as it's a twin nebula but we'll leave that alone for right now. Then I went to the HERSCHEL 400 site and looked up that number (2371), I use my FIND/search because there are so many... And right away I find it H# "316-2" *ignore the minus number* that means my Herschel is 316!

Now, after you do all of this, put it in a pm (as we've asked before) and send it to the community (Just for repetitiveness sake~)!

Thank you for reading, I know it was long! But hopefully everything you need to know is here and will help you!

Text written by: Tachi-chii Some Edits by Snowlyn

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