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New Comic Sneak Peek

Charity and Langley meet! ...their relationship is all downhill from here. The panel layout and pencil sketches in Manga Studio. I love this program. ^.^ I sit around thinking up scenes that have straight lines just so I can use the rulers.

...Okay, that's an exaggeration. A little. But I will say the pose in the first panel was built using one the 3D modeling dummies built in for reference. Sooooo useful!
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looks great when will comic be up? just out of curiosity
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I'm aiming to release the first issue at FurTheMore in March; assuming I make that, the comic will start appearing on the web at the same time.

If I don't make that... uh... sometime later than March. ;)

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oh and congrats on getting selected as guest of honor for that con.
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oh ok thanks X3
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Ooooh, a glimpse into "Suburban Jungle 2" :)
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More glimpses to come! Perhaps even a full view of the comic, some day. ;)
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pk who is charity?
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Charity is Dover and Comfort's daughter; one of a set of twins. She is a cheeger - half cheetah, half tiger.

LK filling in for the Gneech.
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