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MLPFIM: Pony vs. Dalek 1 -- Fluttershy

By the-gneech
So one of my Livestream suggestions was to do a pony vs. dalek pic ... and since I don't believe in doing something when you can overdo it instead, I'm making it a series. So here we are, Pony vs. Dalek #1, starring Fluttershy! :D

I have sketches for the mane six ready to go, and I'll be doing them every few days or so over the next couple of weeks. Secondary cast members will probably follow as I get ideas for them. :)


The series...




Rainbow Dash:

Pinkie Pie:…


EDIT EDIT: I cannot believe I'm still getting butthurt comments from dalek fanboys over these pictures. Let's be very clear here: DALEKS AND PONIES ARE MADE UP THINGS AND I CAN DRAW THEM HOWEVER I WANT.…

Also, you are wrong, wrong, wrongy-wrong. The second Doctor once pushed a Dalek down the stairs. Ace used to take a baseball bat to them. Daleks are totally beatable.
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Canary wharf proves that the Daleks despite their genetics and programming to only feel hate, they fear the doctor. Giving flutter shy more than enough emotions to use. Besides her stare would make them switch from hating everything to hating themselves.
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Well, THE DOCTOR made that Dalek - Rusty, was his name? - hate his own race because of his own hatred unwillingly being inserted into its mind. What are the odds that Fluttershy, with her stare, wouldn't be able to do the same? :greetings:

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For the first time since their creation millennia ago, Daleks discover what it feels like to experience shame and guilt. And it turns out they do have working tear ducts. And weak bladders.

ALSO, I think Fluttershy could defeat the entire Borg race in one stroke. Give just any one of them, The STARE, and they'll ALL cripple like wet tissue paper across the galaxy. Boom, done!
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Eh, Dalek Caan did it first. In fact, he felt such shame and guilt he became mad and wanted to destroy his own kind completely! XD

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How to defeat a Dalek:
Get fluttershy to stare into its soul
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If flutter shy can scare a Dalek, than she can do anything.
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Revenant deadcrow: (grabs fluttershy by the hair) you don't scare me 
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Revenant deadcrow: MY ROBOT! YOU WILL DIE FOR THIS CELESTIA!!! (Jumps down from the top)
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Pretty much how it'd happen, yeah.
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Revenant deadcrow: * attacks fluttershy *
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Me: .o. *Destroys Revenant deadcrow*
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Revenant deadcrow: * grabs you and punches you *
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Revenant deadcrow: you cannot win 
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Revenant deadcrow: * grabs you *
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Except, maybe, hate.
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AND fear as they are afraid of the Doctor.
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I dunno.

I always thought fear was the main cause of hate...

So shouldn't they have that?

Also the episode "Dalek" from season 1 of the updated Doctor Who: That Dalek seemed quite lonely... Of course It absorbed Rose's emotions. But even before that, with it's talk with the Doctor. Actually that's where it showed the most emotion.  
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Stare harder, Fluttershy!  Make it combust spontaneously!
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Revenant deadcrow: * performs a x Ray on fluttershy *
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