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Welcome dear members !

You may wonder what kind of group is this one. Well, let me explain.
"The Greatest Thing" is a group about Love. We mean the feeling in general. So it can be romantic love, friendly love, family love. As long as there's Love you are in the right place !
And here are our lovely rules.


:bulletred:Can I be a member ?
Yes ! Everyone can, please go ahead and click the "join" button ! ^^

:bulletred:How about submissions ?
Good question ! Let me get things explained ^^

:pointr: What you can submit in our group:
Drawing of original couples ! As we stated above, it can be a romantic couple, a couple of friends, of siblings... Any couple as long as they're bounded by Love. ^^
Erotic pictures are accepted. But keep in mind that to be posted here, love scenes have to be soft.

:pointr: What you can't submit in our group:
Erotic ≠ Pornographic . Unapropriate content will be refused.
Big Licence Fanart. Like Naruto, Bleach, Disney, Marvel.... We encourage original characters and so we won't take fan-couples.

:pointr: We take Love as it comes, so your pictures can represent Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy or Girl/Girl couples. We don't mind as long as they respect the rules.

:pointr: Only picture scanned in good quality will be accepted. No photographs of your drawings !

Traditional: Any colored drawings made traditionaly. Meaning watercolors, inks, acrylics, colored pencils, etc... Any picture not made by computer goes in this folder !
Digital: Computer art goes in there. You did everything directly on your beloved PC or Mac, you're in the right place. We don't care if you use SAI, Open Canvas, ArtRage or Photoshop ^^
Mixed Media: You started traditional and colored or corrected, added thing via computer ? That's the right folder for you !
Black & White: Digital or Traditional doesn't matter, your B&W pictures go in there !
Sketch:Doodles and incomplete work can go there ^^

Do not submit anything in the feature gallery, nor the "Spread the Love" one. These galleries are reserved for special drawings, the admins decide what goes in them. Thanks !

:pointr: You can post only one deviation per day !


And that's all, folks ! Thank you for reading the rules and have fun here on the group !

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(english and italian below)
(inglese e italiano in fondo) 

Oyez Oyez braves gens !

Suite au succès de l'opération les trois dernières années, nous récidivons cette année encore avec le « Spread The Love Day » !
Cette année, l'événement se tiendra toute la semaine, ça devient donc "Spread the Love Week" afin que tout le monde ait le temps de faire un petit quelque chose si ça vous dit.

Mais qu'est-ce que c'est déjà, ce « Spread The Love Day »?

Réaliser une illustration érotique de bon goût.
Le but est de montrer qu'un dessin érotique n'est pas un dessin pornographique. Qu'il peut représenter une scène d'amour et de tendresse via l'acte sexuel, sans être vulgaire.

En faire une illustration de qualité.
Notre intention est de marquer le coup. Ceci ne pourra être le cas que s'il y a une application sérieuse dans votre démarche. Un dessin inachevé ou dans lequel on ne se serait pas investi ne servirait pas l'initiative de notre démarche !

Le 15 Août à partir de 6:00 am(et PAS AVANT !), vous pourrez poster votre dessin sur votre galerie DeviantArt (en précisant « spread the love » dans les tags, qu'on vous retrouve ^^) et la soumettre dans notre groupe. 

Pour l'occasion, le jour J, nous créerons un dossier dans lequel il sera possible de soumettre votre participation sans avoir à devenir membre du groupe.
Nous souhaitons recenser toutes les illustrations, et nous ferons un journal sur le groupe pour les featurer !

Notre but est de joindre le plus de monde possible pour que toute la journée, des illustrations sur ce thème fleurissent partout sur le site !  Pour répandre l'amour, donc. D'où le nom ! 

On espère avoir de nombreuses participations cette année encore !


Si vous souhaitez participer, vous devrez impérativement respecter toutes les consignes citées plus haut.

Concernant votre illustration, voici quelques précisions:

♥ Traditionnel, Digital, couleurs, Noir & Blanc, tout ceci est accepté tant que vous y mettez du soin !

♥ Femme/Femme, Homme/Homme, Homme/Femme, peu nous importe ! Il faut simplement représenter de l'amour. 

♥Pas de violence, bondage, ou autre.

(italiano in fondo)

Hear ye, hear ye everyone !

Seeing what a blast the operation was last year and the year before, we're doing it again with « Spread The Love Day » !
This year we'll have the event on during the whole week, thus it becomes "Spread the Love Week" and allows you all to have a little something readyif you so wish : D

But... what on earth is this « Spread The Love Day » again ?

Realize an erotic illustration of good taste.
Our goal is to prove that an erotic drawing is not a pornographic one. Showing two people making love on a drawing without being vulgar.

Making this illustration a quality one.
We want to mark the occasion. This can only be done if there is a serious effort in your work. A uncompleted drawing or a piece in which you made no efforts wouldn't be effective for the cause !

On August 15, starting at 6:00 am (France time) (and NOT BEFORE !), you can post your drawing on your DeviantArt gallery (precising « spread the love » in the tag line, so that we can find you ^^) and submit it in the group.

For this occasion, on D-day, we will create a folder where you will be able to post your participation without being a member of our group.
We want to fetch all the illustrations and we will post a journal there featuring all the drawings !

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible so that all that day long, illustrations on this theme will bloom on the site ! The spread the love, hence the name !

We hope to see as many entries as last year ! ^^


If you wish to participate, you must absolutely respect each of the rules above.
Concerning your illustration, here are some precision:

♥Traditional, Digital, colors, Black & White, all of them are accepted as long as you make it worth !

♥Woman/Woman, Man/Man, Man/Woman, we don't mind ! All you need is love.

♥No violence, bondage, and such.


Udite Udite brava gente !

In seguito all'operazione dello scorso anno, ci cerchiamo d'iterare anche stavolta lo « Spread The Love Day » ! Quest'anno l'evento si terrà per tutta la settimana, diventando "Spread the Love Week" così ognuno di noi ha il tempo di fare un piccolo disegno se vuole.

Ma che cos'è questo « Spread The Love Day » ?

Realizzare un'illustrazione erotica di buon gusto.
Lo scopo è mostrare che un disegno erotico NON è necessariamente della pornografia. Che possa rappresentare una scena d'amore e tenerezza mediante l'atto sessuale, senza essere volgare.

Farne un'illustrazione di qualità.
Vogliamo che il messaggio arrivi bene. Questo non potrà avvenire che mediante un serio impegno da parte vostra. Un disegno incompleto o fatto tanto per non servirebbe la causa della nostra iniziativa!

Il 15 Agosto a partire dalle ore 6:00 am (e NON PRIMA !), potrete postare il vostro disegno sulla vostra galleria DeviantArt (precisando « spread the love » nelle tags, che vi si possa ritrovare ^^) e condividerlo sul nostro gruppo. 

Per l'occasione, il giorno J, creeremo una cartella dove potrete mettere il vostro disegno anche senza essere membri del gruppo.
Vogliamo raccogliere tutte le illustrazioni e faremo un journal sul gruppo con le features di tutti !

Il nostro scopo è di avere il maggior numero di partecipanti affinché per tutta la giornata sboccino delle illustrazioni su questo tema dappertutto nel sito !  Per spargere l'amore, quindi. Ecco perchè il nome ! 

Speriamo di avere numerose partecipazioni anche quest'anno !


Se volete partecipare è imperativo rispettare tutte le consegne di cui sopra.

Riguardo alla vostra illustrazione, ecco delle precisazioni :

♥ Tradizionale, digitale, colore, bianco e nero, tutto è lecito purché fatto con cura !

♥ Donna\Donna, Uomo\Uomo, Uomo\donna, poco importa ! Dovete soltanto rappresentare l'amore

♥Niente violenza, bondage, o altro
More Journal Entries










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