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Okay, if no one had realized it yet, this channel is about dead, but not completely. I still need to get something off my chest before I plan to wash my hands of this damn channel altogether. It's going to be about the one character that's caused the...
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The more comments I get about it, the more I hate Asgore.
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Wow. Today was not good, like any other day on this site, I found some bullshit, and I will be talking about it shortly.
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This account and its point of discussion are officially dead. All discussion is over.
Heard this account was inactive but in case any Undertale fans that are minors (or adults too) that follow him are reading this.

This is what this guy thinks about child pornography:…

This guy being around kids isn’t safe
Oh dear lord, that's incredibly disgusting...!
I'm so glad this account is pretty much dead. One less Asgore basher in the world. Good freaking riddance.
Lmao...this whole account is a goldmine of narcissistic, unself aware, and hypocritical whining.
And of course you favorite borderline Toriel porn. Explains why shes your favorite character. Shes basically fap material. Mommy issues much? lmao
"I'm not gonna bother on the whole thing (I'm going to make one more Asgore journal at some point to get this all off my chest but I wanna bring up the Muffet point)

Explain this one line in the geno run

"I should have tied her (Alphys) up, she would have made a juicy donut"

It's on the UT"

Of course you dont respond to any of my other points. LMAO And until you bring me proof that she's put monsters into pastries, you've only got a quote that could easily be taken as a joke, seeing as she joked with Frisk about tying them up too and letting them "play" with her pet again.

"They work together at a school, that doesn't count as shipping.

And I'll ship whoever the hell I want, thank you"

When did I say you couldnt ship it? I just said it'll never be canon. lol
Um, they're clearly talking again if Asgore is gonna be working  at her school. And if they were married before, and Toriel is not as mad at him as she was before, odds of them getting along have increased ;)

BTW if you're gonna call me a butthurt Asgore fan, at least say it to my face instead of put it in the description a deviation after disabling the comments, kay? :D