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Spriting Fakemon Tutorial V.3

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EDIT 1 (Day of submission): Fixed some spelling errors and added a section over background colors (thanks to ~Involuntary-Twitch)


Total revamp of my spriting tutorial from my old account. Hopefully this'll be the last time I have to make this ._.

Like I said many times in there, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and study the official sprites. And not just the official Pokemon sprites. Any pixel art you see study it. Maybe you can pick up how someone sprited fire, or did fur... then apply what you know onto your own sprites. That's how I taught myself over these last 6 years.

there's some things I wanted to go into more detail about, but I was afraid of making this thing waaaaaaay too long. It's already long as it is... also ignore any typos D:



Here's some tutorials I used to help me understand certain concepts. Use them, they're helpful!

[link] by *purplekecleon
[link] by ~sashas

Color Palettes
[link] by ~Kiwinuptuo (having a bad palette is unavoidable for Pokemon sprites btw, so don't fret about it)

Light Source/Textures
[link] by ~Andcetera
[link] [includes color theory] by *Ostwyn

[link] by ~Kiwinuptuo

(I'll add more if I find any)

Thanks for reading, and remember to favorite and comment! I'll try to help you if I can if you have questions or whatever!
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I thought GBA sprites could have up to 15 colors?
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thank you very much! but could you tell me the number of your pen?
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Hey guys, I'm trying to make these games called Pokemon Blitz and Pokemon Tesseract but I can't find any spriters. I would make my own but I'm terriible with sprites. So if you want to help me then you can.
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I can make you a commission. 25 points, and i'll do you icon, back and front, back and shiney front.
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I wanna do Fakemon again, like old times, and this is gonna help me in a way. Thanks.
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this tutorial isnt just good for fakemon. I really wanna do some pixel images of my characters and this really informed me on how to pull it off!
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Thank you very much, this tutorial is amazing!
I've created my own fakémon following your suggestions.
This is my first sprite ever, comments will be very appreciated!

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thanks for the effort 
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This was really helpful, I am really trying to create my own!
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wow thats sorta complex, but I like the way the sprites came out
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im sorry to bump such an old post, but i use this tutorial a lot when playing with pokemon stuff. its very helpful! i do have on issue with it however. where did you get 12 as the color limit? i went and disected ho-oh's sprite from emerald and saw it has 15 colors (including the bg.) before that the sprites were on an extremely limited palette, so i know you arent getting 12 form back then. you are right in 3-4 shades for each color at most, that holds true.
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This is so useful! I used it to make this!…
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Thank you for this tuto, it helped me a lot ^^
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thanks for making this, it helped a lot, i'm only just getting into making fakemon, and so far, my fakemon were looking a little "cartoony" so i think i might keep what i've made in a folder, and start again with this as a reference
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Thank you, this looks pretty amazing. I wouldn't look forward to redoing what I've done for a certain project, but your pointers make a compelling case. :XD: 
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Thanks a lot! I like a lot how you explain it! n.n
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This is incredibly helpful! Once my Leitoh Regionfakemon pokédex is on its way to completion, I'll absolutely use this to make sprites.
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Thanks for the tutorial! It will really help a lot!
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This tutorial is really helpful!Can you criticize…
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Awesome tutorial! Primitite and Ifritspen are pretty cool too :)
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Spliceing parts from other sprites is acturlly a good thing to do. (Ever heard of splices?)
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