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Princess Spylestia, For No Good Reason

I have no idea what I'm doing.
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I have no idea what are you doing, but i love it, all of it :3
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It's hard to spy when people are bowing to you all the time.
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It does make it awkward, yes.
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She's never really managed to be as good as Luna, who enters your dreams. (Rumor has it she's starting an Equestrian NSA.)
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Sam Fischer, eat your heart out...
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Splinter Cell of Changelings?
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A scene from Espionage is Magic.

Could also be a scene from Alicorn Notice.

Everything is cool until someone takes your horn or your wings and then they dump you in any city...
Twilight Sparkle: Where am I?
Pinkie Pie: In Ponyville.

Then you have to rely on anyone that would help you.
A trigger happy ex mare friend.
*reloads shotgun* Shall we shoot them?
A friend that informs on you to the Royal Guards.
You know spies, bitchy little fillies...
Family if you are really unlucky.
Twilight, somepony needs your help!

You are not going anywhere until you find out who put the notice out!

Looks great.
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Alicorn Notice! :D
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That would make a cool comic.
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