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MLPFIM: Pony vs. Dalek 4 -- Rainbow Dash

By the-gneech
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Pony vs. Dalek, now 20% cooler! I suspect that in about 45 seconds, the dalek's head will simply explode.

The series...




Rainbow Dash:

Pinkie Pie:…


EDIT EDIT: I cannot believe I'm still getting butthurt comments from dalek fanboys over these pictures. Let's be very clear here: DALEKS AND PONIES ARE MADE UP THINGS AND I CAN DRAW THEM HOWEVER I WANT.…

Also, you are wrong, wrong, wrongy-wrong. The second Doctor once pushed a Dalek down the stairs. Ace used to take a baseball bat to them. Daleks are totally beatable.
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plus look the dalek, look so weak and many fail desine, how is a treart? all them look more like a move turret!
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well is not defeat but more to annoying the dalek!
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My girl just defeated a standing on it
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She was flying so fast by the time she was done that’s all she needed to do
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That's our Dashie!
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Go, Rainbow Dash, go
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Revenant deadcrow: (kicks rainbow dash of the Dalek) 
dalek: THERE YOU ARE!!'
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Can you please not....
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Self-destruct in the case of an enemy they couldn't aim at, or fly straight up until Rainbow Dash suffocates to death.
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I have seen a lot of dalek episodes, and i know that if rainbow actually DID this, he could simply activate self-destruction, and take her with him, there would be no victor, but Daleks are superior life forms, this cannot happen.
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The dalek will be defeat without understand what happens... :giggle:
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my guess is that she's just going

Rainbow Dash: your not very good at this are you?

Dalek: Where is it Exterminate Exterminate Exterminate Etermi*boom* (daleks thoughts: your dalek has had a critical error please reboot and try again)
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(A)bort, (R)etry, (E)xterminate?
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none of the above, your dalek has just suffered a major structural damage due to overheating of the weapon system, backlash imminent.
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Rainbow Dash avatar Gossip Rainbow Dash Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash Never Fear Your Friendly hero is here! Rainbow Dash Licking gif rainbow dash :rainbowdash: rainbow dash icon :rainbowdash: rainbow dash icon_rotating Epic Cupcake Time FULL MOVIE plz Account/Avatar Request: Confetti la plz Waving Sparks Gilda Discorded RainbowDash :RainbowDash: Spitfire Emote rainbow dash 20 percent cooler Rainbow Dash ... Hooves? Discorded Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Meow Rainbow Dash avatar for IgIDraW Request: Tornado Twist la plz Dashface Rainbow Dash blink icon Rainbow Dash Comet Blaze lick icon 
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dark drone:shall i kill this one too?
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This is what would really happen...

(being unable to hit such a fast target, the Dalek would eject its hemispheres and create a barrier around itself and rainbow dash.)
(The Dalek would then self-destruct, taking rainbow dash aling with it.)
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Quite logical.
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I'm pretty sure the Dalek would willingly sacrifice itself to exterminate its target.
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Unless Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the dalek first.
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I don't think a kick from a mere human would do anything.
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