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MLPFIM: Pony vs. Dalek 2 -- Twilight Sparkle

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Published: December 29, 2011
Pony vs. Dalek returns, with Twilight Sparkle! Those poor daleks don't stand a chance.

#3 will be... Applejack!

The series...




Rainbow Dash:

Pinkie Pie:…


EDIT EDIT: I cannot believe I'm still getting butthurt comments from dalek fanboys over these pictures. Let's be very clear here: DALEKS AND PONIES ARE MADE UP THINGS AND I CAN DRAW THEM HOWEVER I WANT.…

Also, you are wrong, wrong, wrongy-wrong. The second Doctor once pushed a Dalek down the stairs. Ace used to take a baseball bat to them. Daleks are totally beatable.
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DARKZADAR-ZEROHobbyist General Artist
good one ^^
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magic one, tech zero!
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Now that I think about it Daleks have never had to go up against magic so would it be like a whole I don’t know superman situation where regardless of the type of magic it still works
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chillysup255Hobbyist Photographer

But who cares
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Now you know what it was like for all those guys who tried to take you out with bullets.
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
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brunoprower500Student Artist
If (for a Dalek) Twilight is "impossible", what word can i use if the Daleks try to kill Nemesis (Resident Evil)??
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SilentJackguyHobbyist Artist
Dalek1: Backup!Requesting backup!
*about 5 daleks came*
Dalek2:Why did you called backup?
Dalek1:I can't handle this pony!
Dalek3:*shoots twilight*Problem solved!
Dalek1: oh
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Dalek3 shoots Twilight, but the extermination beam is stopped by Twilight's shield. (Stupid dalek, trying the same thing that has previously failed.)
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JwpiszczekStudent Artist
Revenant deadcrow: (rips twilights horn off) try to use your magic now!
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
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*20 more daleks come*

Dalek 2:What do you need help with

Dalek 1:Handling this pony

Dalek 2:*Looks at twilight* You need help with a little pony?

Dalek 1:Yes

*the 20 Daleks leave*

Dalek: 1:I hate this

Twilight: Because I make you look like a fool?

Dalek 1: Shut up
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
"Would some tea and jaffa cakes make you feel better?"


*cut to Dalek-and-pony tea party*

*end credits*
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
ShadowTheHedgehog518's avatar
We are so good at making plots for stories
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The-Little-CaticornHobbyist Traditional Artist
-cough- this is why Twilight needs to be Doctor Whooves's companion -cough-
unknownmysteriousguy's avatar
from all the pony vs dalek series, this seems the most logical, considering that a dalek was destroyed by a force field on day of the doctor, i can live with this one...

for now...
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TheDreweMasterHobbyist Filmographer
I'll never watch Doctor Who the same way again! :D
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Dalek comes from corner EXTERMINATE
souleaterobsession's avatar
dalek zaps twilight from behind
dalek:Trollface Emote 
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Thats just cheating. Bloody cheaty arse magic....
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