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Pony Practice: Twi and Dash

Still learning to draw in this style. To the left, direct from "How to Draw ___" tutorials found on the web. To the right, poses from actual show frames, with minor modifications. I gotta say, I much prefer the ones to the right, and will probably keep practicing using that method for a bit. The big ol' anime sparkle eyes are still giving me trouble, alas.

Tho this be madness, there's method to it. One reason I'm working so hard to master the MLP:FIM style (besides the fact that it's an awesome show) is because it's such a DIFFERENT style than my own. If I can learn to draw "natively" in that style, it'll build all sorts of new artistic muscles, which I'm going to need in the days ahead as I work on Arclight Adventures.

Also, it's an awesome show. ;)
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Thanks. :) This probably belongs in "scraps," but I've never got the hang of using that. ;P
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It's better than other l.a.d.'s that ive seen.