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hi ,,

I saw alot alot of great Artists & I wanna thanx they for sharing us them amazing works :rose: ,,

so I want say for them good luck & keep ur great works up :D

I'm so proud to have amazing artists as friends :dance:

okay ,, lets begin with photographer  : )

~ Don't hurt love by Discomax~:thumb205154195: :thumb205009745: ~:thumb205120092:~ silent moment by xnightmare7~ iPod Love by BarflyDance ~ .. by iHadeel~:thumb205187722:~ When the Tears Have Stopped by AtomicBrownie ~ S w e e t by Consuelo-Parra~:thumb203989120:~ I'm Here by AtomicBrownie ~ Crash by IvanAndreevich~ :thumb205079525:~ Found my heart . .. by KHALID-ART ~ sky blue by PatrickRuegheimer~ The way you go by KHALID-ART~ Twist and Shout by AtomicBrownie ~ Pedestal by creativemikey~ Photo - Yellow Butterfly by AtomicBrownie~ Puffed Up with Pride by AtomicBrownie ~ White Daisies by AtomicBrownie~ Different by andrewzus~ focus on me by andrewzus ~ drop of joy by andrewzus~ Apple Red by vynro~ My Clover field by faintsmile28 ~ Dolphin drop by martzianu~:thumb205119306:~ Delicacy by malaugusto ~:thumb203722531:~ Abundance by creativemikey~ romanticflies by mohdfikree ~:thumb205035482:~ . . . by Thespianna~ Flowers_66 by Marcello-Paoli ~ Greener On The Other Side by mariesturges~ Squirrel by miirex~ the only exception. by this-is-the-life2905 ~ holding a piece of time. by this-is-the-life2905 ~:thumb203961672: ~ I Can Reach The Sky by Saimosa ~:thumb204984312: ~ Sun. by dansasajima ~ Simple Red by ipapun ~ Hope... by msMIM ~ Narcissus by hungarylady ~ Tainted Touch-2 by BarflyDance ~ Strawberries Splash by BarflyDance ~ I m m o r t a l by Consuelo-Parra ~ Days go by. by undiscl0sed7 ~ Bloom by Serend1pity ~ :thumb204923761: ~:thumb202367909: ~ J e w e l by Consuelo-Parra ~ a little magic by this-is-the-life2905 ~ Sunflower Seedling by mariesturges ~ European bee eater by AMROU-A ~ Jeddah's Fountain by aymanko0o ~:thumb204437078: ~:thumb196296509: ~ Let's go fishing by gsuguitanjr ~ rose by iHadeel ~ Water Drop 1 by SquadGazZz ~ ~:thumb203506111: ~ Page 134 by PatrickRuegheimer ~ inverted effect by PatrickRuegheimer ~:thumb203664819: ~ Voisins by Mademoiselle-Pixelle ~:thumb158088834: ~ :thumb205128374: ~ Creeping Tears 089 by Elandria ~ :thumb203921129: ~ :thumb155767347:
~ XII by lukaspeterec ..


~ - Smoothy - by JNoOoN ~ Spotlight by PatrickRuegheimer ~ Chained with my Dreams by LenaDavid ~ Try Number 1 for the Bokeh Kit by Wadha-M ~ Fancy meeting you here... by SachaKalis ~ Moon by drmehmet ~ :thumb203817505: ~ :thumb203143785: ~ City street by shytiha ~ silent moment by xnightmare7 ~ :thumb202253575: ~ :thumb203790055: ~ :thumb204926297: ~ :thumb188426290: ~ Arabian Eyes by SHTAT ~ XII by lukaspeterec ~ :thumb202127270: ~ The Light in the Darkness by IrvingGFM ~ Silence by STYLER20 ~ :thumb187089726: ~ Caressed  by Sunshine by Mega-Shots ~ Cales Coves by EdVel ~ Tango by psychiatrique ~ Blue by kaykaykit ~ Sunny Moss by throw-a-bomb ~ small places by throw-a-bomb ~ black and White by sultan-alghamdi ~ Starry Night by Mega-Shots ~

u know visit this the-golden-princess.deviantart… & enjoy with Best photos in DA :love:

please check my new journal ( Amazing photographer 2 : )

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Belated thank yous for the feature!! :love: