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MLPFIM: Spike's Kitchen

By the-gneech
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Another commish for the #twitterponies, this time of Spike whipping up something yummy in the Treebrary kitchen while Twilight and Princess Celestia look on. Don't think too much about the fact that the cooktop is made of a stump. It'll just hurt your brain.

This one was requested as a gift from one player to another. I tried to be a little more loose with the style this time. As much as I love Lauren Faust's style, it gives me fits trying to mimic it. So this time I let my own style creep in, while trying to keep the characters recognizable.
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Why does Spike look so fat in this?
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Cooktop is made of a wooden stump? No problem, BECAUSE MAGIC.
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They've been spoiled by Spike's cooking
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crap. they're planing on eating me aren't they? i told myself: double F them ponies are going to eat you DO NOT tell them where you live. but no i never listen to me... oh well he's a total jerk anyway i say good ridden's!!!
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Ummmmm... okay!
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WOOT!!! everyone hop on the we don't need Double F express!!!
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Nah, these eggs came from Sweet Apple Acres.

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My thought last night, Twilight is about to yell "GNAP" and bite Spike on the tail.
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Is "gnap" a reference to something that I just don't know about? :)
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Purple Smurfs
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Okay then!
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You can make fire in stump without setting library aflame.
Your argument is invalid.
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Fortunately, most of the tree has plot immunity.
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I don't think Celestia is thinking about food O_o
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heheh……..just let that comment settle in your mind for a bit. it'll come to ya.
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You guys are really stretching. Even Victorians would have a hard time finding anything suggestive in this pic.
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I love this one! I love your own spin to the style.. and the chars are still recognizable.. :)
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I'm happy to be the first to say: this is absolutely wonderful! I love it, and I've no doubt the players involved do as well. :)
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