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Hero Team: Navy SEAL by The-Golden-Knight, literature

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Hero Team: Navy SEAL by The-Golden-Knight, literature

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  • June 9, 1992
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My Bio

I'm a tough person who's been through a lot. Semper Bellum.

I'm proud to be a straight white male - what are you going to do about it?

My personality is very steely and intense. Socially, I belong with the hunters and veterans, and my part-time job at the gun range taught me that kind of lifestyle is where I belong. I like heavy conversations, and excitement from my video games (Which captures a feeling of power and awe Real Life could never deliver). If I were limited by only my imagination, my dream job would be XCOM, or the fictional United States Super Soldiers. I'd be happy to just be the janitor of XCOM! Though what I'd really want is to be either a soldier or THE Commander!

For hobbies, I mostly write and play video games. I am also the Loremaster of the Mythic Existence, which spans all One Googol Eons, starting from Myth of the Golden Knight, up to Myth of the Legendary Warrior (my comic book), and everything in between.

I'm single, and given my past experiences, I have no desire in attempting to misplace my trust in a potential relationship. I learned the hard way that no matter my feelings on the matter, it is just not going to happen. That said, I have STRAIGHT PRIDE, so if you're going to preach "equality", my job is to make sure you mean it, and not to instead swing the pendulum in the opposite extreme.

Do not forget to visit me at:

Favourite Visual Artist
Craig McCracken, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker
Favourite Movies
Original Star Wars Trilogy (on VHS); 300; Die Hard; anything Swarchenegger
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dragonforce; Sabaton; Freedom Call; Power Quest; Crush 40
Favourite Books
Tom Clancy's Against All Enemies
Favourite Games
too many to list
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Brains, secret plans, pencil (the most Godly of all), and a Keg of Whoopass!
Other Interests
Cartoons, HEROISM, guns, freedom, things that make you scream WOAH
So much for my Christmas wish. At least I'm still here for the new year. Just try to survive. Semper Bellum!
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First, I wanted to start by saying the single most important word: SPOILERS! Yes, go read the three Epic Force books before proceeding (or at least glance for a second at the cover pages if you don't have that kind of time, patience, attention-span, or interest). The tone of the writing here is very much what I wanted to do with "Young Guardian" back when I was a kid (we're talking about the year 2000), where it'd be this "ultimate crossover" mish-mash of awesome franchises to create "the ultimate epic of cosmic proportions". So for the 100 or so people in the whole world that actually bought the Myth of the Legendary Warrior comics, if you can ignore some of the slightly more "adult" scenes in these books, this is closer to the ORIGINAL spirit of Young Guardian than the ACTUAL Young Guardian Himself! What do I mean? First, there's Chad Golden-Knight, the stoic yet manly Paladin with the hyperactive manly needs. ;) He actually came from my ORIGINAL RPG game (I tried my homebrew
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8 months is a very long time to be away. I'll probably be gone for ANOTHER 8 months in a day or so! At least I'm alive.
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Oh hi, what brings you to my page?

What would you recommend as far as cartoons and movie go? I’m still sort of in quarantine and I have officially ran out of things that are new for me to watch!

I have no idea, I've been busy with video games this whole time. I only sometimes flip through Youtube as a break to that vacation.

For some reason I can't reply to your last note, it won't send. ???

Ah, crap! Blame Eclipse...just another log to throw onto the fire, y'know?