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Pirate Airship Turnabout

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Published: August 11, 2012
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You can't have air pirates without a pirate airship! DUH. This is the Turnabout, commandeered (well, stolen) from Her Majesty's Airship Corps, now the scourge of the airways.

Concept art for my new comic project. Curious for opinions, besides the obvious "that thing is gonna be a PAIN to draw all the time!" ;)
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OraTheRebelKitsuneHobbyist General Artist
This ship would be a new generation of Don Karnage's Iron Vulture production line XD
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Assuming that the other ships in the fleet are built upon similar lines. The ideal spot to attack from would be under and the rear. You bring almost all your guns to bear and they could at best return fire with a single small turret. Once grapeshot has ripped through the airbag the attacked ship would gain a ideal positioning to return fire as it sinks but the crew might have other things on it's mind.

Since this is a pirate ship you might want to make note of where the grappling guns/boarding equipment is there is no loot if your prey plummets to the earth in a ball of flame.

And...Awesome ship.
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. :) This was a first pass, so many things will change. I'm currently thinking about adding some kind of grappling equipment (and perhaps extendable gangways) to the nose, and I'm still not settled on the propulsion issues.

Also, this ship is not optimized for pirate use, so some of its "design flaws" are a reflection of that. It's intended to be a fast attack boat going head-to-head against enemy craft.
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Lunarlight-PrismHobbyist Traditional Artist
Turnabout seems like air play too me. XP

Really nice design work, I love airships X3
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
Heehee! Thanks. :)
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trpealHobbyist General Artist
I like this! That's a lot of hardware to be supported by a rigid airship, though. How big is this ship?
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
~720' long. Roughly the length of two football fields.
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Duplicate steering room on the lower pillar for near-surface piloting? Ballast and non-port disembarking there too?

If it's capable of surface targeting, I'd expect a set of guns on the ventral hull, not just two at the bottom of the low-fin.

Where does it employ small / boarding / landing craft from?
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
Duplicate steering room can easily be those large viewports on the lower pillar. And there's probably a gangway on the bottom for boarding.

This particular ship is not really designed for bombing surface targets-- its role in a fleet is to attack other airships. It probably does have some bombing capacity, but not much. (The fact that it's a fleet of one is a matter of circumstance-- the pirates are not using it as intended. ;) )

Small craft (which are mostly also lighter-than-air craft) probably come and go through the box-shaped structure on the bottom of the secondary gas chambers.

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that would make a good minaitures gaming piece right there.
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
I've seen some similar ones. I was thinking I might be able to kitbash a reference model of this out of a Graf Zeppelin and a WWII battleship.
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All it needs is a Wave Motion Gun
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
There's nowhere to put it without pulling the blimp out of the middle!
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