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Ponies vs. Daleks Season Two: Cutiemark Crusaders!

It's been a while, I know, but we're back in business as the CMC try to get their timey-wimey cutiemarks! The dalek might actually stand a chance, this time...


Rest of the series, here:…

EDIT EDIT: I cannot believe I'm still getting butthurt comments from dalek fanboys over these pictures. Let's be very clear here: DALEKS AND PONIES ARE MADE UP THINGS AND I CAN DRAW THEM HOWEVER I WANT.…

Also, you are wrong, wrong, wrongy-wrong. The second Doctor once pushed a Dalek down the stairs. Ace used to take a baseball bat to them. Daleks are totally beatable.
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"This level of stupidity does not compute. Maximum extermination!"

goldorakx69's avatar
after 3 hour, the CMC a finally beat the Dalek by force him to Give up!
shoji9's avatar
This would be the end of the Daleks. 
analothor2's avatar
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Ok, now I want to see:
1. Vinyl blasting a dalek with a bass cannon
2. Discord using the daleks as salt-and-pepper shakers
3. King Sombra making the daleks see a billion Doctors
4. Starlight Glimmer hypnotizing a dalek
5. Flurry Heart vaporizing a dalek with a sneeze
the-gneech's avatar
That Discord suggestion is pretty brilliant, actually. XD
DragonGirlMesilune's avatar
Thank you, thank you.
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Yay! I can't wait to see more of this series! I'm sorry about the annoying Dalek fans :( I've seen some of their comments... They have NO sense of humor!
the-gneech's avatar
'tis odd, yes. :) But haters gonna hate hate hate, and exterminators gonna nate nate nate... or something. XD
battlecruiser006's avatar
I'm a whovain but I STILL find this funny.
brunoprower500's avatar
I prefer Sweetie Bot... wait, she is or not?
Jwpiszczek's avatar
Revenant deadcrow: (grabs the Crusaders and slams them into the ground) daleks are the only one you need to worry about 
Jeanette9a's avatar
i wonder what luna and discord would do to it?
the-gneech's avatar
I have a Luna pic drafted, I just haven't had time to finish it yet. :) Discord, no idea!
Jeanette9a's avatar
well with discords habit of eating strange things, like paper, evil seeds, cotton candy mane's. 
i can just imagine him taking a bite of it.
the-gneech's avatar
Or maybe turning them into wind-up toys...
Aura-Overlord's avatar
Maby use the Dalek like a pepper shaker
unknownmysteriousguy's avatar
cybermen armor are WAY more resistant than her force field, and daleks kill cybermen like they are nothing.
also his shots are eletric, she would recive some damage, lose control of her force field, than be exterminated.
battlecruiser006's avatar
To quote uncle from JCA: Magic must defeat magic.
Warriors77495's avatar
It's a MAGICAL force-feild OOoooOOO000ooooOOO

Plus Sweetie is a friggin' robot!
blackheartzero's avatar
PFT! this'll be over in a matter of rels...
BondoFox's avatar
Well remember, Sweetiebell IS a robot pony after all  :)
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