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Foreign Worlds

I was randomly inspired one day to create my concept art for another world, a foreign planet and some of its moons--one of them terraformed--in another part of the universe. It was fitting that I would ultimately post it on July 20, on the fiftieth anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s historic walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. I’ve always believed that humans are naturally curious and that while we should always take top priority with maintaining our home world, we should continue to explore the galaxy. (If I’m feeling so inspired, I may be tempted to use these worlds again in some future works of mine. Who knows?)

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Impressive - love the shadow of the smallest planet.
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Thank you! Yeah, I had originally made the picture, but then I looked at it and was like, "How could I make it look more realistic? Wait, right, things have shadows!"
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It's a real pleasure.