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Spriting Fakemon Tutorial V.3

EDIT 1 (Day of submission): Fixed some spelling errors and added a section over background colors (thanks to ~Involuntary-Twitch)


Total revamp of my spriting tutorial from my old account. Hopefully this'll be the last time I have to make this ._.

Like I said many times in there, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and study the official sprites. And not just the official Pokemon sprites. Any pixel art you see study it. Maybe you can pick up how someone sprited fire, or did fur... then apply what you know onto your own sprites. That's how I taught myself over these last 6 years.

there's some things I wanted to go into more detail about, but I was afraid of making this thing waaaaaaay too long. It's already long as it is... also ignore any typos D:



Here's some tutorials I used to help me understand certain concepts. Use them, they're helpful!

[link] by *purplekecleon
[link] by ~sashas

Color Palettes
[link] by ~Kiwinuptuo (having a bad palette is unavoidable for Pokemon sprites btw, so don't fret about it)

Light Source/Textures
[link] by ~Andcetera
[link] [includes color theory] by *Ostwyn

[link] by ~Kiwinuptuo

(I'll add more if I find any)

Thanks for reading, and remember to favorite and comment! I'll try to help you if I can if you have questions or whatever!
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I thought GBA sprites could have up to 15 colors?