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Jack Harkness' Facebook Page

You asked for it, so here it is. The last few episodes of Torchwood Series 3: 'Children of Earth' as told through the Facebook page of Captain Jack Harkness. God help us all.

All of my Fictional Character Facebook Pages are done entirely using Photoshop.

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mspace2000's avatar
At least it's not Tumblr.
Tumblr is heresy.
vanessatang80's avatar
the photos section are killing me omf xDDD
tuppkam1's avatar
hahahaha in a relation ship with Alonso XD Allons-y, Alonso! 
daydude101's avatar
Ughh. Usually I'd laugh to this.
HannahHypolita's avatar
That is....incredibly hysterical. How did you turn such sadness into this?
zackosletacos's avatar
He have Mickey The Idiot in his friends! 8D
ImTheDocta's avatar
artistic-optimist's avatar
"What happened to Ianto??"
:iconcryforeverplz: JACK NO DON'T FORGET IANTO
PosideonGirlWhovian's avatar
What happened to Ianto! WHAT HAPPENED TO IANTO!
SebbyRose's avatar
"B is for bondage" XD omfg
bronzian's avatar
'Jack became a fan of blackmail...'
Good to know!!
TARDISgirl908's avatar
This is hilarious! What program did you use to create this?
WhoviansLiveInTARDIS's avatar
OI! What happened to Ianto??
TARDIS865's avatar
*tears* You don't want to know!
Baltomaya's avatar
He forgot Ianto? That's not nice :(
SASAreloadet's avatar
okay. you are just awesome. everything on this picture is absolutely amazing XDDDDDDDDD
Greeneyesmetblack's avatar
Time-Moose's avatar
Only 3,000 friends? Poor Jack... :( Awesome cartoon Ad!

I want to visit Quiz Planet!
HolySnappzors's avatar
The Cartoonify Yourself AD in the corner has Doctor Who, lol.
GreenEyedArt777's avatar
Jack became a fan of : Blackmail! hahahaha oh my god! that is the best thing I've seen today! xD
Clocks-are-round's avatar
In the first or second ep of Torchwood, there was some guy who died, and his name was Rani. In the SJA one of the girls name is Rani.
The Rani shot down the TARDIS and caused the Doctor to regenerate...

I'm surprised the first time the Doctor met Rani in the SJA, he didn't say: "Okay, who the fck named you?" :XD:
SaskatchewanStardust's avatar
-Don't forget me


sobbb but its so funny ahfhulighughgdf ths just cracks me up man ily
lumpingmath's avatar
I guess it was allright but I was (and still am) a massive Janto shipper and can't stand the thought of Jack acting like he doesn't care...I don't even like accepting the fact that Ianto was killed off in the first place...oh Ianto whyyy!! God now I'm getting emotional! Oh god, ohhh gawwwd!! WHY!?!? . . . I think its time I stopped typing now (slightly ashamed).
Kibacool1's avatar
thats really odd. I'm actually waiting for Doctor Who to start right now!
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