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First of all, hello and welcome to everyone coming to see me after picking up my card at Furthe'More! I hope you'll find lots of stuff here you like. ^.^ Posts have been a little sporadic since March, due to the whole selling-my-house-and-moving thing, but that's all cleared up now and the production machine is moving again. ;) As I owe some of you commissions, and others of you may simply be curious as to what I've got in the pipeline, this is one of my periodic "state of the Gneech" posts to let you know what's going on.

My first priority is to get Issue Three of Suburban Jungle: Rough Housing finished as quickly as possible, in the hopes that I can have it on hand for AnthroCon, which is only a month away! (Eep!) Everything else I've got going on is officially on hold until I get that squared away. If I'm lucky, that will be done by the end of next week... if I'm unlucky, it will take pretty much the rest of June and no issue three at the con, which will make me go all sadface.

Once issue three is done, either way, I will be emptying out my digital commission queue. This is what I have listed in my notes, so if I'm missing something of yours, please remind me!

  • KarmaKat's Watering Hole series (4 of 4)
  • Conqure commission
  • Miertam Twilight/Fluttershy monster studies commission

Assuming the SJ work gets done on time, these should be finished by the end of June and/or AC. Finally, once those are done, I'm going to turn all of my attention to Dungeons and Denizens and get that finished off while I work on the script for the fourth issue of SJ. That will probably take most of July and/or August.

So, that's my summer spoken for. ;) If you want to squeeze a commission in there, they are technically still open, but your best bet to get art from me in the near future is to get me to do it for you at AnthroCon. As you may have read in my LiveJournal, badges and sketchbooks at Furthe'More were almost nonexistent for whatever reason, which is not a happy way to spend a convention for an artist! Especially when most of the other dealers were booked solid. Don't you love me any more? *sniffle* Aw well, hopefully AnthroCon will be better!

Anyway! Time for me to get to work. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
I must admit that I've never really paid a lot of attention to the Ursa Major Awards, for two reasons. First, I tend to be more of a producer than a consumer, and as such awards just don't show up on my radar that much. Second, in my capacity as a producer, I rarely had anything that I thought really merited recognition on a "literary award" kind of scale, except possibly No Predation Allowed, and I completely missed the window on that one due to dealing with personal crises at the time.

However, that has changed. This year, No Predation Allowed: Ten Years of The Suburban Jungle is eligible for nomination due to its new edition from FurPlanet. In short, I've got a second shot at it, and as this is currently my magnum opus, I have to admit that it would be really nice to see it get at least a nomination nod.

So this is a call to my fans! Please nominate and vote for at least one of my books, here:… I actually have five that are eligible: all three volumes of No Predation Allowed and issues one and two of Rough Housing. I won't be so greedy as to ask you to use all five nomination slots on my work... but I will be just greedy enough to point out the lovely symmetry of it.

Seriously tho. :) I've been told that Suburban Jungle was an important work in the furry world, and I'd certainly like to think it made its mark. If you could help make this happen, I'd be grateful. Thanks!

-The Gneech
AnthroCon 2014 is comin' at us fast! So here's the lowdown!

I will be in the Dealer's Room most of the time during the day, sharing a table with my buddy SirFox, specifically table K14, which can be found here:

AC2014 dealer hall floorplan by the-gneech

Thanks to the awesome folks at FurPlanet, I will have Suburban Jungle (Rough Housing) Issue One, as well as No Predation Allowed and a smattering of older merchandise, and of course I'll be doing sketches, badges, and anything else I can get ahold of to do.

At night I'll be bouncing around a lot, but I tend to spend most of my time in the Zoo looking for people to hang out and art jam with. Come and find me! If you ask real nice, I might even tell you what my secret upcoming project is. ;)

-The Gneech

PS: Yes! There will be a cameo up for bidding at the charity auction! I can't believe I almost forgot to mention that.…
Bidding is closed! Thank you very much to everyone who participated! You are all made of awesome! :)

The final results:

1.) KarmaKat ($200)
2.) LionKingCMSL ($150)
3.) Kiara ($125)
4.) ANON–”Rocker” ($100)
5.) Kitana ($100)
6.) MaxFuchsCajote ($100)
7.) Kyyanno ($100)
8.) Dewhitton ($100)
9.) Exatron ($75)
10.) ANON–”Flower Pony” ($75)

Total: $1,125 Awwww, yeah!

I will contact you all privately to get details of your character. You may make your payment via Paypal; I also accept credit cards via Square if you’d like to e-mail me ( and we’ll take care of the transaction that way. I will need your mailing address to send you your signed issue! Please make your payment and send me your character info by February 7th at the latest or your cameo will not make it into the comic.

If you’d prefer to donate to the Stan Sakai fundraiser directly, you can do that here:…

Please forward me a copy of your payment acknowledgement so I can note it in my records.

Those who did not get in are under no obligation, but if you would like to contribute to helping Stan, you’re more than welcome to go ahead and send your bid anyway! Everyone bid at least $20, so you’re all eligible to get a signed #1.


-The Gneech

DISCLOSURE: I will deduct the cost of printing/shipping the comic and withhold a bit for taxes from your donation before I forward it on. The amount deducted will be no greater than $10 per donation, and less if I can swing it.
Some bidders have been bumped, you might have to defend your spot!

Auction ends at midnight, EST. Good luck, and thanks everyone!

-The Gneech
As you probably know, Stan Sakai, a hugely important figure in furry literature and a super-nice guy, is undergoing some really rough times. To try and help out a bit, I am auctioning off a total of ten cameo slots in a large action scene splash page of the new Suburban Jungle comic!

Basically, leave your comment here with your bid, or send me an e-mail to if you'd prefer to keep it private. The auction will run until Friday midnight (EST), and the top 10 highest bidders will have their characters in the scene enjoying a moment of mayhem. Any paying bid of $20 or more will get a signed print copy of the comic in the mail, regardless of whether you win a cameo spot or not.

I will do my best to update the bidding list in this post on a daily basis, and announce the winners on Saturday.

Please help me support this cause! And please spread the word. :)

Update! Bids As Of Friday Noon

1.) KarmaKat ($200)
2.) LionKingCMSL ($150)
3.) ANON–”Rocker” ($100)
4.) Kitana ($100)
5.) MaxFuchsCajote ($100)
6.) Kyyanno ($100)
7.) Dewhitton ($100)
8.) Exatron ($75)
9.) ANON--"Flower Pony" ($75)
10.) Rowyn ($50)

NOTE: Alas, some bidders have been bumped from the list! They can always rebid a higher amount if desired, but the auction closes at midnight, so you'd better hurry! :)

-The Gneech
To all my friends, family, furs, and fans, Merry Christmas! :)

That's all, really. ;)

-The Gneech
Update: The guaranteed-in-October slots are filled! Commissions are still open, and I'll get to them as quickly as possible, but there may be a wait.

I did say they'd open today, didn't I? Sorry about that, my day was knocked all sideways by unexpected potential buyers coming to look at my house, then dealing with fallout from events in the news and... gah. It was a weaksauce start to my new job. ;P

Anyway! I still have a few minutes before midnight, so here we go!

October Commissions Now Officially Open!

I'll open five slots that are guaranteed to be finished in October, on a first-come first-served basis (based on comment/e-mail timestamp). Requests beyond those five will still be taken, but are not guaranteed to be done in October. (I will if I can, but make no promises.)

The price will be $35 - $55 for most requests, although it might go up sharply for real crazy stuff, animation, or a ton of characters. As always, top rating is roughly PG-13. I take Paypal or check and I'm willing to negotiate for other modes of payment. E-mail me at or comment to make your request. Please do NOT use direct messages through LiveJournal, FurAffinity, or DeviantArt.

Thank you!

-The Gneech

October Commissions
1) Spiritwolf-- Digital character portrait (previously reserved)
2) Redliox-- Comic
3) Huskyteer-- TBD
4) Dewhitton-- TBD
5) Kamau-- TBD
6) PunkTiger-- TBD

Non-Guaranteed Commissions
1) Blacktigr

It's been a long time since I did open call for commissions! But starting with October, I intend to have fairly regular open slots.

So starting Monday, I'll open up five commission slots to be accepted and completed within the month of October. I'm telling the world about it now because in the past they've sometimes filled up fast and people requested that I give them advance notice. :)

Prices will be in the $30-$50 range, depending on the complexity of the image, with an extra charge for printing and/or mailing. Note that crazy stuff may cost more, and that I do not take commissions for explicit erotica or gory violence.

-The Gneech

I have a handful of outstanding commissions, some of which are quite old, which I have not completed, usually because I've received either no guidance or at best vague suggestions. Some of these commissions are from backers of the Suburban Jungle Kickstarter, others are charity auction winners, etc., and so I realize that the recipients of said commissions might not mind that they've never actually received 'em.

However, having them sit there on my too-much-to-do list for years is starting to poke at me. So as of next Saturday (April 6), I will be going down my "to do" list and marking any and all outstanding commissions as "completed." If you feel I owe you some art, please let me know via ASAP and I'll make it good, whether via art or refund.


-The Gneech
Just a heads-up, all you happy people! I will be running a "Penciling 101" panel on Saturday, April 6, 4:30 p.m. at Fur The 'More: Time Traveler's Party in Baltimore, MD. This is the first outing of a brand new furry con! It should be fun.

The panel will cover some basic artistic concepts, including thinking in shapes, the magic grid, and dynamic posing. I'll also do my best to answer questions and offer specific tips as needed. Hope to see you there!

-The Gneech
With LiveJournal being so very up-and-down, I'm looking around for some other form of bloggy social media site. To that end, I've started a DreamWidth account:

Come around and say hello, if you've got one too! I need to repopulate my friends list.

-The Gneech
Your arguments are invalid.…

That's show canon right there, mamajammas.

-The Gneech
Certain dalek fanboys are STILL freaking out over my ponies vs. daleks series. And the more stridently they shriek, the more hilarious it becomes. But really? Now they're just plain hurling abuse at me personally, apparently on the grounds that my depiction of one completely fictional creature beating up another fictional creature in ridiculous ways is a bad, bad thing and that I'm a bad, bad person for doing it.

Well dalek fanboys, I'm sorry to have made your lives so horrible. Would you feel better if I gave you a lollipop?

While you're waiting for it, enjoy these links...……

-The Gneech

EDIT: I should point out, there are only a few individuals engaging in this behavior. Most commenters on the series have been having fun in the spirit of the whole thing, which is awesome. :)

Featuring the Flower Trio (Lily, Daisy, Roseluck).

C'mon and enjoy!
Michelle Creber, the underage VA who allegedly had horrible things thrown at her at EverfreeNW, posted to her Twitter account that no such thing happened, and in a scenario like this, where the accuser claims to have witnessed something firsthand, but the alleged victim says "nothing happened," it all quickly falls into doubt. If the core of the argument is false, the rest is immediately suspect.

So, I'll come right out and say it. I may have been taken in by a troll. I don't think it's as simple as that, but I have nothing to base this on but my own gut instinct and the general tendency of all fandoms to circle the wagons where issues of gender, race, or basically not being a jackass are involved.

But I have to admit here that, as a commenter pointed out, I have my own confirmation bias to account for as well. I have on occasion been treated like crap by people flying the "brony" flag myself; I have also facepalmed at complaints about humanized Twilight being depicted as black, been creeped out by horribly fetishized pony art that I stumbled on while looking for references, and groaned at self-appointed (and apparently unchallenged) spokespeople for the fandom shamelessly egging on Lauren Faust/John De Lancie/Tara Strong to "Tell us MORE about how awesome bronies are!"

So yeah, it was very easy for me to believe the OP. If she is a troll just expertly pushing my buttons, then shame on her for pushing them and shame on me for allowing them to be pushed. But the fact remains that those buttons are there, and they didn't come from nothing.

Anyway. I didn't want to just leave all this hanging there. Michelle Creber has said that she was treated nothing but wonderfully at the con and I believe her. The rest is all hearsay.

-The Gneech
I'm glad people are still sharing and enjoying the "Ponies vs. Daleks" series, and I have in mind to do some more in the not-too-distant future. But I have to say, I find it hilarious how many people are SO bothered by the ponies wiping the floor the with daleks and keep trying to "defend" them. Apparently the concept of dalek badassery is so vital to their worldview that my silly cartoons constitute some sort of fundamental attack on it!

Dude. Daleks are a squidgy little rubber ball of tentacles wrapped in a "I'm NOT Compensating! SHUT UP!" tank body, with kitchen utensils for arms. They are, on a fundamental level, ridiculous. The fact that they're so aggressive and have such a hate on for every other creature in the universe is even more ridiculous. The fact that the Doctor and his wonky companion-du-jour keeps stomping them into mash is the delightful cherry on top. Daleks are Elmer Fudd with a laser cannon.

Now I like daleks. I think they're neat villains and cool antagonists. But let's get a grip here, people. If you're annoyed by the idea that candy-colored cartoon ponies are beating them senseless, you need to re-examine your priorities!

-The Gneech
It's probably old hat to a lot of you, but it took me a long time to find it! Isolating inks from the white background on a scan.…




Rainbow Dash:

Pinkie Pie:…


Princess Celestia:…

Spitfire and Soarin:


Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo:

The Cutiemark Crusaders:…

(More to come...)

The rest of my gallery, for those interested:… ...includes pony, furry, Ghostbusters, Yog-Sothothery, and other random bits of geekness

EDIT EDIT: I cannot believe I'm still getting butthurt comments from dalek fanboys over these pictures. Let's be very clear here: DALEKS AND PONIES ARE MADE UP THINGS AND I CAN DRAW THEM HOWEVER I WANT.…

Also, you are wrong, wrong, wrongy-wrong. The second Doctor once pushed a Dalek down the stairs. Ace used to take a baseball bat to them. Daleks are totally beatable.