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The Master's Facebook Page

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Just a really random idea I had which I put into action. It's the recent Doctor Who episode 'The End of Time, Part 1' as told through the Master's Facebook page.

All of my Fictional Character Facebook Pages are done entirely using Photoshop.

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xDDDD yahy! ahhhaha The Master is singel <---like.
The Master...fictitious person still has a more interesting Facebook page than me  Facepalm [Supernatural] 

very funny and very well done!
ElvenRaptor's avatar
Oh, gosh, that's too good! I love it!
Cedono's avatar
The Master joined the group "I was killed by the Doctor but I'm alive again" XDDD and he has 6,454,567,501 friends named The Master XDDDD so much funny x')
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FlaretheEchidna234's avatar
Infinite: Aww, he's so adorable when he's demonic. <3
Flare: Stupid fan girl... 
Infinite: Oh! Is that Knuckles in a swimsuit on your phone?!
Flare: SHUT UP!!!
XxInfamousWormxX's avatar
Oh my god, that's genius ! :'D
The-Wrath-of-Me's avatar
This is really wonderful ^_^
chriscastielredy's avatar
I'm laughing so hard omg Master here Master there Master everywhere! hahahahah
The-raggedy-mare's avatar
You've gotta make more of these. They have me rolling. XD
RavenluvsSesshomaru's avatar
My face hurts from laughing so much XD
The-raggedy-mare's avatar
This is the best way to explain doctor Who plots...
Xx0GamerGirl0xX's avatar
Lol, all those Masters!! la with fez request
This is fun. I love the adds!
cloverpuppy77's avatar
my sister is just like the master..... is evil and hates the doctor
cortohdow's avatar
The Master doesn't really hate the Doctor.
This is hilarious! 
Lunarwing-Hawktalon's avatar
I can see my own Skull. wtf
I started cry laughing when I saw that
Abecedye's avatar
"Fancy an upgrade?" :D :D :D LOLd
zackosletacos's avatar
In realationship with The Master? xD
PosideonGirlWhovian's avatar
'Ohh my hands are like a jetpack!' XD
wolfpride1011's avatar
the doctor in one panel say FML whats does that mean
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